Season 1 Episode 12 The Messenger From Kyoto

Before starting on this episode, I want to say that I have indeed spoiled a few bits and pieces of this anime. Therefore, I’ll try to keep myself in check on that for whoever it is who reads this blog. Also, each post will grow larger as more connections are made and there being more to tell. Any comments made are appreciated. This will probably be my first and last comment made to readers by me in an episode breakdown. Here we go.

Once again C2 starts us off with a few sentences. She says somewhere in there,

Lelouch has made his move to avenge his mother’s murder and to create a world in which his sister Nunnally can find happiness. What will be the final outcome of these actions ? At this point, no one can predict.

Cornelia and many others are in a meeting. Someone ( I’ll call this someone Nobleman for now ) tells her that the JLF was nearly wiped out thanks to her operation. She asks him if he’s being sarcastic since her forces took a giant hit during the operation. Guilford says that the occupation policy/government allows Elevens in the Ghettos to falsify registries and have done nothing about the underground subways and railways, which are used by the terrorists. The Nobelman from earlier says that those passages practically stretch across the country and so can’t just fill them all in. When he brings up Clovis, a reaction arises from Cornelia. The Nobleman says Clovis stated that forcing the Elevens would fuel the rebellion that would give the Chinese Federation an opening to exploit. This shows that the Chinese Federation wants to declare war on Britannia but seem to be waiting for an oppurtunity. Cornelia says that they already have an opening, Zero. Dalton points out that there’s a group called the N.A.C. which self governs the Elevens. At this, the nobleman and others next to him show a paniced reaction. Dalton points out that they were looking for evidence of the N.A.C’s consiperacies but it was buried in the landslide. He says that their suspiciousions are high. After not being able to give much information and saying that they should leave Kyoto alone, Cornelia calls the nobleman incompetent. At this time, you’re shown a screen with Jeremiah marked as once of the deceased. Then we are taken to the Leaders of the Kyoto Group. One of them says that with the JLF scattered, hope for Japan is gone. It also seems that Tohdoh lost his knightmares during the fray. A girl named Kaguya then says there is hope. Kirihara mentions that she’s admired Zero and even sent him the Guren.

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Information blast in 2-3 minutes ! And here is kaguya, an important character. Some of that which was shown will not be brought up again until towards the end of the season.

Then we are taken to Shirely at school, Ashford Academy. She opens a letter from her dad that has 2 tickets for a performance. In the background, the teacher is giving a history lesson on real events, and also stated that America is now the Britannian Homeland. Shirley recalls the events Lelouch had with Kallen, and thinks throughout her day how come they are both absent on the same day. Finally Milly asks her what’s wrong. After explaining to her, Milly tells her that they are carefree but should prepare themselves since nothing stays the same forever. Shirley becomes a little sad to which Milly tells her not to take her too seriously. Lelouch walks in and Milly shifts the attention to him. Turned out Nunnally was just a bit feverish so he stayed to help. He picks up paperwork that he is supposed to organize and Shirley realizes he took her dad’s letter along with it. She goes after him and after getting the letter back, gives him one of the tickets inside asking him to go with her to the concert. And C2 sees all through the window and talks to herself it seems, but that can’t be… can it ? A few seconds you see a man ontop of a building and then switched back to Shirley. She’s excited that she asked him out and all then gets a phone call.


[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 12 'The Messenger From Kyoto' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_08.12_[2016.05.23_23.28.24].jpg

To think that this phone call will lead to implications through the rest of the anime. Everything is connected. Every second in this anime has a purpose.

We are taken to Ohgi who tells Zero that Kyoto praised them for their use of the Gurren. Zero wonders about why Shirley would suddenly ask him out to a concert. Ohgi hands him a letter. When Zero asks what it is ohgi says it’s a love letter. Zero, still having the thought of Shirley fresh in his head, replies with, ” Oh? From you ? ” If you did not laugh as hard as I did, you need to rewatch it. The letter turns out to be Kyoto requesting a meeting. Ohgi lets slip that they have money troubles. Tamaki, being in charge of the money, gets ‘demoted’ and the position is given to Ohgi. Tamaki calls Zero out for hiding his face in which Kallen stands up for him. After that, we have the infamous Nina rapes the table. She looks at pictures of Euphy while doing the deed, and Nunnally rolls in asking if she’s alright. Ohgi and a few others talk about what to do about Zero, and voice their opinions. Taken to Lelouch, he says that he narrowed down his search to 12 possible people. Kallen knocks on his door and Lelouch asks her if she wants to know who he is too. She then thinks that C2 probably knows who he really is. Jealousy ? She tells him no and leaves. Then we are taken to Lelouch checking on Nunnally back home. He finds her awake and goes by her side. When talking to her about her fever, she tells him that she may of just been a little moody. She tells him that he’s been distant lately, and that her body may of done that just to get his attention. He assures her that he’ll always be with her. She asks him to stay with her until she sleeps or else she might have ‘that dream’ again.


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A lot see Nunnally as a character that’s holding Lelouch back, a hindrance. However, her impact and influence in Lelouch’s life is huge, and that greatly affects the story and all that happens. Throughout the anime, her very existence influences the anime.

We then see Lelouch walking with his suitcase towards C2. He wanted her help him with an idea that she had given him. Lelouch tells her that he wants the power of the Kyoto Group. She tells him that if it’s for the reason he has to live, she will help. He tells her that it is and that he needed her. She gives him this look, and I wonder if she was thinking about … someone you’ll meet later and I’ll make sure to point him out ! She tells him that he forgot something, pulling out the ticket Shirley gave him. She gets a shocked when he snatches it from her hand, telling her that he didn’t forget. He tells her that he plans to call Shirley to cancel the date when she tells him to stick to the contract. His phone rings and when he answers, it’s Shirley. She’s at the train station and tells him that she might be late to their date, but promises to be there. Then we see Zero with a driver pulling up next to him. The driver tells him that he was instructed to bring the rest of his comrades. Zero tells him that he will call for them soon, but before that.. and then uses his geass on him. Now we are sent back to the mountain where Lelouch destroyed and killed many of the Britannian forces to gain an upper hand. Suzaku is there and apparently helping with the clean up, which is apparent when he talks with Lloyd. Suzaku thinks and looks back on when C2 had come up to protect Zero. When Suzaku talks with Lloyd about Zero and the Black Knights, Lloyd says that they claim to be knights for justice. ” Is this justice ?! ” Is what Suzaku says and Lloyd stops it there. Lloyd says that he doesn’t want to have an embarrassing conversation about the nature of justice since after all, they are soldiers. Suzaku then sees Villetta leading Shirley and her mother somewhere. However, it’s so sudden and gets distracted by Cecile telling him that she replaced his energy filler, that he isn’t sure he saw it.


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All she wanted was a date with Lelouch. What could be keeping her from that ? And what is she doing with Villetta near the latest battle for Zero and the Black Knights ?

Cecile tells Lloyd that she checked the knightmares, and that she found evidence of the radiant wave surger. This was what Lloyd had thought and said that he never thought Rakshata would work with their enemies. She tells Lloyd that Suzaku’s mental state is shaken up and that the red knightmare had an ace pilot, so she isn’t sure Suzaku can beat next time. Back to Zero and his group, of Ohgi, Kallen, and Tamaki, they find themselves on Fuji Mountain. This mountain is being mined for Sakuradite, a substance that exists only in that world. Tamaki says that it’s the treasure that caused the whole war. A man behind a curtain, seeming to be the leader of the Kyoto group they came to meet, tells them the mountain is repulsive. It was once known for beauty now bent to the empires will. A reflection of what Japan has become. He apologizes for hiding his face, but says, that to trust Zero, he would have to know Zero’s face. Four knightmares appear, Kallen tries to stand up for Zero again, but is brushed aside by the man behind the curtain. He then says that Ohgi is to remove Zero’s mask. Ohgi goes to Zero and, with a few words, takes off the mask. Ohgi and the others are shocked and then you’re shown C2. She had apparently been standing in for Lelouch as Zero. Kallen calls her out on how she isn’t Zero because she was with him before. The hidden man asks if she isn’t Japanese to which she replies, ” Correct clan chief of Kyoto.. Taizou Kirihara. ” The two guards next to him shout out that anyone who can identity him must die, especially if they aren’t Japanese. Then suddenly … ( yes again ) BAM ! One of the four knightmares attacks the two in front then takes down the one next to it. After that the knightmare aims a gun at Kirihara with Lelouch’s voice booming,” Sloppy ! And your methods and philosophy are outdated ! ” He comes out of the knightmare as Zero with a remote trigger for the knightmare. This makes the guards back off from attacking him. Zero gives a bit of Kirihara’s background by saying how he first betrayed Japan by collaborated with the Britannian rulers, but is actually a leader of the 6 houses of Kyoto and supports resistance groups throughout the country. And then he reveals that he is actually not Japanese. His group express a little shock at this and Kirihara asks him why it is he fights for Japan. Zero says to destroy Britannia. He then says that he’s glad that he’s dealing with him and takes off his mask. Kirihara recognizes him and Lelouch tells him it has been a long time. Turns out, that when Lelouch was exiled from Britannia, Kirihara was one of the people at the Kururugi Shrine that took him in. Once Kirihara confirms that Lelouch is earnest in his desire to destroy Britannia and just wants his help, he tells Ohgi that he will help them for as long as they follow Zero. He also tells him that Zero’s face must remain hidden and that he urges them to follow him. ” Are you embarking on the path of blood ? ” Is what kirihara asks Lelouch in which he replies that he will if that’s his destiny.


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The path of blood. His Destiny. Where will this path lead ? What consequences of these decisions will we stumble upon ? One of many is yet to come in this very episode.

Going now to Villetta, who was with Shirley and her mother, telling them that the spelling of her last name matches that of the deceased. While saying this, we see that she’s holding a picture of Lelouch she grabbed when it fell out from between the closed cellphone screen. Lelouch calls Shirley while passing by the place where the concert was being held. It’s raining out and he walks under his umbrella. When she doesn’t answer, he confirms his suspicion that he is already too late. Walking further ahead he sees Shirley under the rain with no umbrella. He puts his over her and apologizes for being late, saying he thought she would already be home now. She asks him if Zero fights for the weak. A little surprised by the question answers that that’s what Zero says. Then she asks, ” Then… Then why did he kill my father ? ” Lelouch then has an expression of both shock and understanding. She tells him how her father was buried alive. She cries out, ” Why ? Why did my father have to die ?! ” With her emotional state and with Lelouch’s dismay, they kiss under the rain.


[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 12 'The Messenger From Kyoto' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_21.47_[2016.05.24_22.48.06].jpg

On the very eye where his geass lies, you see Shirley’s sorrowful expression painted on his shock filled eyes.

Actions and Consequences.