Season 1 Episode 19 Island Of The Gods

Starting with a blue sky filled with seagulls, Suzaku seems to of washes ashore on an island. He first wonders where the Lancelot is before looking out into the sea. He stands up suddenly and yells out ” Zero! “. He then states that he can’t remember anything. On another part of the island, Zero looks over the water wondering where he is. Suzaku confirms it’s another island. Zero says that since the vegetation and climate are the same of that from Shikine Island, they can’t be far from it. Suzaku goes to a waterfall while thinking he needs water and shelter. Once there, we can see Kallen cleaning herself. He calls out to her not sure if it’s really her, and she recognizes him. She grabs the Black Knight uniform and runs towards him with her knife. However, he takes her down and she admits she is Japanese. He then tells her that he places her under arrest for rebellion against Britannia. With Zero, he is thinking that it’ll be hard to contact Ohgi, and that he could pass himself off as a regular person and ask the Britannians for help. But then he notices Euphemia, who is staring at him. Back to Suzaku, Kallen is dressed and has her hands tied up. Suzaku confirms that she doesn’t know what happened either. When the topic comes up, Suzaku asks her for Zero’s true identity. When telling him to find out himself, he blufs by telling her that he figured she wouldn’t know either. Surprised that he found out, she reveals that she really doesn’t know which confirms his suspicion. With Zero, he points his gun at Euphemia. She then calls out to him, saying Lelouch. While he is nervous and surprised that she knew it was him, she assures him she hasn’t told anyone. She asks that before he shoots, to let her see his face. He then puts down the gun and takes off his mask. She smiles and cries happily. Back on Shikine Island, the Britannians are trying to locate Euphemia. The man who told Suzaku to stay and die is there as well. He thinks out load about why she can’t act like the figurehead she is, and how bad it would be if Cornelia heard of this.

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Euphemia is now certain that Lelouch is Zero. What will she do now ? Especially since she is part of the royalty family and the sub-viceroy.

On the Avalon, which had shot down on Zero and Suzaku, Lloyd is speaking with Schneizel. Cecile is surprised to see Schneizel and falls from a few steps after Bartley tells her that she is looking down on the prince. She’s helped up by the prince. When asked about his loyalty, Bartley says that it’s because Schneizel saved him from being chained up beneath Temple Tower ( If you remember, Jeremiah captured him when trying to secretly continue the research Clovis was working on. ). They are all walking away except for Cecile, and Lloyd says that he’s going to look for Suzaku with the Avalon. Cecile then asks if the orders to sacrifice Suzaku were made by the prince. Schneizel says he was, and that proprieties shouldn’t be forgotten. He also said that he gambled on being able to rescue him. She apologizes and says is ready for any punishment, but he says tha t it was his fault for not protecting his subordinates then apologizes himself. Back with Lelouch, her clothes are drying and is covering herself with his cape. He asks Euphemia when she found out. She says at the hotel jacking, which he replies that he had said much without thinking first. She then says she wasn’t convinced until now. Asking her why she didn’t tell Cornelia, she says that Cornelia never listens to her and that things are sad enough as is. She asks about Nunnally, and he tells her that she’s living with him but still crippled. He asks if she knows anything, but she says that she only knows Cornelia looked up to Marianne so she had investigated herself. She hesitantly asks him whether he was Zero or Lelouch. He tells her that here and now he is Lelouch. Her stomach rumbles and the next scene shows Lelouch making an animal trap. With Suzaku and Kallen, he is catching fish in the water. Kallen refuses his offer to let her loose if she helps find food. Back with Lelouch, he’s tired from the work and Euphemia goes searching for fruits.

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The system he is using is actually very effective, but it requires a deep hole. Using the piece of wood and having not much stamina, we can only hope for him.

The Avalon flies over the water, and below we see the Black Knights in their submarine. An announcement is made that the battleship has passed and everyone, while eating, seem relieved. This is when Ohgi shows that he is suited for the position of second in command. Tohdoh tells him that they should leave since it’s risky to stay. Diethard however, says that they should at least stay and look for Zero. Tohdoh says that they can’t send a search party, and that Zero and Kallen may not even be alive. He goes on to say that a wrong step could threaten the existence of the organization. Diethard immediately counters, saying that the organization is built around Zero. Tohdoh says it’s built around its members, and moreover that Diethard sounds like a typical Britannian. Diethard, obviously insulted, says that they have every ideology gathered here. Yet how is it that they can all work together ? Answering his own question, he says it’s because of the results they get, but who is it that gets those results ? Tohdoh agrees that Zero does get results, but asks if he is worth the lives of everyone. Diethard says that at times one life can be worth more than a hundred million others. C2 comes in saying that he is very much alive. She gets into an argument with Tamaki which Ohgi interrupts saying that the whole conversation has gotten out of hand. He then gives a suggestion of waiting just out of Britannian detection range until the end of the day after tomorrow. Tohdoh and Diethard agree. C2 walks away talking to someone we can’t see .. ? She claims that thanks to her prank, she had to argue with Tamaki. The other person we can’t see apparently told C2 that she sent Kallen to the Island. At the Island with Lelouch, they end up only eating fruits Euphemia picked. Since his trap required a deep hole, he wasn’t able to finish it. Meanwhile with Suzaku, Kallen is stuffed from eating the fish Suzaku caught. They talk for a bit before Suzaku tells her to leave the Black Knights. She reveals that she’s the red Knightmare that has been battling him all along. Suzaku says that Zero’s methods offer no future. But she then asks him about his future, to be the lapdog of his conquerors or the knight of the third princess. She goes on to say that the world is wrong and she’s trying to change it. She reveals that her brother had died for the same cause, and that’s why she fights now. Suzaku also reveals something to her, that his father, the former prime minister, didn’t commit suicide. That instead, he had killed him.

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Now Kallen knows. Mao and Zero facing him with this fact seem to of helped him get over the trauma of it a bit.

Since it’s night time, Euphemia looks up at the stars. She mentions that they look the same now as they did back then, in the homeland. A quick flashback picture is shown with her, Nunnally, Lelouch, and Marianne looking up at the stars. Euphemia says that she would be happy if things went back to that. Looking away, as if not truly believing in what he’s saying, he says that it would be great to go back to that. Going to Suzaku, he tells Kallen that Zero is like his father. Believing that the world revolves around him, which is how he allows so many to die. Kallen asks him while yelling if that’s why he can accept things as they are now, whether he can really call that peace. He then says that he doesn’t want her to give up, rather to realize that results gained the wrong way will only leave you with regret and emptiness with no where to go. She then lays down and sadly asks him to tell her what was the point of her brother’s life ? And who gets to decide whether it was right or wrong ? Suzaku is a little shocked at this. Her brother died going down the path he is now telling her to get off. Telling her that the path, even if getting her the results, wont turn out for the best. But if that’s the case, would that mean her brother died for nothing. Especially if she chooses to leave the path she continues on for him ? Back with Lelouch, Euphemia is asleep and Lelouch thinks, ” Euphy! Even for me to survive! “. A quick scene change takes us to Suzaku as he thinks, ” I struggle on in shame, still looking for a reason to go on living. I’m such a disgrace. “. He then notices a search light in the sky. We hear Schneizel saying that if Suzaku is alive, he is on this island. Bartley announces that they will send a search party in the morning. Lloyd, Schneizel, and Bartley are all looking at something. Bartley says they found it during the incident in Shinjuku. When we finally get to see it, its a rocky wall with a small hole in it. As the sun is rising, Kallen and Suzaku are walking. Kallen asks if he is sure he saw a light, and while he answers, she is trying to free her tied up hands. We also see Euphemia and Lelouch walking, and he says that it must be a search party. Inside the cave, Lloyd mentions a Thought Elevator. He also then says he isn’t good in archeology, especially the paranormal stuff. Schneizel says that the Emperor, his father, is involved with these as well. Bartley confirms, saying that many places like these have been uncovered around the world. All were under imperial control except for this one. He then says that he suspects the real reason they invade other countries is to find all of these objects. Lloyd then confirms that to analyze the data, they will use the untuned prototype Gawain’s Druid System. Schneizel says that that was why they brought him.

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That symbol looks very much like the Geass sign. And the wall behind it has the same symbol. How are these places connected with Geass and C2 ? Moreover, if these places are under imperial control, what does the emperor know about Geass ?

 They reach a spot just about where Lelouch thinks the light was from. Euphemia asks if their time will be over if it is a search party. He tells her that it would be, then he changes the topic and says that he is an undependable knight since he couldn’t get her any food. He then asks why she choose Suzaku, and honorary Britannian. They hear someone coming before she can answer and immediately hide. He puts on his cape and mask before seeing Kallen and Suzaku coming from the other side in front of them. He wonders why Kallen and Suzaku are together, and Euphemia jumps out and calls out to Suzaku. Zero jumps up after he and points his gun at her, claiming she is his prisoner. He whispers to Euphemia to follow his cue. Zero says that he will exchange prisoners, Euphemia for Kallen. Suzaku walks forward while talking, but Zero cuts him off by telling him to keep back. Zero tells Suzaku what he was about to say, that he finds his actions cowardly. Zero also says, ” Eliminate terrorists, no matter what the sacrifice. ” He asks if he is willing to follow that rule and have his mistress die, even though he has already broken his integrity. During this, Kallen had put her hands under her legs to get them in front of her. She then holds Suzaku with her still tied up hands. When Euphemia shouts out to leave him alone, Kallen tells her to shut up, that she’s a useless royal puppet who can’t do anything on her own. Euphemia tells him that she commands him to fight. Suzaku escapes Kallen and heads towards Euphemia, and Zero goes next to Kallen. Just then, the ground beneath them lights up with a Geass symbol. A glimpse into his mask shows his Geass reacting to something. A quick scene shows an unknown character smiling. The ground falls down beneath them, and they end up inside the cave with Lloyd, Bartley, Schneizel, and soldiers. When the soldiers point their guns, Bartley yells at them not to shoot since Euphemia is there. He orders them to capture them instead. Kallen points out that there’s a Knightmare. Zero says that they will take it as he runs to it. Kallen takes on the guards chasing them while Suzaku seems in a daze, looking up with wide shocked eyes.

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This is one of two scenes in which I feel prove something about Suzaku. Suzaku was supposed to play a bigger role involving Geass. However, that was supposed to be revealed in season 2, which apparently didn’t go according to plan. ( I’ll reveal my thoughts on it later )

Zero is glad to see the Knightmare unmanned and activated as well. He wonders what kind of Knightmare it is as the cockpit closes. He sees Schneizel from the Knightmare’s camera. Kallen gets on the Knightmare with a gun stolen from a soldier. Kallen announces that Knightmares are blocking the exit, and he says he’s going through them. He fires weapons from the sides of the Knightmare’s shoulder, it shoots erratically but still hits the Knightmares. He thinks that the weapons are still unperfected as he takes off his mask. A little ways afterwards, Kallen announces that there are reinforcements. He tells her to relax, and that another system is operational. Pulling a lever back, the Knightmare begins to fly using energy wings. Bartley is upset at the loss, but Schneizel says that it was only a test model after all. Euphemia goes up to her brother Schneizel, and a few soldiers ask him if they should keep to the schedule. They go up to Suzaku and place him under arrest. Euphemia obviously objects, but Schneizel says that they can handle it later. Zero tells Kallen that he contacted Ohgi and will rendezvous with them out in sea. Kallen asks about the Guren, and he tells her that it was recovered. In the cockpit, Lelouch recalls what happened and apologizes, saying he didn’t want to use the power on him. The weapon shooting from the Avalon we can now see was actually the Knightmare he just stole. And when the slide opens and he unleashes his Geass, he orders Suzaku to live. This is understandable as Suzaku is too willing to let his life go. As Mao had said, he was a little brat begging to be punished. Zero then turns off the Gefjun Disturber and Suzaku escapes. From the flashback, we go to a recording being shown to Suzaku, Euphemia, and Cecile by a general asking him if he will protest this evidence. Suzaku then mumbles to himself, ” Was that… Really me? ” We then go to Cornelia who is just being informed. Guilford urgently goes up to her telling her that The Great Kamon bridge in Kyushu has been destroyed. He also says that a large number of assault landing crafts are moving into the Genkai Sea. She asks if the Chinese Federation have made a declaration of war. He tells her no, that the crafts are bearing the flag of Japan.

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The Chinese Federation is attacking while bearing the flag of Japan ? We will see why later, and also how Zero will react to this.