Season 1 Episode 16 Nunnally Held Hostage

 To start off the episode, Diethard is giving Lelouch a report on what’s going on. The Guren is having a post refit training. Kyoto also talked to India’s military district and are waiting for Rakshata and her team to arrive. We will meet her and this team soon. The Black Knights change to a cell based structure is 92% complete. Members were divided between 14 classes. They entered agents into all the Britannian warehouses. They also put combat forces and personnel in 256 places in the Kanto block. Of those, 32 were found, and 11 of those were fakes. 47 were arrested, but since information is only for class 8 or higher, they can’t give out any information. And with Kyoto’s support, the people will usually not tip off authorities. After being shown a picture of Tohdoh, he adds that they are still looking for information about Tohdoh and the four holy swords. Tohdoh and the others were found and targeted when visiting the grave of the former prime minister last episode. Taken to Lelouch on the other end of the call, he hangs up and we see C2 disguising her look and with a suitcase. She walks a little bit past him and they begin talking without looking at each other. Here, I like that Lelouch mentions that in the Chinese Federation, you will be looked down upon if modest. China has always been one to look down on the world. When she talks back to him, he tells her to act just like that. Asking about her passport, she tells him it’s a good forgery and that she’s ready to go. As they walk away from each other, we see Mao on level above them. He is wrapped in bandages, but alive. Random flashback ! Lelouch is carrying Nunnally on his back with Suzaku following behind. This was during the war back when they were young. As they walk, there are plenty of destroyed homes and dead bodies. Nunnally asks if they are going to another house again. Lelouch says that they are going to another of Kururugi’s homes. Suzaku stops and looks around in dismay at the dead bodies around him. Lelouch tells him to keep walking but he wont and Nunnally asks what the smell is. He tells her they are passing a garbage dump, and when looking for conformation from Suzaku, he’s crying. Nunnally puts a hand on his face and tells him that her mother taught her that a warm touch is good for tears. End of flashback ! Now back to Lelouch, he is sitting on his bed with no shirt on, thinking that he has to overcome his challenges. And then we see a quick scene with Suzaku and the Lancelot behind him. In his hand, a folder with the results of the medical check up most likely.


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That flashback showed what Lelouch went through as an exiled prince, and how Suzaku was driven to tears by the death around him. Even more so since at that point during the flashback, Suzaku had already * BEEP *. Well, you will see for yourself.

At the school, the bell rings and Suzaku runs up to Lelouch. He tells Lelouch that he might get held back not going to class so often. Lelouch says that the same could be said of him and Suzaku says it’s because the Black Knights have been on the move lately. Lelouch says that he thought he was in engineering, but Suzaku makes an excuse that they are shorthanded so he gets moved around. Lelouch says the Nunnally misses him and that he should come to dinner tonight. While saying that he was free but didn’t want to cause trouble from the, Rivalz drives up to them stopping last second. He asks if Lelouch knew that Milly was meeting someone for a blind date. When Lelouch confirms that he knew and that it was today, Rivalz asks why he didn’t tell him. Lelouch says that it would have made him cry. After a bit more talk about Suzaku being clueless ( Or emo in the dub ), Lelouch goes home to tell Nunnally about dinner. When he leaves, Rivalz bends down and the fact that Lelouch left him while he was sad. Back at the house with Nunnally, a door opens and she assumes that it’s sayoko. But instead, it’s Mao, clapping as usual and with a big smile. Speaking of big smiles, we go on to Lloyd where he presents his asking Milly if she’s surprised. Milly’s blind date today was with Lloyd. He asked her if she was surprised since marriage meetings usually happen somewhere nice or fancy. You can see how much Milly stands out with her fancy clothing while at the base with Lloyd. She says that she had heard he was a unique person. She asks why he’s interested in her after her family had lost their title, and he replies that he didn’t care about that. Cecile comes in with tea and tells Milly to take her time. Lloyd says not to waste time and to just get married. Milly is surprised and Lloyd asks her if she wants to put it off. At home, Lelouch walks in already telling the news, but finds a picture of Nunnally tied up surrounded by papers folded into cranes. Undoubtedly done for a nice presentation by Mao. He gets a call and hears Nunnally calling to him. Asking where she was, she tells him she doesn’t know, but she can’t move. Then Mao is on the line and tells him that he dropped his guard. Lelouch tells him that C2 isn’t here, then Mao says that’s why he came. That she would be a problem being immune to his Geass. Lelouch confirms that he is within 500 meters and is told he has a time limit of 5 hours. Mao tells him that the game is just between them, so no using the police. He also tells him that Britannian medical science is amazing, since it saved his life. Showing Lelouch his mistake, he tells him that he should of used his Geass to make them kill him, not just shoot him. During this conversing, Lelouch is running around the school searching, only knowing that he has to be within 500 meters.

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Where are they ? The place has to be within 500 meters, will Lelouch find it ? Mao said before that Britannian medical science is what saved him, this will be something I’ll point out later very much toward the end of the anime.

 Outside the school, it’s lunch time and Milly is giving an announcement. In the student counsel room, Rivalz is telling the others how Shirley is pretending not to know Lelouch after a fight, and that they should play along. That reminds him of her blind date again which makes him worry. Kallen says to leave them alone since it was a lovers spat, but Suzaku then asks if she was involved. She denies having anything to do with it. That’s when Rivalz comes in asking if he took the plunge, and that while he has the knowledge, he can’t put it to use since he lacks experience. With every sentence, Nina blushes and repeats the words that most refer to.. well you know * Insert Winking Face *. Arthur, the cat, bites Suzaku and Lelouch walks into the room sweaty and with a hands free phone to his ear which he put on earlier. Rivalz asks about him and Shirley, but Lelouch barley pays attention to him. Suzaku then tells him that he should also go to his classes, but realizes something is up with Lelouch when looking at him. Kallen talks with the cat, asking if he thinks Lelouch is going gambling again while Suzaku stand up and Lelouch leaves the room. Lelouch stops in between 2 flights of stairs to think, but Suzaku comes up and startles Lelouch. He drops the picture he was holding of Nunnally tied up and Suzaku’s suspicions are confirmed, that something happened to Nunnally. Now, we find ourselves in Ohgi’s place, where he’s unlocking 4 locks on his door. While looking suspiciously to his side, Villetta greets him which surprises him. She tells him she made food using what he had around and that she’s almost done. After asking, she tells him that she doesn’t remember anything. He looks at his laptop before being told that the food was done. With Lelouch and Suzaku again, Lelouch explains that it has nothing to do with his bloodlines or gambling. He also uses the excuse of how an investigation could reveal him and Nunnally to explain why they can’t call the police for help. When asked if he has any clues, Lelouch realizes that in the phone call with Mao, he also heard running water. Going by that, they reach the conclusion that he has to be in the schools lower leveled water circulation system. While at an elevator, Suzaku points out how Lelouch would normally have already realized this. Lelouch was too frantic and worried about Nunnally to pick up on it. Lelouch puts in his student ID ( I think that’s what it is ) in to a slot next to the elevator. However, it doesn’t accept it since it seems that Mao changed the system data. Lelouch goes past the lock system, and Suzaku mentions how he was a bit too good at that. Lelouch then admits that he did sometimes use this as a way to get off campus. When the elevator open, Lelouch and Suzaku are hiding at the corners as to not be seen from the open elevator door. Suzaku says that Lelouch was right, that there was a machine gun linked to the security camera. The system apparently only had a time lag of 0.05 seconds. While Lelouch says how they will have to go up and disable it from there, Suzaku accessed the cheat console and ran faster than the gun could fire in zig-zags. After that, he ran up the wall and kicked it off the ceiling. During the run, you could see how the target lock on the machine gun was very slightly behind Suzaku. We get a quick glimpse of Mao in a school building on ground level.

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Machine Gun Vs Suzaku . He outruns the machine gun, sprints up a wall, jumps off it, then kicks the machine gun off the ceiling. Was there ever any doubt ?

As they run up to Nunnally who is tied in her wheelchair, Suzaku stops Lelouch who is only concerned with freeing his sister. He points out to Lelouch that there’s something over Nunnally’s head, a bomb. Suzaku tells Nunnally that they will defuse the bomb, reminding her that there’s nothing Lelouch and he can’t do together. Lelouch points out that it’s motion sensitive with solenoid that keeps it constantly moving. If someone interferes with the movement or if they move Nunnally, it will explode. Suzaku says that it would wipe out everything within 500 meters, meaning they aren’t within reach of Mao’s geass. Lelouch says that by cutting the power line from the detonator, it should be disarmed. However, even though saying that he could probably figure out which wire it is, it’s too risky since you would have to cut the wire without disrupting the motion. Suzaku then convinces him to let him do it, and then we jump to another character. With Sayoko now, we see her at a store shopping before receiving a phone call. Back at school, we can hear the students thoughts as Mao is sitting in a school building, apparently waiting for Lelouch. His face lights up as we see Lelouch approaching, and we can hear Lelouch’s thoughts. He left Nunnally with Suzaku and went to where the camera was linked to, where Mao should be. As Lelouch walks in the building where Mao is, Mao starts taunting him. Lelouch asks him if he has the final game ready, and Mao says that he does, revealing a chess board. Then, we are taken to a scene with Cornelia and Euphemia who are on the roof of the government bureau. Cornelia says that so much has happened and so it’s been a while since they’ve spent time together. Euphemia points out that the garden they are in looks like the one at Lady Marianne’s villa. This will be pointed out again later in this season. Euphemia then also says that Clovis was the one who asked it to be built like this. Cornelia says that she’s surprised he liked the villa so much, since he was always fighting with Lelouch there. We then are told that Clovis had paintings with Lelouch in them, which were found after his death. Cornelia says that they need to stabilize the area and capture Zero, to avenge Clovis and as an apology for Lelouch and Nunnally. This is further proof to how everyone thinks Lelouch and his sister were exiled and died. Back with Mao, he shows Lelouch a scale. He tells him that it can set off or disarm the bomb. The chess pieces captured go on the scale. If the needle over the scale swings towards Mao, the bomb goes off, if it swings toward Lelouch, it’s disarmed. So the winner of the chess game gets their way. We see a quick glimpse of Suzaku on a platform looking down on the bomb before going back to the chess game.

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Another chess game, will Lelouch be able to win this time ?

While I briefly thought why Lelouch doesn’t just tip the scale, obviously Mao would know what he was planning to do and be able to tip it to his side before Lelouch even moves. Mao tells him that he isn’t the kind of person who can keep his mind empty. He says,

There’s the part of you that’s the critic, constantly watching your own moves… And the other part of you who coolly observers the critic. That’s the sort of person you are.

As Lelouch continues losing the game, Mao claps and tells him bravo. Mao tells how Lelouch’s plan is to think of seven things at once to confuse him. However, he says that by focusing his Geass solely on him, then he can tell which is his true thought. Mao begins to say Lelouch’s thoughts, on how he is trapped with no options. He also drops a coin, knowing that the sudden sound would arouse shock from Lelouch. Lelouch tells him that he got everything he wanted so to just let Nunnally go. Lelouch looks away, clearly going against his pride as he says that he lost. Mao laughs and claps before telling him that he finally is speaking his thoughts from the bottom of his heart. However, Mao rejects this and takes Lelouch’s king, throwing it onto the scale. Lelouch yells out no as the needle swings to detonate the bomb. Mao looks at the footage coming in from his camera, and is surprised to see Nunnally still alive. The surprise is apparent to Lelouch who seems to lightly come out of his sorrow filled daze. Just then, you find Suzaku breaking into the room through a window as Mao pulls out his gun. Suzaku, cause cheat codes are real, dodges the shots fired at him by Mao and then punching him hard enough to knock Mao to the ground. He kicks away Mao’s gun and tells him that he is under arrest. Mao is surprised that Suzaku was able to disarm the bomb by matching his speed to the bomb’s. Suzaku said that that’s right, that he did that after Lelouch showed him which line to cut. Of course, the line that needed to be cut was the red one. This was either because it happened to be the red one, or Mao’s attraction to make everything as if a stage play drove him to make it the red wire. When Lelouch seems to not know what Suzaku is talking about, Suzaku tells him what he is talking about since it was his plan. Suzaku even mentions how Lelouch even told him to bust in here when he heard him scream. Lelouch then takes out something from his pocket that can reflect, realizing what happened. Lelouch then declares his victory over Mao. Mao questions Lelouch and Lelouch thinks his response for Mao to read. Lelouch says in his head that he did give Suzaku his instructions, but then used Geass to make himself forget. He reveals how since Mao believed that by reading his mind he knew everything, he was able to trick him to narrow his range and keep his Geass on him. Suzaku then contacts Sayoko, telling her she can free Nunnally now. Mao then tries to get out of Suzaku’s grip and then calls him a father killer. Suzaku’s face becomes one of shock and Mao continues. He says that Suzaku killed his father who called for total resistance seven years ago. Thinking that by killing him, he would end the war against Britannia. ( Remember that Suzaku’s father was the former prime minister of Japan. ) Mao tells him that it was a childish way of thinking and that he is just a murderer. Mao also point out how all the adults had lied in order to protect him. After Lelouch mentions how it was said that the prime minister committed suicide as a protest to the military actions, Mao reveals that it was all just a lie. When Suzaku begins to make an excuse, Mao tells him that’s only his way of trying to rationalize it. Mao also tells him that it explains his death wish. He points out how even though he tries to save peoples lives, it’s really his own soul he tries to save. Which is why he is always placing himself in danger, he wants to sacrifice himself. This mind crushes Suzaku and he falls to his knees screaming while still clinging onto Mao. Finishing up, he says that Suzaku is only doing good for his own selfishness, a boy wanting to be punished. With Mao’s shades that were covering his eyes fallen due to Suzaku’s punch, Lelouch uses his Geass on him, telling him never to speak again. After failing to be able to speak, Lelouch tries to hit him, but Mao dodges and goes for the exit. When exiting, we see C2 waiting at the entrance. She tells him that she did love him, then tells him to wait for him in C’s world. She shoots him in the neck with a gun that has a silencer attached. The Geass symbol in his eyes disappears and we see him dying as the door to the building closes. The episode ends with us seeing Suzaku on his hands and knees, with his face filled with shock.

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Suzaku had killed his father as a child. While Mao was the enemy, his words carried truth. This will definitely be brought up again later and affect the story line.