Season 1 Episode 17 Knight

Every introduction will be quoted as they are filled with meaningful insight and views.

The young Britannian Lelouch has two paths. One is a path leading to the past as he searches for his mother’s enemies. The other, a path to the future as he creates a place… where his younger sister Nunnally can be happy. As Lelouch gazes at the past and the future, will the current path to follow that he alone can choose… be to destroy the world, or to build a new one ?

Back at school, Lelouch thinks about what had happened with Mao. With a quick FLASHBACK ! We see Lelouch asking Suzaku if it was true, whether he had really killed his own father. Suzaku’s shocked expression was the answer. Lelouch comforts him a bit by telling him that the story, saying Genbu Kururugi had committed suicide, was a necessary one for both Japan and Britannia. He also recalls how it was hard to kill his half-brother, yet Suzaku had killed his father when 10 years old. That’s when we see Lelouch looking at Suzaku. Lelouch seems elevated compared to him, and you see Suzaku marking away on a notepad. Then, you hear Rivalz telling Lelouch to stop moving his face so much. Thats when you realize he is posing, and everyone is sketching a picture of him. After repositioning himself, Rivalz tells him that his sight line was a bit lower. Rivalz says he went too far and eventually goes up to Lelouch and begins to adjust things. Once done, we see a smiling Lelouch ! Everyone in the room seems to be against the new look Rivalz had given him, apparently liking his deep in thought frowny face more. Nina asks Shirley about how they are supposed to have math for first period, and she tells her that Prince Clovis had made an Art Week.

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Taking over the hearts of women one smile at a time.

Speaking of Art Week, we see Euphemia at a museum being told that she will have to pick a first place winner among submitted works of art. She looks at one of the paintings on the wall, pointing out that she particularly likes it. One of the men with her however, tells her that the artist turned out to be one quarter Eleven. Another scene jump takes us to Ohgi opening up a lunch with little octopus hotdogs. He thinks about Villetta for a moment before being startled by being called at from behind. Immediately, he closes the lid and says that they aren’t what they think. She ignores this and tells him that they have visitors with introductions from Kyoto. Ohgi quickly recognizes them as The Four Holy Swords. One of them tells him that they need help, that Tohdoh had gotten himself captured to let them escape. Lelouch, while on the phone with Ohgi, tells him that they will help. He gives them a few orders, telling them to disassemble the Knightmares for transporting, and other specifics. C2 shows up and tells Lelouch that she didn’t meet with the Chinese Federation. As we saw last episode, instead of on a flight, she had been at the school and killed Mao. He tells her that everything has been rescheduled and not to worry about it. He also tells her that two pawns he has been wanting will be his today, and while looking at Suzaku from the window, he says that he might also possibly get a third as well. With Cornelia, Guilford tells her that Tohdoh’s execution is today. She says that she wont attend since the JLF no longer exists. Then, she tells him to have “him” handle the execution. Euphemia shows up, apparently being summoned by Cornelia. They speak and it’s revealed that Cornelia is going out to battle, leaving Dalton behind to assist Euphemia. Cornelia also hands her a book, filled with people she may choose to become her personal knight. Back home, Lelouch is with Nunnally and Suzaku as they talk. While they talk, Lelouch thinks that if things keep going according to plan, he can’t stay with Nunnally for much longer. But, recalling what happened with Mao, he knows he needs someone to protect her. Apparently wanting Suzaku to be the one who protects Nunnally he begins to tell him. However, he is cut off when Cecile shows up running and calling for Suzaku. Lelouch assures Suzaku that Mao isn’t going to show up again and Suzaku begins to leave. Once gone, Lelouch asks Nunnally how she feels about Suzaku. She says that she loves him, but of course loves him, Lelouch, most of all. Going to Shirley’s dorm, she drops a hair pin between her desk and dresser. While going to get it, she notices a crumbled up paper a little further down the pin. That was what she had wrote when she found out Lelouch was Zero.

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Lelouch thought he had taken care of the evidence, even burned her diary. However, here remains a piece of paper that has something conflicting with her own memory.

At the museum, Euphemia is sitting in front of microphones and overlooking a crowd of reporters. When asked about politics and her knight, Dalton and the curator step in and reply for her. Euphemia realizes that she is being helped and is like a figurehead. Taken to the Guren being reassembled, they seem to be having a bit of trouble since it’s different then a Burai type Knightmare. This is them getting ready for the operation to help break out Tohdoh, who has an execution planned for today. The Four Holy Swords speak about the Black Knights. Asahina doesn’t seem too excited to join them, but the others point out that it’s the best way. Tamaki yells out to just ” stuff ’em in and close the lid “, since it’s almost time to move out. However, we hear a woman from behind telling them to treat it with more care. When Tamaki asks who she is, she says that she’s the Guren’s mother. Zero shows up addressing her as Rakshata, then talks with her. He tells her that he read up on the net about her articles relating to medical cybernetics. She tells him that she doesn’t like to talk about the past, and proceeds to open a case that has suits. Kallen soon comes out wearing one and asking if it’s going to really help with the interfacing system. Rakshata tells her that it wont, that it’s instead going to improve her life expectancy. At Tohdoh’s cell, a guard tells him that he had a change of executioner. That it’s going to be Suzaku Kururugi. At the prison, Lloyd is with Cecile and Suzaku signing paper. When seeing Suzaku, we can see the shock on his face. With a flashback, we find out that Tohdoh had trained Suzaku at the Kururugi Shrine when he was younger. An explosion suddenly pulls Suzaku from the flashback. We see a huge fire from a window and Lloyd seems relieved that he wont have to sign all that paperwork. The Holy Swords go in first, destroying waves of Knightmares. At the Black Knights headquarters, which is the vehicle obtained from the nobleman, Rakshata and her team talk about the Knightmares, eventually saying that Kyoto needs to supply them with better parts.

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Suzaku doesn’t want to kill, especially not his old martial arts teacher. So it seems for the best that Tohdoh is being freed. And also can’t forget that Lloyd will now be free from paperwork !

At Tohdoh’s cell, the guard from before opens his cell and announces that he has been ordered to execute him before he can be busted out. When asked for any last words, Tohdoh says that it’s a life he gave up once before, and now is worthless. From the other side of wall behind the guard pointing a gun at Tohdoh, we hear Zero. ” In that case, I’ll claim your life for myself ! ” Is what Zero says while having the Guren destroy the wall with the radiant wave surger. The wall collapses on the guard and we see Zero standing from the cockpit of the Knightmare, looking at Tohdoh from below. Zero announces Tohdoh’s victory over Britannia 7 years ago. Tohdoh acknowledges this as The Miracle Of Itsukushima, asking if he too wanted another miracle from him. However, Zero tells him that it was no miracle. That it ended in his tactical victory because of excellent use of intelligence, and that’s why he wants him. However, Tohdoh says that since General Katase, who Zero killed, is dead, he also wants to die. Zero yells at him not to be a fool, telling him that he must take responsibility for the miracle that he made. He goes on to explain that the Area 11 resistance movement is stronger than that of any other Area because Japan surrendered before exhausting all of it’s military strength. Zero says that he failed to continue the hope of Itsukushima. After saying how people grasp at illusion which they call miracles, he say he can turn their dreams into reality. A scene jump is made after showing Tohdoh smiling. At the museum, it’s time for Euphemia to choose the grand prize winning picture. The picture in front of her, is one painted by the son of Marquess Nicolai. It’s of the Emperor raising his fist high. It’s implied that that’s the picture they prefer her to choose. Meanwhile, everything’s going according to plan at the prison. Once given the signal by two Knightmares shooting in the air, a vehicle with Tohdoh’s Knightmare drives into the prison. Tohdoh comes out of Lelouch’s Knightmare and into his own, ordering his men to cooperate with Zero in eliminating the remaining forces. Lelouch then thinks that all the tasks at hand are cleared, and Nunnally’s Knight has been chosen. This only leaves.. The Lancelot, who has just appeared. Lelouch thinks that it’s convenient that the last problem to deal with came of his own accord.

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The one problem left. Can Lelouch defeat Suzaku.. ? And should he defeat Suzaku ?

Once again at the museum, Euphemia is being told that she has to pick a winner, that they can’t wait anymore. Suddenly, the phones of the reporters begin to ring, and Dalton is told news about Tohdoh. During the battle, Lloyd talks with Cecile. He tells her that in hindsight, it’s fortunate that the Lancelot’s trailer is their means of transportation. Cecile also tells him that in hindsight, that’s because he spent all of the budget on the Lancelot himself. Because of that, they couldn’t get anything to use for transportation or than the Lancelot’s trailer. Once again with Euphemia, the reports seem to be encouraging the Lancelot for taking on 7 other Knightmares by himself. Dalton orders in reinforcements to help Kururugi. Back in the battle, Tohdoh asks if Zero has any data on the Lancelot. Lelouch says that there’s a chance, but wants them to do as he says. Tohdoh agrees, and Lelouch orders everyone to give the Lancelot distance. Lelouch thinks that yes, its speed and maneuver is impressive, then says that it does however follow a predictable pattern. Lelouch gives them orders, and the Lancelot moves just as predicted. When saying that he will fall back, Tohdoh goes to coordinates given. However, Suzaku ends up dodging the worse part of Tohdoh’s triple thrust attack. After slicing open the top of the cockpits roof, Lelouch, Tohdoh, and the rest see that it’s Suzaku piloting. Lelouch is shocked at the fact that this whole time, he had been fighting Suzaku. The reporters at the museum seemed to have a new outlook on the battle once they realized it was Suzaku piloting. When Dalton orders to close to monitor, Euphemia tells him not to, as she would like to watch till the end. Tohdoh opens his cockpit to reveal himself to Suzaku. Suzaku at first looks at him as if he was still his teacher, but then realizes that Tohdoh seems to be going against his own principles in order to live. Suzaku and Tohdoh speak, and have the following conversation.

Tohdoh : It pains me to see you’ve become their tame little boy who’s satisfied with the status quo!

Suzaku : Denying society as it is now is meaningless! You have to gain societies approval to get the power to change it!

Tohdoh : You’re serious?!

Suzaku : Of course.

Tohdoh : Then follow that road! Win or lose, you won’t gain anything unless you give everything for it! That applies equally to both countries and to individuals.

They again continue the battle, and Suzaku fights Tohdoh while still seeing him as his teacher. The Four Holy Swords go to destroy the Lancelot with a Spinning Life Or Death Formation. Lloyd tells Suzaku to use the harken booster. This released 4 slash harkens at once, pushing the weapons out of the other Knightmares hands. When Chiba says to try again but to have Asahina circle around from the left, Lelouch yells out to stop. He tells them that they’ve done enough fighting and to withdraw using escape route 3. Tohdoh seems to question what Lelouch had said, but notices a fleet of Knightmares being sent by air transport. He tells Lelouch that an unwinnable battle isn’t the same as a lost one, and that he seems to understand this. They release smoke and when Suzaku goes after them, they shoot one of his back wheels. Once again at the museum, the reporters begin to talk down on Suzaku. Euphemia then makes an announcement, saying that she will answer the question asked before about whom she would choose to be her knight. She then says that her knight will be Suzaku Kururugi. With Suzaku again, he thinks out loud, saying that Tohdoh is his enemy. His enemy not out of hatred or anything of the sort, but simply because they have paths which they want to follow, and those paths conflict. With Lelouch and the Black Knights, Ohgi asks Kallen if Zero is coming out of his Knightmare. Kallen says she called but he didn’t answer. Then, Kallen hears Lelouch over the intercom. She can hear him as he laughs. And even standing on a platform higher than Lelouch’s Knightmare, is C2. Looking down at him.

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What will Lelouch do now ? Will he able to fight his friend ? And here we see C2, as elusive and mysterious as ever.