Season 1 Episode 13 Shirley At Gunpoint

C2, in the prologue, says ( Mixed English and Japanese versions ) ,

The actions one takes are answered by consequences waiting at their conclusion. There are no exceptions. And even Lelouch’s power cannot change this. Despite his absolute power to make anyone obey him, there is no escaping the inevitable. Lelouch has acted to avenge his mother’s death. And to create a world where his younger sister, Nunnally, can find happiness. However, the world… People have forced him to face consequences of his actions he never expected, and they ask for more. If you say such escalation will weave out a new world, then who will be charged for the crimes committed… and will there be punishment for them to accept  ?

After the opening we find ourselves at the funeral of Shirley’s father. A priest is there giving a few words of blessing and farewell. When done, they begin to bury him. Shirley’s mother then yells out for them to stop, not to bury him again. Shirley comforts her mother while the picture shows the student council standing behind them. Lelouch has his face hidden behind his hair. Then flashback, we see Shirley as a young girl telling her dad she would become his wife one day. He then tells her that she’ll find the man she truly loves one day, and that would make him happy. Kallen apologizes and Shirley tells her there’s no need for her to. Kallen of course knows that it was her who used to Guren that caused her father’s death. Then Rivalz speaks out apologizing aswell for had been claiming the Black Knights to be heroes. Shirley has on a sad smile while telling him not to worry about it since even she thought it was cool. Milly stops her before she finishes telling her not to hold it in, asking if she cried yet. Shirley tells her not to worry, that she had her cry. Then Suzaku comes in saying, ” Cowards ! Zero and his people, their methods are just cowardly ! He doesn’t even get his hands dirty ! He stirs people into a frenzy, tips the world into chaos, and then sits back and congratulates himself ! It’s not going to change a thing ! Anything gained through his kind of tactics are just meaningless ! ” Milly then breaks the tension and comforts Shirley by telling her that they will be waiting for her in the student council room, same as ever. As they head back, Rivalz stops to talk to Lelouch where Milly grabs him and drags him back with them to leave Lelouch and Shirley alone. We then see C2 getting an order of pizza from Pizza Hut. It starts to rain again before Shirley tells Lelouch to forgive her, saying that it wasn’t fair to kiss him like that. She tells him that she did it the wrong way, forcing him to kiss her while in that situation. She says, ” You finally kissed me, and I can’t even be happy! ” Then she runs off.

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Consequences of his actions which he hadn’t foreseen.

We then find ourselves with Lelouch and C2 back at their home in the school. This is when she gets Cheese-kun. It seems she was given it after racking up all the reward points. Lelouch’s phone vibrates but he doesn’t answer. C2 then asks him if he regrets that her father was caught up in all this. She then tells him, ” You were just accusing Kirihara of being too soft. You said you were ready to walk the path of blood. But you’re the soft one. Did you think this was all some sort of game ? You’ve killed many people up till now. With your own hands. Or with your words. They all had families, too. Lovers. Friends. Surely you’re not telling me you didn’t understand that. Is that how prepared you were for this ? Are you shaken by your feelings ? From a kiss she pleaded for ? So, despite the airs you put on, in the end you’re just a gullible little boy with a swelled head and a big mouth. At this point, you have no right to be shaken or to stop. You need to keep going in order to live, right ? Don’t disappoint me. ” These are powerful words that show the truth. He has killed many, but now that it has affected his own friends and life, he is shaken up by his own feelings. Should he continue, or stop the battle he has begun ? She tells him that he has no right to be shaken or stop. After all, he killed many others without hesitation or remorse. There’s also the fact that if he stops, then he is giving up on his reasons for living. He leaves her and goes to the bathroom where lies on his hands and knees looking down in the shower.


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Can’t find a way to say this humorlessly, but that is a bona fide face made when two conflicting emotions rise! Which path will he choose now ?

While in there, we see some flashbacks. The first is the emperor during one of his speeches saying, ” Yes ! That is why people discriminate against one another. ” After is Euphemia, ” So is that the reason why you killed my brother ? ” Then Suzaku, ” And any ends gained through contemptible means aren’t worth anything. ” Ohgi, ” Are you really going through with this ? ” Kallen, ” That’s all easy enough to say isn’t it !? ” Clovis, ” You can’t ! We may have different mothers but you and I are still blood ! ” Suzaku again, ” It’s nothing but self-satisfying gratification. ” C2, ” And to have this Utopia you’d .. ? ”  ( I’d of liked to put a video of it as well as one for the things Lelouch saw in episode 11, but free membership and all ). These flashbacks are low quality and seem to be filtered. Lelouch then pounds on the wall and has another series of flashbacks. However, these ones are very pronounced, high quality, and clear. The quality differs depending on whether the flashback was showing him something that made him want to stop and not go on, or whether it was something that was important to him/made him want to push forward toward his goals. The first of the latter case is Nunnally telling him, ” I wish the world was a gentler place. ” C2,” You appear to have a reason for living.” Lelouch,” And I’v come back to change everything. ” Kirihara, ” Are you embarking on the path of blood ? ” Then he shuts off the water, seeming again determined to push forward, then calls Ohgi. Then we see C2 in her bed and Kallen on her laptop looking at pictures with her mother, brother, and Ohgi. We also see someone drive away  from Shirley while someone else comes out of a car, probably to go to her. In that very same car, we see a picture of Lelouch on a clipboard. And judging by the sound of the footsteps, the one leaving the car is a women with highheels.


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Now he has choosen to keep moving forward. The path of blood. And even now, who can tell where that path will lead ?

Then we see Suzaku being told that he will be in Cornelia’s next operation by Lloyd. Lloyd also then asks whether they are acknowledging his skill or need another decoy. Cecile then comes out with rice balls and asks Lloyd, in a very friendly voice, whether he wants another lesson in proper social educate. Who would pass on some free education ?! Next, we are with Zero and the rest of the Black Knights. Diethard is there as well, with two guns pointed at him for courtesy. Diethard told Zero that Cornelia was planning to move in and attack Katase using the royal marines. He knows since the network is already ready to air a special report on it. Tohdoh can’t make it in time to rescue Katase, meaning that the JLF has no military strength with it at the moment. It was apparently a request from Kyoto that Zero and his people go to help the general. Ohgi then says that that’s why they should help Katase escape rather than attack Cornelia’s troops. Zero asks Ohgi, ” Who are we ? ” He obviously says they are the Black Knights. Zero says because of that, they have one task, to defeat Cornelia and in doing so, rescue the JLF. He also says that tonight, they would regain what they lost at Narita. Ohgi and Diethard agree. Kallen speaks out but Zero tells her that he needs to do something, and that she should leave it for later. Taken back to Suzaku, he is being given orders by Dalton. Apparently it was Daltons decision to include him in the operation. He was to provide supporting fire from the shore and killing anyone captured later. Suzaku, who became a soldier to stop people from dying, has his morals conflicting.


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Well Suzaku ? What will happen in this battle ?

After that, we see a scubadiver swimming underwater with some device. Then we see Shirley who had been following Lelouch. We find ourselves with a flashback to Shirley being in the car where a picture of Lelouch was on the clipboard. Shirley’s with Villetta, being told that Lelouch is linked to the Black Knights. Being curious, she had followed him. While Jeremiah is presumed dead and can no longer help Villetta to solve the mystery, she still went after it herself. Everything is connected. You find Villetta is there too, thinking that if Shirley had called her sooner she could have gotten him. She then thinks that she needs proof, and that if he talks to Shirley, she could learn his connection to the Black Knights. That would be even more important if he could somehow manipulate memories. She thinks that she might move up in the ranks again, and not have to die without her position and honor like Jeremiah. Then we are back with Lelouch with his costume only halfway on from the bottom and a towel on his head. With the towel and equipment shown next to him, it seems that…. HE WAS THE SCUBADIVER ! * Big Gasp *. Kallen walks in on him and gets startled when Lelouch yells out who’s there. While about to leave, Lelouch stops her by asking her if she was having second thoughts. She tells him that the only reason she fought up til then was because she thought she was fighting for justice. That way, she could live with the killing. Then she asks, crying out, whether what they are doing will really change the world for the better. Lelouch tells her that it will, or rather must. He tells her that yes there will be sacrifices, and that it wont just be soldiers, but the innocent as well. But, it’s because of that fact that they have to keep going. They have to keep going, even if others see them as cowards. Even if they have to shed more blood then so be it, they can’t let the blood that’s already been spilled be in vain. He then tells her that he wont force her, that if she wants to turn back now’s the time. She tells him that she has made her choice, to stay and follow him. He thanks her and she seems to be surprised then happy. Then we see C2 walking out in front of the school. She remembers Lelouch telling her, ” Yes. You saved me today. Thank you. ” And, ” C2, i need you.. I do. ” She then thinks that she can’t afford to make the same mistake here again. Then we see the same man who was ontop of a building in the previous episode. This man walks past a water fountain and then smiles.


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Lelouch chose to continue down his path. How lonely would he have been if Kallen had instead chosen another path and deserted him ? He must have truly appreciated her decision to stay.


Dalton says that it’s time and Cornelia yells out to commence with the operation. The Marine version of Knightmares then dive into the water. A torpedo is launched by one of the Marines to signal the operation’s start. Shirley sees the water shoot through the air after the explosion, and assumes that it was terrorists. Ohgi reports to Zero that it’s starting and asks if they are moving out yet. Zero tells him that they have to hold, that Cornelia moved faster than he had expected. Suzaku sees the one sided display of force and thinks that what they’re doing isn’t battle. Cecile contacts him telling him that even though it may be hard, he is a soldier. In the JLF ship, Katase asks how they could have found them and were Tohdoh is. Someone tells him that they can’t find him or the holy swords. He then asks where Kyoto was since they said they would send help. The same person tells him that they said they would, but there’s no way to contact them now. Katase then says, ” So they’re just going to sit back and watch us die here ?! ” Even though it was Zero Kyoto sent to save the general, he just hasn’t moved out. Ohgi is nervous and says that it’ll be to late soon. Diethard then says the he just hopes that Zero isn’t doing all this for some notion of justice ( or in the sub he says he hopes Zero isn’t just an idealist ). Ohgi tells Zero that the Knightmares are boarding the ship. Zero then says that that leaves only one escape route while holding a remote with a single button on the top. You see the JLF ship moving in the water and a little ahead of it underwater, is the device which Lelouch had planted earlier when scubadiving. Ohgi then frantically shouts out that they need to hurry, and Zero then tells them to move out. Once saying that he presses the button and the device he had planted explodes, setting off the liquid Sakuradite. This blows up the JLF’s ship and all the Britannian forces that had boarded it. Zero tells the Black Knights that the JLF seemed to of committed suicide. He then orders the Black Knights to attack Cornelia and avenge the JLF. Diethard gets excited and leaves Ohgi, who had been keeping an eye on him. Diethard realizes the Zero used the JLF as bait so he could go for Cornelia. Zero, by using the JLF as bait, showed Diethard that he wasn’t doing everything as an idealist/for the sake of justice. Suzaku is then shown having also realized that the tanker may have been used a decoy. Zero then orders his troops to knock the enemies Knightmares into the sea before the pilots can get in. With Kallen, Zero attacks Cornelia while she’s powering on. Even so, she is able to take off an arm from Zero’s Knightmare. Kallen then steps in helping Zero with Cornelia. Zero, with his weapon pointed at Cornelia, sees Shirley. Then the Lancelot shows up and attacks him. Suzaku tells Zero that his methods wont change anything, that he is too focused on goals and doesn’t see the pain of others. Suzaku accuses him of playing with peoples lives and being a murder. When doing so, he punches Zero’s Knightmare which leaves a giant dent on his remaining arm. Throughout the battle, his Knightmare is falling apart while fighting Suzaku. This shows you the difference in the power of their Knightmares. All through the anime, Knightmares evolve and that’s shown splendidly throughout the show. Lelouch and Suzaku then have a small back and forth going like,

Lelouch: ” Why?! Why do you keep getting in my way ?! ”

Suzaku: ” Why do you keep spilling people’s blood without meaning ?! ”

Lelouch: ” If it wasn’t for you !”

Suzaku: ” Because of you ! “

Zero then gets ejected from his Knightmare and falls unconscious thanks to the crash. Kallen goes after Suzaku to protect Zero, and then we see Shirley standing right next to where he had crashed. She finds and picks up Zero’s gun, aiming it at him. She was about to shoot to get revenge for her father when Zero falls a bit out of unconsciousness long enough to move a bit and have his mask fall off his face, revealing that he is really Lelouch. And while Shirley still has the gun aimed at him, she has the most confused look on her face. What will she do ?


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A gun pointed at the head of the universe. * Sigh * Halo references. What will happen now ? This anime leaves us with no shortage of questions to ask and things to wonder.