Season 1 Episode 18 I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi

This episode starts off with a woman, who’s part of the Black Knights, looking out over the water with binoculars inside a submarine. She thinks of how the military district of India doesn’t want Rakshata to be discovered by the Britannians, and wonders how she was able to arrange for a submarine. Inside, Zero is talking to the main members of the Black Knights. He gives people new position in lieu of the reorganization of the Black Knights. He makes Tohdoh the chief of military affairs, which seems to make most people happy. And the one in charge of general intelligence, public relations, spying, and liaison is Diethard. However, everyone seemed against it. Chiba, from The Four Holy Swords, says she’s not racist, but wants to know the reasoning for placing a Britannian in such a high position. He addresses this by asking ” Then, what about me ? ” Since they all also know that he isn’t Japanese. Then goes on to say that the only thing that matters is the ability to produce results. One’s race, past, and methods aren’t important. He also appoints Ohgi as his second in command. For research and development, he assigns it to Rakshata. Kallen also gets a position as the commander of the Zero Squad, which he announces to force that is under his direct control. He tells her to think of it as a Royal Guard. He gives some people, including two of the Holy Swords, a guard to command. And I guess to be nice, he gives Tamaki the position of commander of the second special forces. Once done, Kallen thinks its odd that there’s no position for C2. Diethard announces that there’s an issue which needs to be addressed. While he gets cuts off from what he had to say, the issue he talked about is shown in the next scene we are shown. The scene change takes us to Suzaku during the ceremony to make him Euphemia’s Knight. The guests are obviously against this since he is an Eleven, Honorary Britannian or not. At school, the ones who’d been bullying Suzaku are watching and are completely against it. We also see Nina who seems confused. She looks up to Euphemia, but also has a biased view towards the Japanese. We go to Cecile who is with others in her department. One man says that being a Knight and working with them is going to make things complicated. Cecile tells him that Lloyd is working on that. In the dub, the man refers to this person as a he, and in the sub, a she. The man says ” With her ? ” Cecile says that she’s never met her before though. Once done, Lloyd and Dalton clap while the rest of the audience doesn’t because of their rejection for what’s happening. However, they realize that they should clap and end up following Lloyd and Dalton’s lead.

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Suzaku is now a Knight for a member of the royal family. It seems less likely now more than ever that he can stay with Nunnally, or join with Lelouch.

This having been the issue Diethard had been talking about, he says that Suzaku can’t be allowed to be held up as a symbol for Elevens who support Britannia. He also recommends that they assassinate him. Rakshata says how Zero is the symbol of the movement and that the supporters had lacked one, till now. Tohdoh, who may be speaking with personal feelings involved, says that the Japanese wouldn’t support such a cowardly tactic. Ohgi agrees, saying that the Black Knights won’t kill an unarmed opponent. He then confirms with him that he means to kill him in private when he is defenseless when saying assassinate. Diethard tells him that he is simply suggesting a way to minimize the risk, and that it’s Zero’s call. Afterwards, Lelouch is with C2, who is telling him that he could simply just use his geass on Suzaku. She asks him if he won’t because of stubbornness, their friendship, or out of pride. He tells her that it’s all of it, and she points out that if Suzaku doesn’t join them, or at least not be in the way, he might have to kill him. With Euphemia, she talks to Cornelia about her appointing Suzaku to be her knight. Knowing that Cornelia does not approve, Euphemia tries to convince her that Suzaku is more than worthy. Cornelia points out that discrimination against Elevens is their national policy, so Euphemia tells her that perhaps it’s time she tried to change that. A scene change takes us to Charles in a mysterious place. He talks out into the distance and says that the construction of the thought elevator is going according to plan. A man goes up to the emperor and apparently tells him something about schneizel. Charles says that to let him do as he pleases, to let Schneizel challenge him if he is that sure of himself. At school, Rivals talks at a celebration party for Suzaku. The party is filled with pizza from Pizza Hut and orange juice. Milly tells suzaku that he has Nunnally to thank for it all. Suzaku tells Nunnally that he’s touched by it. In the student counsel room, Nina is looking at a magazine with Euphemia in it. She seems to be once again self conflicted. She doesn’t like the Elevens, and Euphemia just made one a knight. She wants to believe in her, but has conflicting views with her. Through an open window, Lloyd walks in asking for Suzaku. However, on her screen he sees what she’s working on. Asking if he understands it, he says that it’s Uranium 235. She becomes excited and explains her theory. She says that by getting the uranium to absorb active neutrons, it’ll split into two atomic nuclei and high speed neutrons. She also tells him the problem, which is that you need to fuel the reaction with uranium 235 which only makes up .7 percent of natural uranium. While saying this, Lloyd takes off his glasses and has a pleasant look in his eyes. She continues on to say that even if a device is made to induce fission, there isn’t enough uranium. ” That’s why… ” And before she could state her theory of how to get around that problem, we jump to another scene. This theory will come up later in this season, and will affect season 2 greatly.

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I can’t stress it enough how really important this is. And while hearing all of this, Lloyd just has that look of one who’s the one they love or place they belong. While that’s not what I’d say he feels, I’m not going to go into full details on this.

At the party, Kallen walks in and finds Suzaku. Shirley calls to her for help, but Kallen ignores her and keeps going for Suzaku. In her hand, is a knife disguised as a small purse. Lelouch grabs her hand, which she had raised while holding the knife, seeming to know what she was attempting to do, to assassinate Suzaku. She gasps and Lelouch tells her that Shirley needs some help. She tells him she’s in the middle of something, and he asks what, apparently trying to stop her from doing what she was going to do. Suzaku sees Lelouch and goes up to him, then Kallen walks away. Suzaku brings up that Lelouch said there was something important he wanted to talk him about, but Lelouch tells him to forget it. Since it was to take care of Nunnally, and he is a soldier piloting the Lancelot. Lloyd walks into the party, having been shown there by Nina who is next to him. Suzaku tells Lelouch that that man’s his boss. Milly goes up to Lloyd and Nina is told by Lloyd, who said it awfully loud, that he and Milly are going to be married. Rivalz shows up and asks again about their relationship. When confirmed they’re going to marry, he walks back while yelling ” No!!! “. When Suzaku asks if he has military duties, Lloyd tells him that they’re going to meet someone who is coming by boat. That he will go with the Lancelot and Euphemia. Again, the whole room can hear, which includes Lelouch. On a ship to meet the guest who’s arriving, Suzaku asks why at Shikine Island since the Tokyo Settlement would have been safer. However, Lloyd and Cecile didn’t know either. Cecile tells him that he was careless and their plans were leaked onto the net. Lloyd said it was a favor for a girl he met. Which would be Nina. In the Black Knight’s submarine, Zero announces how Euphemia will be at the Island meeting with a nobleman coming from the homeland. He also says that the Lancelot will be there and since it’s not a strategic point, enemy strength will be limited. The objective is to capture Suzaku Kururugi and the Lancelot. Since it’s to capture and not kill, it relieves both Kallen and Tohdoh. Rakshata is with a man from her team somewhere on the ship. She tells him that the stealth effect seems to be working since the Britannians haven’t found them yet. Looking down at them is Diethard, and Zero comes up behind him. Zero asks him what it is he talked Kallen into doing. Diethard says that he told her to investigate him, but admits that he did imply more than that. He tells Zero that while needing to be seen as a hammer of justice, they can use the media to cover things up. He also says that you can’t change the world without getting your hands dirty. Zero asks what he is really after. Since he is a Britannian, he doesn’t need to join the Black Knights to change the world. Diethard then says,

I first saw you when you snatched Suzaku Kururugi. I trembled… It was as though a new era had taken human form right there. I want to document you! How a lone man built an organization, defeat a nation, and eventually control the world!

In the end, he says that all he wants to do is to be right there documenting history as it unfolds. Zero tells him that if he is in the events he documents, then he is fabricating history. Diethard also says,

There’s no such thing as objective information! Zero, in the end, journalism is a product of the human mind.

Zero confirms with him not to interfere with military affairs, and Diethard says he understands.

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The fact that Diethard acts on his own will be brought up again later in season 2. And with every episode, peoples views are shown.

Back on Shikine Island, Suzaku and the others have just arrived. Then, Tohdoh leads an attack with Squad 1 and the Zero Squad. Zero and a few other long range fighters are on the side lines. Lelouch thinks that Tohdoh’s impressive as always, and he just has to wait for Euphemia to get news of the attack. Following that, Euphemia, who is with Suzaku, Lloyd, and Cecile, is told that the headquarters are under attack. They say that because of a jamming field, it’s too risky to leave. Suzaku tells her that he will protect her, but she instead tells him to join the battle. However, the one who informed her of the attack says that Suzaku might betray them. Lloyd points out that he is criticizing a member of royalty. The man apologizes and Euphemia tells him to show his strength and put an end to the rumors. Back to the battle, Kallen defeats another Knightmare and Tamaki comes up from behind claiming that he’ll finish the job. But, before he could do anything, is taken out by the Lancelot from behind. He never did finish the job. He uses his shields to protect against shots fired at him by the Knightmares near Zero at the side. When he zooms in to take a closer look with his Lancelot, we see Zero looking out at the battle field atop his Knightmare. Lelouch, having showed himself, had planned on having Suzaku come after him. Tohdoh orders everyone to fall back and not fire on the Lancelot. At the Britannian HQ, the one in charge is speaking with someone, who seems to be of higher power, over the phone. Suzaku goes after Zero as planned, and Zero jumps into a sandy area. Suzaku notes that Zero wasn’t equipped for the sand he jumped into, so Suzaku thinks that Zero might be using himself as bait. So he decides to stop Zero right there by jumping up in front of him, disarming Zero and then goes to draw his sword. Then, Suzaku, Lelouch, and Rakshata complete eachothers sentences. Suzaku : ” I’v got you.. :” Lelouch : ” right where.. ” Rakshata : ” I want you! ” And you see Rakshata pressing a switch on a screen reading, “Gefjun Disturber”. With that, wire connected objects, which are encircling Suzaku and Zero, activate. This apparently disables their Knightmares, and we can see the core luminous in the Lancelot begin to stop. Zero tells Suzaku that they need to talk, and to come out. He tells Suzaku that he will be treated as prisoner under international law. And of course says that if he doesn’t care to talk, he can just be gunned down. Euphemia asks Cecile why the Lancelot wont move, and she replies that the Sakuradite used to power it is being interfered with. Lloyd confirms that it’s a Gefjun Disturber. He says that it was careless of him to think it was only theoretical. He also mentions that it must have been Rakshata. Then going to Rakshata, she says the range and duration need some work. Suzaku exits the Knightmare and walk up to Zero who is holding a gun to him. Zero once again tells Suzaku to join him.

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Can he convince Suzaku ? And if not, will he be forced to use his Geass on him ?

Suzaku of course refuses, and tells him how he already said that results gained the wrong way are meaningless. Zero then asks him if he would call the peace they have now worthless as well. He asks him what he thinks would of happened if Japan had chosen do or die resistance 7 years ago. Answering his own question, he tells him that the E.U. and Chinese Federation would have stepped in, splitting Japan into 3 parts. He continues to say that they would probably still be fighting and that the peace now is because of Japan’s surrender. Suzaku, obviously a bit shaken up, says that he’s been fighting to preserve that peace his father made. Zero, of course being Lelouch and knowing the truth, tells him that he is wrong. Zero says that Prime Minister Kururugi, who had been elected by the people, didn’t choose surrender. Instead, the decision was made by the one who killed him. Suzaku’s eyes widen as Zero speaks. ” With the governments command line thrown to chaos, ” Zero finishes,” surrender become the only choice to make. “

Do you understand ? The will of the people was stolen from them. By a lone criminal who broke the rules for his own selfish reasons !

With Cecile and Euphemia, Cecile says that there’s too much static on the mic to hear anything. Back with Suzaku, he asks Zero how he knows that. Zero tells him that there’s only one way atone, to give the Japanese people the option which was taken from them back then. Fighting Britannia. He tells him it’s worth considering if he doesn’t to keep driving the masses towards a world dictated by his own egotism. These are powerful words, and Suzaku even seems willing to consider it. However, we hear the man in charge from the HQ on the Island radioing him. Zero tells him he can answer it. The commander tells him that they are launching missiles at the terrorists and his orders are to keep Zero there. Zero thinks out loud about how they just ordered him to die. Suzaku moves quickly, taking the gun, twisting Zero’s arm behind him, and pointing the gun at him. Kallen seems wanting to move in, but Tohdoh tells her that the field will affect her, too. A Portman to escort the princess. But, Euphemia, Cecile, and Lloyd all run up to them with obvious objections. Lloyd stating his first of how they are going to destroy the Lancelot. The man says that Suzaku is holding Zero there, so this is their chance. Euphemia as well objects saying that he is her personal Knight. He tells her it was a para-level one command, and can only be countermanded by 3 generals or the viceroy herself. While Euphemia demands to talk to the one who issued the order, Lloyd makes a few faces. He seems to realize something, then makes a face of one who thinks there’s little hope. Cecile seems to notice his expression and looks at him worriedly. When denied her request, Euphemia mounts into the Knightmare brought to escort her. She then yells at the man to contact the base saying that she will be caught in the attack if they issue it. Cecile asks if they will stop for her, but Lloyd says that he doubts it. With Tohdoh, the missiles show up on radar and Kallen jumps into the sand pit. Her Knightmare is affected as well and is rendered useless. Suzaku takes Zero up to the cockpit of the Lancelot while pointing the gun at him. Zero yells out to Suzaku that he also will die. Suzaku doesn’t seem alright with it, but the commander contacts him again saying that his death wont be in vain. That they can finally bury Zero, and that his bravery will be spoken of for generations to come. Zero hits the Knightmare, yelling at him to shut up. Tohdoh orders them to shoot the missiles. Kallen exists her Knightmare yelling out to Suzaku. She yells out towards Suzaku who can’t hear her. We also see a quick glimpse of Euphemia heading towards them. Suzaku says that a soldier has to follow his orders. Zero tells him that it’s certainly easier than following his own heart. Suzaku says that he is doing this because of rules which he has made and needs to live by. However, they are interrupted by a giant aircraft overhead with shields like that of the Lancelot. Rakshata says that she’s been outdone, and Euphemia recognizes it as her brother’s Avalon. The one in command motions his hand and a hatch on the bottom of the ship opens. Inside is what appears to be a weapon about to fire. Zero yells out to Suzaku that if he doesn’t do something, he’ll die. Suzaku says that that would be better than breaking more rules. ” You stubborn fool ! ” Is what Zero yells out before the slide on his mask opens to unleash his Geass. The weapon being fired from the Avalon is seen vaguely for a moment to be from a Knightmare. And the commander inside the Avalon is seen. Prince Scheizel. The weapon fires downward at Zero and the others.

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What will the command be ?! Is it already too late ? And where will this lead ? There’s certainly no shortage of tension in this episode.