Season 1 Episode 14 Geass Vs Geass

 Starting from where the last episode left, you find the Black Knights still in battle with the Britannians. You hear a bunch of radio messages and see Suzaku battling Kallen in their Knightmares. When Kallen retreats, Suzaku is told by Dalton not to follow since protecting the viceroy has top priority. We then find ourselves with Ohgi trying to contact Zero. C2 answers instead and tells him that Zero’s alright, but can’t move. She also tells him to order a retreat. We see that C2 is with Lelouch and he tells her that his gun is missing. Lelouch says that it must of happened with he was unconscious. C2 points out that it means they say his face. He then says that there were at least two people. One who fired and one who got shot. After he says that we see Shirley writing a letter. Zero’s gun is on her desk as well. The letter is written in cursive English, so you can pause to read it. She then hides the gun up her uniform when he roommate wakes up asking why she was up so early. She asks Shirley if she’s writing a letter, maybe something special for Lelouch. Shirley replies that it was, in a way. Later at school, the student counsel members, excluding Lelouch and Shirley, are gathered. Nina wants to meet Princess Euphemia to thank her since she saved her. Rivalz says he wants to meet her too, since he could marry into royalty ! Nunnally also says she would like to meet her. Unknown to some that Euphemia is actually her sister. Just then they receive a phone call. Suzaku answers but hears no reply for a bit. Then Lelouch’s voice comes out and asks if there’s something unusual going on. Suzaku tells him that there is, since he isn’t there with them. He then mentions that Shirley hadn’t shown up either. Once finished talking, Lelouch and C2 agree that since it seemed Suzaku didn’t know about him, no one from the military could have been the one to see him. While discussing the situation, he mentions that he thinks he saw Shirley. C2 then asks,”Oh, the girl who kissed you?” She then tells him that if that’s true, then there’s something they need to find out, fast.

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While not going too deep into this as to not spoil anything, Euphemia’s influence will eventually reach all them.

We move on to Dalton and Guilford speaking to Cornelia with her sister Euphemia. Dalton tells her that during the last operation and the one at Narita, Zero was targeting her. Guilford points out that Clovis was also targeted and eliminated. Dalton then gets to the point that Zero may not just be fighting against Britannia, but may also have hatred for the royal family. Euphemia thinks about what Dalton just said and has a flashback of when she was talking to Zero back at the hotel jacking. It shows Zero talking to Euphemia, telling her how she hadn’t changed for willing to sacrifice herself for the commoners. Guilford brings up the suggestion that Euphemia should have Knight. That way, Zero will have a harder time achieving his goals. Afterwards, we are with Cecile who is talking to Lloyd about Suzaku. She tells him how at first, she just thought he was gentle hearted. However, now she feels like he is obsessed with saving peoples lives. Lloyd tells her that there’s no problem in his performance data, and that he wants to put ‘that thing’ to the test with him. She tells him that they’re still fine-tuning, but more importantly, they need to stop treating him like part of the machine. Lloyd then says in the English version,” Pardon me, but really aren’t you taking care of him in place of someone else ? ” And the subtitles say, ” Pardon, but aren’t you treating him like more than a colleague ? ” This is something that made me think for a bit. Maybe he means that she’s treating him as if a lover ? Does she love Suzaku ? After watching the picture dramas, you find out she had someone she loved before, but he seemingly left. However, she now seems to have those same feelings of love for Suzaku. Then she humorously tells him that he’s quick to catch onto something silly. Afterwards, we see Shirley’s roommate standing outside her door while apparently under the influence of geass. When asked what she’s doing, she says that she has to wait until they are finished disinfecting her room. Meanwhile, inside the room, C2 isn’t too happy about digging through Shirley’s underwear. They talk as they search and C2 reports that Shirley’s diary only goes up to the 14th, the day her dad died. Lelouch accidentally drops a box which reveals to be filled with pictures of him. He also finds a timetable, which has a certain page that has been bookmarked and Narita boxed in red. At Narita, we see that the place is under construction from the landslide Zero created. We see Shirley at some kind of pillar ( I’m guessing it’s some kind of place to morn the dead ) and a bag on her shoulder. Inside it, we see Zero’s gun and a picture of her father as she closes it and wonders how Lelouch could have done something like that. From behind, the very same man who has only shown up for a few seconds at the water fountain and atop the school building, he says,” Yes, how could he ? ”  Seeming to have known what she was thinking. We then see his face, he is wearing headphones and something to cover his eyes, and he starts clapping while telling her that it’s a fine memorial. He also calls her by her name. Next, we see the Black Knights hideout being ridden on an underground road. Inside, the regular members of the Black Knights are talking about their previous battle. Ohgi, looking as if thinking deeply, asks why the JLF warship exploded, since they did tell them they would help. Kallen asks if he is doubting Zero. He replies, ” Well, it’s just that.. ” He gets cut off my Diethard who finishes his sentence by agreeing with him and says that the timing was too convenient. After some conversing, we are with Lelouch and C2 who are headed to Narita. She asks him whether he loves or hates her, to which he replies that he doesn’t know. She then asks what if she does know who he is, whether he would kill her. After he gives a shocked expression, she tells him,

If you have someone you don’t want to lose you should keep them at a distance.

Replying to him asking if what she was saying was from experience, she replies that it’s not, but rather, a way of life.

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With a change of hair style and new outfit on, she drops to us another great quote.

Now we are back with Shirley and the man who seems to know everything about her. He tells her of how Lelouch is cruel, never told her he was Zero. At this, Shirley drops her back in shock and asks what he wants. Ignoring the question he continues and says of how he kissed her with the same mouth that ordered her father be killed. He tells her that both she and Lelouch must be punished. He then claims to know about everything that happened on the day Shirley found out Lelouch was Zero. Flashback ! We see Shirley pointing a gun at Lelouch while in shock, then Villetta comes up from behind. Villetta then says, ” Well well, what a shocker. The student is Zero himself ! ” She says this while tugging at his hair to see his face. After a spiel,  Villetta looks back to see how Shirley started pointing the gun at her instead. Villetta immediately thinks that she was being careless, and that Lelouch was probably her boyfriend. Villetta moves in quickly toward Shirley, but she then closes her eyes and shoots the gun at Villetta. End flashback . This leads to the mans point of her having to be punished, since she was a killer, too. Then accuses her of using her fathers death for her own gain by kissing Lelouch. After more mind crush ( It’s what I shall call it ), he tells her to atone. He starts clapping and we can see now through the shades over his eyes, where we can see that he has geass. Lelouch and C2 arrive at where Shirley just was, but are too late. They split up to go look for her. While walking, Lelouch thinks of how the chance of her being her is slim. He then remembers C2 asking if he would kill her if she knew. Then he also remembers the fact that there was another person at the scene where his gun was stolen. He starts to wonder where that other person is, and what they were doing with Shirley. His phone rings and sees that it’s Shirley’s number. When answering, it’s instead the voice of the man who mind crushed her. He ends up being behind Lelouch and challenges him to a chess game.

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This man vs. Lelouch. Who is this man ? What does he want ? How come he has geass ? And why does he have a random Knight in his pocket ?! Questions will be the death of me.

Now we are with C2, who is offering to draw a picture of Shirley to some guy on a motorcycle in batuan style to see if he has seen her. While talking to this man, a cable car is going up in the background. When the man recommends her to go up somewhere high to look around, she looks at the cable car. Inside, she sees Lelouch and the other man who challenged him to chess. She seemed to know him and identified him as Mao. In the cable car, they play chess. Lelouch wonders if this guy is the other person who was with Shirley that night. While thinking, you get too see the chess game and how it is so far. As said before, Ichiro claimed to have already determined how every chess game played goes. Lelouch thinks that the chess game is a distraction, and that Mao really just wants to lure him somewhere that’s isolated. Mao then claims to have never played the game before. Lelouch wonders if he was just being theatrical by calling him on his phone. Then he thinks that he called him because he didn’t know what he looked like and couldn’t have been there that night. And since he didn’t have time to find a photo of him, he is probably just winging this whole thing. Which means.. And Mao finishes for him as if reading his mind ! ” That there’s an opening you can use ? ” Mao also tells him that he should think about the game a bit more, since he could lose. And then Mao moves his bishop to check Lelouch’s king. Then Lelouch claims that Mao had lied, that he had indeed played the game before. And because C2 wasn’t amazing enough, we find her on the motorcycle on the way to Lelouch. The motorcycle most likely being a kind donation from the man she was talking to of course ! She thinks that even though it’s Lelouch, or rather because it’s Lelouch, he can never beat Mao. On the cable car, Lelouch has an expression of shock as we see that Mao has his king trapped in the chess game. Lelouch then wonders how it was that it seemed he knew every move he was going to make. He also then thinks, ” Who is this guy ?! ” Mao then asks him, ” Didn’t C2 tell you about me ? ” Lelouch immediately absorbs this information and seems to have a new perspective of the situation. Mao starts clapping and says that he did well by coming up with 14 different identities for him. I’m sure Ichiro thought of how many ways Mao could fit into all of this when he mentions C2, and came up 14 different identities for him. He also tells him that one of those he came up with are correct while removing the shades from his eyes. Lelouch then sees that Mao has geass, too. Lelouch then proclaims that Mao has the power to read minds. He then again yells out and asks where Shirley is, and if he killed her. Mao tells him he didn’t, and then we see Shirley outside of the window behind Mao. She’s holding a gun and starts to point it to inside the cable car.

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Mao puts his hand up to clap, but it looks like he is presenting Shirley ! Well now, how does someone who uses his head to tackle every problem defeat someone who can read everyone of those thoughts ?

There’s a scene change in which we see Ohgi looking over at the water. He is where Zero was supposedly trying to save the JLF and capture Cornelia. He thinks that Zero wasn’t being himself. When looking down, he noticed an unconscious woman in the midst of… Whatever those things were. I’m sure that they might be commonly used near bodies of water, but I’d have little knowledge of it since I’v never really been near rivers or oceans other than for random vacations. But in the midst of that, lies Villetta. There’s blood and she looks barely alive. While unconscious she says, ” So… It’s you… Zero ! ” Then we are taken back to Lelouch and his tight situation. They are on a flight of stairs with Shirley the highest. She looks down on Lelouch pointing a gun at him. Mao is behind him watching it all. When he asks about the gun, Shirley tells him that it’s Zero’s gun, his gun. Mao asks why not use your geass. Then telling him that if he does, he will kill him instead. Lelouch starts thinking about Mao’s geass. Then he wonders what his goal is. Since if it was to kill him, he could have done so already. Mao tells him to keep thinking about it. He also tells him that its a fitting death for a thief like him. Shirley then tells Lelouch to die, that they need to atone for their sins, that she will die with him. Mao then explains by telling him that she had also killed, killed the other who saw his face that night. Though we know her, Villetta, to be alive. She tells him that it’s time to end it, and when Mao agrees with her, Lelouch yells out that he put her up to all of this. That’s when it hits him, that since he can read minds, it’s easy for him to get into peoples’ heads and manipulate them. Mao tells him that he is correct. Then, with this new information, Lelouch tries to talk down Shirley. Lelouch also asks her whether she really did kill, or if Mao is just making her believe that. After a bit of this she yells at him to just shut up and pulls the trigger. Before she shoots, you can see Mao moving out of the way. Apparently having read her mind, knew she would shoot. The bullet only hits Lelouch’s hair, but manages to break his balance. When falling, the pictures of him he found in the box he dropped back in her room come flying out of his jacket pocket. When she sees the pictures, she points the gun down and starts to have even more mixed feelings arise. Mao then says that her thoughts are just a jumble now. Thinking that now she wont kill him, he starts to point his gun at him. Shirley then shoots the gun and yells stop it. Mao then puts a hand up, starts walking to go inside the cable car and says,” Fine, consider it stopped. You two just do whatever it is you want. ” When he is out of sight, Shirley briefly faints and Lelouch catches her. We then see Mao in the car preparing a shot gun to kill them both, but is surprised when the cable car starts to move. He’s surprised since he would have normally have heard the thought of anyone who would of tried to use the controls to make the car move. Excited that it might be C2, he rushes to the back window of the car to see who it was, and sees C2. She holds a gun pointed at him as the cable car starts going down the line. Mao takes off his headphones and shades in his excited state. The headphones turn out to have been playing C2’s voice when she use to comfort him. Mao had told him earlier that this was a fitting death for a thief like him, that was because he felt Lelouch had stolen C2 from him. And you can now see how strongly he feels for C2. C2 says that she didn’t expect to find Mao. Lelouch then comforts Shirley while both on the stairs. She tells him that she really did shoot someone, and he tells her that it’s not her fault. Then she says that she also shot him with his own gun. Lelouch tells her that he’s still alive. He says that any sin she commits is his to bear. And when she says that she wanted him to be kind to him, he tells her that there’s nothing wrong with that. He tells her that he will make her forget about all of this. He says, ” I’m sorry about what happened to your father. If I could be reborn, then you and I would be… ” Then he starts to use his geass. She yells no but it’s no use, and he rewrites her memories.

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Would be what ?! .. Anyway, once again her face is seen in this very eye. And with that, he takes away from her that unbearable pain.

Now, we are at the same place where Shirley met Mao. She is standing, looking at the same pillar from before. She turns and starts walking back when she sees Lelouch standing there facing her a little distance off. She asks him if he lost someone in his family too. He tells her it wasn’t family, but a friend, someone who may have been important to him. Going on, he says that he realizes how important she was to him now because he lost her. She asks if he had loved her. He says that right now, he doesn’t know anymore. That’s when Shirley says ( Subbed version ),

Morning will come. I’v forgotten exactly why I came out her in the first place. Maybe because I wanted to put something behind me. Well, there are some things that I just can’t forget. And a lot of sad things, too. But morning still comes, right ? That’s why you shouldn’t try to hold thoughts like that back.

Lelouch tells her that he now feels the same way now, and he thanks her for everything. Then he walks off.