Season 1 Episode 10 Guren Dances

The episode starts off by showing C2 diving into the schools pool at night. With her is Lelouch on his laptop, going through profiles of people who want to join the Black Knights. One of the people he sees is Diethard, a Britannian. Lelouch says that getting recruits was simpler than he had anticipated it to be. He also says that the prevailing view of the Black Knights for Elevens was, ” While I hate the Britannians, I can’t approve of terrorism. ” Elevens mostly support the Black Knights, which makes it easier for Lelouch to make his moves without having his activities reported. He also mentions that a group called Kyto offered to send them Knightmares. Lelouch talks of how the Japanese people can’t resist jumping on the bandwagon since he came like a beacon of justice, a hero. “Well everybody loves a hero, and what better hero than a knight.” Which C2 replies to by saying that a real knight for justice probably wouldn’t say that.

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He made the Black Knights for his own purposes. He uses the Japanese people for his own ends. Suzaku will later say that Lelouch lied when he claimed to be a knight for justice. But if by using them he gives them their land back, how do you judge his actions ?

A scene change takes us to Villetta with Jeremiah meeting with Diethard. Villetta tells him that they don’t intend to just accept their demotions with Jeremiah saying they have a lead on Zero. They were able to find out which school Lelouch goes to probably by his uniform. They suspect that finding Lelouch, who Villetta vaguely remembers before her memory gap, they can find a connection to Zero and their missing memories. Jeremiah says that he will be stationed at the Narita Mountains. Diethard replies by asking, “Isn’t that where the JLF are rumored to be ?” Jeremiah then tells him he may be to clever for his own good. You’re later taken to a place where there are new recruits and Knightmares, which were probably given to them by the Kyto group. Zero tells Kallen that they were given the Knightmares as a test before giving Kallen the key to the Guren. Ohgi then tells him they got intelligence from a Britannian who wants to join them. As you may have guessed, that informant is Diethard. He apparently tells them about the attack on the JLF. Zero then tells them that they will go hiking to the Narita Mountains. Afterwards, Nunnally tells Sayoko that Lelouch will be on a 3-day trip. Sayoko then plants the idea that it might be a girlfriend. On the Narita Mountains, Zero goes and stays in a little cabin like place where guards are put on patrol after using his geass on them.

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This was hilarious. JLF Guard : “This area’s controlled by the JLF no one can just stroll in …” * Zero strolls in. *

You can see that no one knows why Zero sent them out to the mountains, and that they brought excavators with them. Cornelia, Dalton, etc., say that they have surrounded the mountain and need only the word to attack. A cut scene shows Nina talking with Milly about how she wants to meet Euphemia. Lelouch, while inside still, sees C2 outside in the snow. He goes out and she says that he changed hadn’t changed his first name, claiming that he can’t let go of the past. Lelouch tells her as a comeback that C2 isn’t even a human name. She looks at him and asks him if he knows why snow is white. Answering her own question she says,

Snow is white, because it has forgotten what color it’s supposed to be.

Ohgi, while talking with Zero, starts to doubt his decisions. Zero asks him if he still believes in him, in which he replies that he was the one who asked him to be the leader. All over, you see excavators sucking away at the dirt beneath. Cornelia then starts the operation, surrounding and attacking the mountain. The Black Knights start doubting Zero, telling him that they can’t Cornelia. Zero then says that they have already been cut off and can only fight. He claims it would be a miracle if they won, so he would have to pull one off to be acknowledged as a messiah. Tamaki yells that it was crazy to make him the leader, and that it should be him while he gets his gun out. Zero takes out his gun quickly pointing it at him, then reverses the direction. He says that they have been cut off and that if they think they can win without him then they should kill him. If someone did step up to do it, he has geass just in case ! Then he says, ” Since you’ve joined the Black Knights, you have two choices. Either live with me, or die with me ! ” I believe he got that from when Milly said her quote an episode back from the book The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. And with that, he had their compliance.

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Lives are at risk, people are scared, and he casually says it would be a miracle if they actually win the battle ! And in order to gain the support he needs, he shall make a miracle.

The JLF are talking about you find out that Tohdoh, a brilliant military leader and fighter, is on his way but wont make it in time. They then plan to break the encirclement and try to escape, which the Britannians have already predicted that’s what they would do. During the battle a cut scene shows scientists in the area who are apparently working on a secret project called Code-R. Going back to the battle scene, Darltons team find the enterance the the JLF base. Lelouch says that while Cornelia is making very logical and excellent moves, they are easy to read as well as her location. Jeremiah is shown covering the rear line, which seems more like he was put there to be out of the way really. You then see Tohdoh going through road blocks continuing up to the mountain with the customized Knightmares. He realizes that since the roads are blocked, the Britannians have probably started attacking the JLF. At this point, Lelouch starts his counter attack on Cornelia from the summit of the mountain. Using the Guren’s radiant wave surger on an excavator they brought, he caused the water veins of the mountain to explode, causing a landslide filled with mud and rushing water. Cecile points out to Lloyd that the heat reading are abnormal. Lloyd says that an artificially induced landslide would be impossible unless they used rakshata’s radiant wave surger in the English dub. The sub has him saying it would be impossible even with rakshata’s radiant wave surger. Zero’s men then start to move and Cornelia gets word that Zero is there as well. And with that, Jeremiah takes off from his post to go after Zero. When Jeremiah reaches him, he calls him orange boy which pisses Jeremiah off. Kallen in the Guren fights and defeats Jeremiah with the radiant wave surger. This episode ends rather abruptly for some reason, but it was nice all the same. The next episode will pick off right where this one ended.