Season 1 Episode 15 Cheering Mao

Before the opening credits is another great C2 narration,

In this world, evil can arise from the best of intentions. And there is good which can come from evil intentions. In which manner should Lelouch’s actions be taken ? Is judgement inevitable in this world ? Geass. Those who use this superhuman power… will find their hearts isolated, whether they want it or not, falling into the gap between good and evil. But if there is someone who can manage to climb out of it, then that person has the potential to be a king.

To start off, we are with Lelouch and C2 as they head back from Narita and Lelouch asks C2 to confirm whether she’s his enemy or ally. When she asks him where that was coming from, he seems to take it as an answer and goes on to talk about Mao. He asks about Mao’s Geass and C2 tells him that the way Geass manifests is different for each person. She tells him that Mao’s Geass has a range of 500 meters and that he can read down to one’s subconscious. Lelouch says that he predicted that others may have Geass as well, and asks if she had made a contract with him. She replies with 11 years ago. She tells him that while Mao is his enemy, his real target is her. Seeming a bit upset, he says that he can see that since instead of reporting him to the police as being Zero, he only told Shirley. He then asks C2 if his power has any limits. She tells him that unlike his geass, Mao’s has no restrictions as to how many times he can use it or needing direct eye contact. When he asks again, she tells him, while looking away, that it may be that he can’t turn his power off and is forced to hear the thoughts of those around him. We then see Mao in a library, where he hears the thoughts of everyone inside and seems to be suffering. He then turns the volume up on the headset with C2’s exotic wide display range of voices… Who said that ?! Turning it up seemed to make him feel a little better. He then talks to himself as if to her saying that he’s going to her. After that we find Lelouch with Nunnally. He thinks that since he read his mind, he will try to attack his weak points. Nunnally comments that it’s been a while since it was just the two of them and Lelouch says the even Sayoko needs some time off. Apparently he gave her the day off since he didn’t want her involved if Mao struck. Then we see that the laptop in front of him is being fed live footage from installed security cameras. Nunnally asks him, since he was out of the house so much, if he found some kind of game to play. He replies with sort of, and that his current opponent is hard to beat. Nunnally tell him that she hasn’t heard him say something like that about anyone other than Schneizel.

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That look of pain and hopefulness. You know someone isn’t crazy when they can make a face like that !

We move on to seeing Mao in a store with various weapons, being told he can’t be sold something without a permit. Mao then blackmails him by revealing that he knows that he sells to the Black Knights. Even telling him the specifics of the contact which he had sold to. Then we see Lelouch and C2. Lelouch is holding and clicking a pen as they talk about Mao. She tells him that he shouldn’t just wait for Mao, that he should instead use her as bait since she is his target. He then asks if he would become like Mao if he keeps using his Geass, then clicks the pen 2 times. The pen clicking is the most important part of this scene and will have dire implications later I’ll have you know. Lelouch goes on to ask whether instead Mao became that way because he couldn’t fulfill his contract with her. C2 then reveals that the more one uses Geass, the stronger it becomes. Those who can’t control the power are consumed by it. ( Which is why Mao can’t turn his Geass ‘off’ ). He tells her she’s a cruel woman and doesn’t know why anyone would chase after her. When she doesn’t answer his question of what the terms of her contract with Mao was, he says that she disgusts him. To this, she seems to have a bit of shock. Lelouch is furious and yells that she should have taken the power back or killed him when she cut him lose. He then goes to say that because she left things half finished, Shirley was .. ! And then he strikes the chess pieces on the board behind them knocking them down. C2 tells him that they should split up while dealing with Mao, and says she will be staying in the next hall. Lelouch says that she can’t since that’s where the student council and the cultural club meet. She only shrugs him off and tells him to deal with it. Leaving Lelouch, we meet up with Suzaku who is being told by Cecile that he needs to take a medical check up after school the next day. He asks Cecile if there was a way he could meet princess Euphemia. Lloyd tells him he at least has to be a Knight Of Honor. Cecile looks at Lloyd and says that an Earl could arrange it. Lloyd is then revealed to be an Earl and Suzaku is pretty surprised. Afterwards, Lelouch is asking Milly to keep the clubhouse off limits, this is because C2 is going to be staying there, and Milly asks him whether someone found out he’s a prince. He tells her that the secret is still only known by the Ashford family. She reacts to him saying the name and tells him that they set her up for another blind date, asking what he thinks she should do. He doesn’t seem to know how to reply and is interrupted by Shirley. She goes up to Milly while cheerful and seems to be over her fathers death. Lelouch just looks down as the two of them talk. Shirley talks to Lelouch as if a stranger after recognizing him from when he talked to her at Narita. Milly is confused and after Shirley leaves, Lelouch says that they had a fight. Lelouch, after Milly thinks that Shirley was just pretending not to know him, asks her to play along.

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Using his Geass made Shirley’s life bright and happy again. But, just as C2 said, he now has become just a little bit more isolated.

C2 is amazing already, so why the hell not should we not find her super kicking some guy to a wall as there’s a sunset in the background with her legs making 180 degrees ? She then yells at the guys that she didn’t say she wanted a refrain dealer. You then may notice a refrain dealer knocked out on the ground. C2 then says that she’s looking for a Chinese guy named Mao. However, he and everyone else she questioned didn’t seem to have any information. Back at the schools dorms, Shirley seems to have lost her Diary, and we see Lelouch outside burning it. Then, you hear someone from the Black Knights telling Lelouch that they haven’t found Mao. We switch back to Lelouch as he ends the call and while going up the steps says, ” I could put him in check if just had one.. ” C2 finishes his thought by saying, ” Missing piece ? ” The subs however have Lelouch saying, ” It’s like having one piece to move to check him! ” And then C2 with, ” Out of ideas ? ” I like the chess references so I’ll get into this one. Having just one piece to check is frustrating. You can’t really checkmate someone with one piece. But, in the dub, it has Lelouch saying that he could put him in check if he had a missing piece. Which, like the sub suggests, he needs another edge, another piece in the game. They agree to work together and Lelouch gets a call from Mao. He tells him to give C2 the phone. Then off we go to Ohgi’s house. Villetta is waking up and Ohgi has a gun ready in hand. He asks her some questions and then even her name. However, she can’t answer any of them. Ohgi then wonders why he is doing any of this, that he may as well of betrayed Zero and now he sees that she doesn’t even have her memory. VIlletta fan service time ! She sits up in bed saying that she doesn’t know anything and then covers herself up with the blanket when she realizes she’s naked. Ohgi apologizes saying that he could undress her without looking, but couldn’t dress her again, so he put her in a warm room so she would be alright. She seems happy and says that, at the very least, she was found by someone nice. Whats developing here ? Back with Lelouch, C2 walks down the stairs and tells Lelouch that she made up with Mao. Lelouch tells her to wait, and C2 says he sounds like Mao. Lelouch says that she knows too much and that she can’t just leave. To this, C2 has a look with a bit of sadness as Lelouch uses his Geass, telling her to stay. She points out that she already mentioned how Geass doesn’t work on her. She walks away saying that he could keep his Geass, and that Mao wont bother him again.

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Is C2 the next to go from his life ? Another one gone, thus serving to validate the claim that he will walk a path of solitude ?  We will wait and see.

With Suzaku again, we see him being talked to about his test results. He’s told that the test came out fine, but the results for discipline and life were too high. She asks him if he thinks that he may be subconsciously comparing himself to his father. She also says that that might be the cause of his insecurities, and that his father, the former prime minister of Japan, was a great man. Speaking of his father, Tohdoh and two of the other holy swords are at his grave. The two there are Asahina and Chiba. Chiba says that Urabe and the others are late. The two talk about how the prime minister told them to fight to the end and then committed suicide. Tohdoh tells them to stop, that Katase also committed suicide. Suddenly, you see Tohdoh through what seems to be night vision, and someone says that fugitive Tohdoh is identified and prepare to move in. This will be dealt with in a later episode. Now we are with Lelouch who is on the phone with Diethard. Diethard had apparently made a proposal for how to organize the Black Knights. He says he has some things to change, but that he gets the idea and will run it by Ohgi. He tells him to make a chart showing how the cells function as a group. Organizing the Black Knights with a cell based structure. It will come up again at a later time as well. Diethard thinks that that was the final test. Lelouch then thinks that Diethard, even though a Britannian, he is very useful. But, he doesn’t think he can rule him out as a spy yet. Looking at his phone, he sees a new voice message and realizes that the call with Mao was recorded ( I use to have phone calls and find that I accidentally had my phone record them ! ). C2 is at some theme park  ( Which is Clovis land ) at night. The place is dark but then the place lights up and a merry go round starts moving. Mao is on it and says that she’s so quite since her mind is the only one he can’t read. She confronts him with the truth and he says that she was just lying to him, that she really does love him. He then takes out his headphones so she can hear the recordings he has of her. Flashback ! We see Mao as a young boy having his Geass be out of control. C2 comforts him by telling him to just listen to the sound of her voice. We hear her also saying how since her mind is the only one he can’t read, and because he can only be calm when alone, she will always stay with him. Back to reality, Mao tells her that he only wants to be with her and then she pushes his hand away while pointing a gun at him. You can’t see them now, but you hear the sound of the gun being shot. With Lelouch again, he listens to the recorded call and then you see him walking with a bag over his shoulder. With the threat of revealing Lelouch, Mao tells C2 to go to Clovis Land. Lelouch is now somewhere that has access to Clovis Land. While hacking into the system, he is thinking about C2. He thinks that he can’t understand her since now he knows what she said and done was all to help him. Mao was probably within mind reading distance and so C2 thought it best to trick Lelouch. Then Lelouch says, ” Idiot! ” Lelouch and C2 all the way.

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Lelouch sees now that she did it for him. I thought it was cute having Lelouch saying that! Well in any case, how does Lelouch plan to stop Mao ?

When we see C2 and Mao again, C2 is shot in the arm. Mao is holding the gun saying he knew she couldn’t pull the trigger because she loves him, too. She yells that she was only using him from the start ( You’ll see later ). He tells her that she shouldn’t lie like that and shoots her again. Tells her that lies are naughty, then shoots her a series of times. In her arms and legs. He tells that he built a house in Australia, but to get there they need to take a plane. And apparently in this magical plane there isn’t enough space. ” You’re a little too big to bring on a plane. ” C2 has a bit of confusion on her face mixed in with the pain. Mao then goes behind some thing and gets out a chainsaw, which he got from blackmailing the shopkeeper about selling to the Black Knights. He then says that he will make her compact  ! Because that’s what sane people do damn it ! She asks if this is his vengeance and on the contrary, he replies that he is showing her his gratitude. And now is when Lelouch makes his appearance. Lelouch shows up on a giant screen next to them saying that since he needed a quite place, that narrowed down the list of places he could be. He also points out that he can’t read his mind since he is all the way at Tokyo Tower. Mao then asks him what his plan is now that he hacked into the system. When Lelouch doesn’t answer, Mao says that if he wants C2, then.. But he is cut off by Lelouch telling him that he doesn’t really believe that C2 is her real name, right ? Then, he says that he knows her name. Mao is a bit upset at the fact that she didn’t tell him, but told it to Lelouch. Lelouch then says, ” I have gained every single thing from her. Including all of the parts that you have never seen. ” ( What if Lelouch was telling the truth ?! ) Just hilarious ! Including the face Mao makes after he says that. While angry, he attacks the screen with the chainsaw. Mao yells at him to come so he can read his mind and see how he was a liar. And while the screens are falling apart and being destroyed, Lelouch tells Mao that he has lost. Then, Mao can hear people’s thoughts. The police show up in front of him with a Knightmare and armed policemen. Mao is shocked and then you see Lelouch pick up a gun and then C2 off the ground. Mao then questions him about how he is there since he was just at Tokyo Tower. And with a prideful look of victory, Lelouch says that it was all a recording. Since he can read others mind, he never had to really think. So his thoughts were simple and Lelouch could predict them. Mao yells that if he goes to jail he will be out again in a heartbeat. He also reveals that since his Geass range depends on his concentration, he used the monitor to distract him. Mao says that he can still beat him, then Lelouch walks away telling him that when he tries, he will die. The cop in charge, being under Lelouch’s Geass, shoots Mao when he was about to reveal that Lelouch is Zero. There’s a quick scene showing Lelouch turning to keep C2 from seeing what was happening to Mao.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 15 'Cheering Mao' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_19.35_[2016.07.01_22.16.29].jpg

Ah Lelouch ! Surprising everyone is what he does. He saves C2 from becoming ‘compact’ and picks her up off the floor. Anyone else think this is romantic ? No ?

On a police plane, C2 tells Lelouch about Mao. She says that he was a 6 year old orphan when she made the contract. He didn’t know how to read/write, the love of a parent, or good and evil. The pilot, influenced by Geass, reports that he released the hostage into the Ghetto. Of course the guy on the other end is confused and says that his orders were to take her to the hospital. The Geass she gave Mao isolated him. So in Mao’s head, even though pretty much a stranger, C2 was the only one he considered a person, and his only friend and lover. Lelouch tells C2 that he wont lose to his Geass, that he will instead control it. He says then that he’s going to try to change the world as well as try to fulfill both their desires. She asks if this is him comforting her, pitying her, or if it was part of his obsession. He tells her that it’s a contract, from him to her. She reaches out her hand while smiling and says that she accepts his contract. He drops the police hat and reaches out to her hand, at first only lightly touching her fingers, then going in for the hand shake.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 15 'Cheering Mao' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_22.16_[2016.07.01_21.42.29].jpg

And with that, a new contract is formed. They have a quite a bond between them. While I hope for them to be together, is there love in their relationship ?