Season 1 Episode 11 Battle For Narita

In the beginning, C2 is narrating and in the end says,

In their hearts, everyone has faith in their own existence and ultimate triumph. However, when time and destiny unfold, this faith turns out to be quite fleeting and pointless.

Going back to the battle, Dalton asks for a report of their loses. Told that he got signal from only 20 percent of his forces, he blurts out that the command structure can’t hold out with that. Lelouch seemed to have wanted to weed out everyone who wasn’t good enough to fight from his organization in this battle. Villetta apparently helps the Britannians fight off the Black Knights by taking command. Tohdoh and the rest of the 4 Holy Swords come out from behind Cornelias forces and attack. Guilford tells Cornelia to withdraw. She agrees but tells him to meet her at point 9 when he was done. The battle with Lelouch was turning out grim until he heard that Cornelia was being attacked. This meant he wouldn’t have to deal with the royal guard himself. Cornelia’s forces being pinned down and needing reinforcements, Euphemia is advised to send in the G1 which she was ordered not to move. It also had civilians and a hospital. Suzaku suddenly shows on the screen with Lloyd and Cecile. When Suzaku mouths ‘ Euphy ‘, Euphemia tells him he can go. Then you’re shown Tohdoh and his forces in battle with the royal guard. This anime has plenty of fighting and planning. Yet, unlike some other animes, this one shows strategies and martial arts which are either real or would truly be effective in the same conditions in real life. Tohdoh is asked about Cornelia in which he says that they have to trust that Zero is making his move now. Villetta shows Guilford Zero’s route and realizes he has trapped Cornelia. She was apparently planning to have Tohdoh and his troops trapped instead when Guilford arrived.

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This is one subtle indication of many showing the connection between Cornelia and Guilford. Lelouch’s strategies and thinking at this point matches/exceeds those of Cornelia or Tohdoh. He was able to trap Cornelia and live up to the trust Tohdoh had for him.

Then you’re shown Suzaku in the Lancelot during the start-up phases. Suzaku is then asked by Lloyd why he joined the military even though he hates it when people die. He replies with, ” I’m in the military to stop people from dying. ” It’s self contradicting, but even though a soldier, he doesn’t have to kill ( usually ) to get the job done. Since everyone is in a Knightmare, and every knightmare does have an ejection seat, he can just destroy the unit without killing the pilot. This is also how it’s usually done. In season 2, more toward the end, Knightmare or not you would probably be killed. When in a Knightmare battle, one may eject or choose not to kill the other. War now however, you would have no choice but to kill or seriously injure others on the battlefield. Back to the subject, Suzaku apparently joined the military to be able to stop people like terrorists and Zero, to save lives. Taken back to Cornelia, you see her and Kallen begin battle. They are both surprised at the others skill and machine. Lelouch, in a Knightmare off to the sidelines, tells Cornelia that it’s checkmate. Calling him a fool, Cornelia says that as long as she beats Kallen she’d be free to escape. During the battle, Lelouch shoots her from behind during her battle with Kallen, destroying her gun. She calls him a coward/dishonorable to which he replies that her own plan was the same.


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Knightmare is destroyed and she refuses to surrender. Seeing Cornelia rush toward Kallen with no arms was surely a new perspective for me.

Well Cornelia, its been nice kno.. BAM ! Suzaku arrives as quickly as he could by using his weapon to blow away his obstacles. He last-minute arrival saves Cornelia from what was going to be her defeat. He fights Kallen while Cornelia takes on Lelouch with no arms. Did I mention that she seemed to be destroying Lelouch with no arms ? The humor is strong with this one. Kallen seems to be winning the fight against Suzaku right up until she finds herself an edge of the mountain where she falls. The right hand, the one with that radiant wave surger, gets damaged in the fall. With the Guren needing to be fixed and Suzaku still on the battlefield, he has no choice but to retreat. The excuse he gave for it was that it was turning into a war of attrition. When Ohgi, Kallen, and Tamaki leave together, they saw that they really just ran away while the JLF was there to stall the enemy. Ohgi then says,

People aren’t just pieces in a chess game. Zero wouldn’t think like that. If he did he’d end up using us as pawns too. I don’t believe he’d do that. His rage is real. He hates Britannia as much as we do. And I think a person who knows rage also knows sorrow.


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Lelouch and Suzaku. They met 7 years later only to become the enemy of the other. And from where I’m looking, Zero looks pretty screwed.

Suzaku thinks of how Zero has saved many and he owes him, but that his methods are wrong. Out of no where, C2/C.C. comes and saves him. Suzaku recognizes her as the girl from the capsule and wonders if she’s working with Zero. She goes and touches the Knightmare. Zero asks her what she’s doing and whether she realizes that she’s challenging a Knightmare ! Using the power of her code, she sends Suzaku some shock images. He sees the 2 planets, children with codes, then finally his father. He says it’s impossible that he is there since he had died. He also says, ” No ! I didn’t mean to. I just.. I just ! ” There is yet a secret waiting to be discovered. At first Zero thinks that she’s giving him geass. Realizing she isn’t and talking to her, he puts a hand on her shoulder. This takes him into her mind and sees her memories. He sees people throwing stones at her house with a geass symbol, a nun with the code, the Kururugi Shrine, the villa Lelouch lived in, C2 bathing with a scar on her bottom left breast, C2 when she was young during wartime, Marianne, then Suzakus father with Suzaku himself. They both see each other through the power of geass/code and connected by C2. Out of shock, Suzaku goes on a rampage, randomly shooting away. A shard of rock stabs C2 during the fray.


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I can’t put a video on here of what he saw, so here is him seeing it ! There is much shown here. C2’s memories and much more. There are skulls that start jamming together, people walking lifelessly/aimlessly, a weird line that when looked at closely is the geass symbol, a light in the sky, and what seems like a man meditating. There’s plenty of views and such that I don’t fully know yet, but will get to later.

Guilford leaves to be with Cornelia and Tohdoh tells them not to follow. He didn’t know what Zero was doing anymore and needed to save the general. Cornelia then tells Guilford to order a retreat. The Black Knights are cheering and Kallen points out the Zero isn’t there. You are then taken to Lelouch with C2 in a cave. Lelouch wonders about how she healed from the rock the pierced her and how she walked away from a bullet to the head. He makes a connection that since Clovis kept her for private experiments, she wasn’t connected with Britannia. When a drop of water fall onto a body of water, C2 talks in her sleep saying he finally called her by her real name. Cornelia and Guilford then talk about the battle and about Suzaku’s Knightmare going out of control. Going back to Lelouch and C2, he tells her that he found out her real name once she wakes up. When he tells her it’s a more human name than C2, she says sadly, ” What use have I for a name now ? ” She also said that she had forgotten everything. He then thanks her for saving him today, and saving him by giving him geass. He says it shyly and she seems astonished, claiming she had never been thanked before. She asks him to show his thanks by calling her by her name ” like you did before “… This does make me question whether or not the sound of the falling water drop is her actual name. I’m not sure what it is, or if it really is that sound, how you can say it ?! She says he said it badly to which he calls her picky. She replies with, ” Exactly, that’s why I go by the name C2. ” Scene change ! A truck carrying more air tight containers like the one C2 was in drives by. Jeremiah is seen kneeling and falling unconscious in front of the truck and it stops. As stated before, he will be used for the experiment the ones in the truck are conducting. Kallen then comes to pick up Zero, surprised to see him with someone else, C2. Then Zero says, I don’t know why snow is white, but I still think snow is beautiful. I don’t hate it. ” Kallen seems a bit suspicious ( * cough * jealous * cough * ) and it ends with 2 drops creating ripples that overlap each other.


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Things are just starting.  The story line is unmatched just as well as it’s views. How will everything turn out in the end ?