This episode starts off with a rainy day and a man declaring the reestablishment of Japan as an independent nation. In the news, his name is revealed to be Atsushi Sawasaki, the leader of the group coming to reoccupy Japan. He also use to be Chief Cabinet Secretary in the Japanese government. He had fled to the Chinese Federation after the war in Japan, and is suspecting of making his move now because of Zero. The news also points out that whether or not the Black Knights are connected with them is still under investigation. With Zero and the other members of the Black Knights, Tamaki yells out that they aren’t a part of it. Lloyd seemed to be watching even more news on the topic. On it, it said that the Chinese Federation was helping Atsushi Sawasaki, and that it was purely humanitarian and isn’t violating any treaties. When Lloyd asks, Cecile says that Suzaku said he would do whatever the mission required. Lloyd mentions that they need to counter the Gefjun Disturber. A quick scene shows Suzaku remembering how he resigned to Euphemia from being a Knight. He tells her that he’s unqualified, and that he can’t forgive himself. Euphemia asks if being a Knight is a burden for him. Saying that it isn’t, he confesses to her that he killed his own father. Suzaku tells her how he was never punished for it, he just lived on like nothing happened. He mentions how while soldiers die and Elevens suffer, he is being protected and given special treatment while not deserving it.

My Father.jpg

Having been forced to face the truth of his past with Moe, he now shares to Euphemia what happened in his past.

Out of the flashback, we see Euphemia thinking that she also doesn’t deserve it. During a battle at sea, Sawasaki against Cornelia, Cornelia’s forces are losing thanks to a storm preventing them from using their air power. Meanwhile, Schneizel and Dalton are working on the current situation. Euphemia walks in on them offering to help. He tells her that just her offer to help is enough. Dalton tells her that Cornelia ordered her not to be involved. Euphemia automatically assumes it was because she choose her Knight without Cornelia’s consent. At the student counsel room, it looks like a festival they had been planning for may become canceled. Rivalz points out that that’s hardly the problem considering they are at war. Rivalz correctly reveals to them that the Chinese Federation helping out the exiled Japanese government is a smoke screen, covering the fact that it’s really just a war with the Chinese Federation. Milly asks Nina about the booths going to be borrowed from the art museum. Nina says she’s going to go today, and wants to stop by to take Lloyd up on an offer that she could ask him for something she wanted. Rivalz shows his feelings towards Lloyd but Milly tells him to get to work. He points out that he is working for 3 people. Suzaku is in the army, Kallen in the hospital, and Lelouch is no where to be found. At the mention of Lelouch, Shirley remembers the letter she found. She’s wondering how she could have written that letter of how Lelouch is Zero and just forget about it. At the base, Cecile asks suzaku why he gave up Knighthood. He explains how she accepts him, and that he felt if he caused her trouble, she would end up hating herself. Moving to Euphemia in the museum, she thinks of how she knows that she’s only a figurehead but thought she could try and make a difference. While looking at a picture of Clovis, she apologizes that she didn’t avenge his death even after meeting Zero. She thinks of how she ends up a burden on others, and isn’t as powerful as Cornelia or Schneizel. She also thinks about how she acts selfishly when she doesn’t mean to, like when choosing her knight, crying when speaking out loud how he has now resigned. Outside the museum, Nina wants to get the documents signed but is told will have to wait as a royal family member is viewing the art.

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She will soon discover it’s Euphemia, the one she wants so badly to meet. How will they affect each others lives ?

With the Black Knights in their submarine, Zero is telling his core members that they aren’t going to work with Sawasaki. He reveals that they are not independent as they claim, but rather a puppet of the Chinese Federation. A couple of Holy Swords ask whether this means they simply wont get involved when Britannia strikes Sawasaki. Diethard asks Zero to clarify things, Ohgi agrees, asking what their goal is aside from even the Sawasaki matter. Zero says that it’s to make Tokyo an independent nation. The members are surprised but Diethard is ecstatic to see that Zero is going all the way. Ohgi and others object to this, saying it’s too big for them to do. Zero answers with,

Who are you waiting for to beat Britannia ? Is someone going to do it for you ? You think if we wait long enough, some day the chance will come ? Don’t be naive ! If we don’t do it, that ” someday ” will never come !

Outside the museum, Euphemia is leaving and Nina attempts to see her. The guards capture her and treat her harshly as they take precautions. Euphemia recognizes her from the hotel and tells them that she’s her friend. Again with the battle with Sawasaki and Cornelia, the weather has cleared up. They want to try the landing operation again and try to use Schneizel’s plan. Guilford assures her that with Suzaku, the special core can break through. She points out that using him could mean trouble. On the Avalon, Lloyd is on board and has missiles coming at him. However, he doesn’t seem worried about it. On Sawasaki’s end, he is told that the direct hit of the missiles have destroyed the Avalon, but out of the smoke, the Avalon is seen the be unscathed. Cecile goes over the mission with Suzaku. They are planning to send him in alone to attack the enemy base. She tells him that his attached float unit consumes energy quickly, so he should pay attention to his operation time. Apparently being the first Knightmare to fly without being transported, Sawasaki pieces together that it’s the Lancelot, which means the pilot is Suzaku. Lloyd states that the group is fighting for Sawasaki, so if they lose him, their government will fall. So if Sawasaki falls, the Chinese Federation will have lost their excuse to be there and withdraw. Right as Suzaku nears the enemy headquarters, Sawasaki contacts him through an open channel. With Euphemia and Nina, Nina is finally able to thank Euphemia for what she has done for her. Euphemia tells her that she’s not the wonderful person Nina thinks she is and that she’s no good compared to her siblings. Nina of course objects, then goes to say how she’s the one who isn’t special in anyway. Nina also objects to Euphemia telling her that what she said wasn’t true. Euphemia realizes that she hates herself, and thinks that she also hates herself. Nina brings up how that even though she understands why she shouldn’t, she feels a certain way towards Suzaku. At the mention of Suzaku, Euphemia understands that Suzaku feels bad too. She thanks Nina, telling her that she helped her learn something.

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Euphemia is now smiling happily once she pieced everything together and realized that Suzaku must feel the same way she does. And I must say that that’s one radiant smile !

Back on the battlefield, Suzaku is speaking with Sawasaki, telling him that Japan’s freedom has to come the right way. However, Sawasaki is intent on confusing and distracting Suzaku with the conversation. Suzaku’s weapon, the V.A.R.I.S., is destroyed when trying to argue what Sawasaki had said. Euphemia walks into the room Schneizel is in asking for a private communication line. Back to Suzaku, his float unit is destroyed and energy filler is low. Cecile tells Suzaku to reroute power to certain areas to save energy. Sawasaki tells Suzaku to surrender, that as the son of the former prime minister he will be well treated. He of course declines saying he didn’t want to use his fathers name for his own benefit. Sawasaki says he is as stubborn as his father. Just as Gun-Rus surround him, Euphemia contacts Suzaku, and boldly demands that he loves her. Before realizing what she said, he agreed as any other order given to him. The not-so private channel actually has Cecile listening in on it, and tells Lloyd it’s private when he frantically asks. With Suzaku again, Euphemia tells him that she will in return love him as well. She tells him all the things she loves about him, and tells him not to hate himself. He then begins to tell her how everything she has done has been impulsive, and that it’s those spur of the moment actions which have opened door for him. During all this, he is able to defeat the enemy that seemed about to overpower him. He tells her that no matter what happens to him, that she shouldn’t hate herself, and that to make up a lie for his friends so they wont be sad. He reveals that he has run out of energy, as soon as he went right into a herd of enemy Gun-Rus. She yells at him that he can’t die, that he has to live .. Then the his eyes turn red as the Geass power that wills him to live starts to take over. Just as Sawasaki orders his troops to fire, they are all destroyed by a weapon in the air. Lelouch’s Knightmare just appeared on radar after using a stealth system. C2 and Lelouch are in the Knightmare, and Lelouch points out that he was sent in to disrupt the enemy force, even if he failed Cornelia can move right in. As Guilford had said before, Lelouch wonders if it was Schneizel’s idea. The Hadron Cannon on Lelouch’s Knightmare now fires, which Lloyd is in shock to see, wanting himself to be the one who perfected it. To Suzaku and Sawasaki’s surprise, Zero hands him an energy filler, and tells him that he is going to take out the enemy HQ.

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A joint operation with the Lancelot and Gawain, Suzaku and Lelouch.

With the greatest of ease, Zero and Suzaku take out Sawasaki’s men. Sawasaki asks why Zero isn’t helping him instead, to which Zero tells him that he used his power unjustly. When he said he wasn’t unjust, that it was for Japan, Suzaku tells him that if he fights for Japan, he shouldn’t have run away to the Chinese Federation. With Kallen and other Black Knights, she says that she could have been his shield in the battle, and that it’s not like she can go back home or to school now. Diethard tells her that victory is not what’s important, but rather just their participation. He says that it obviously wont be officially reported, but the rumors will spread, and it’ll show everyone where they stand. Sawasaki is fleeing the base, wondering what they meant about him running to the Chinese Federation since he thinks it was a good strategy. Zero and Suzaku reach his escape route and stop him. After the battle, the news doesn’t talk about Zero. Instead, it says how the Chinese Federation claims it was an unauthorized action and want all P.O.W.s to be released. Suzaku and Euphemia meet afterwards and talk. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything complicated, she just wants to see the ones she loves smiling. Then, she asks him to help her, and be her Knight. He one again happily accepts the position of Euphemia’s Knight.