Season 1 Episode 9 Refrain

Kallen’s T.V. is turned on, tuned to the news. The news is talking about what happened in the previous episode with Zero and his Black Knights. A crashing noise is heard outside so Kallen goes to see what happened. You find that the maid had apparently been on a step ladder when it snapped which ended up making her drop a chandelier. Kallen is oddly rude to the maid, revealing that there is a back story between them. It then skips to a factory building where some men talk about their drug deal, the drug being Refrain. You hear that they plan to sell the drug to Elevens, as well as how Cornelia isn’t too interested in the drug business since she was a soldier. Zero and his men storm the place with one of the men exclaiming, ” Y-you’re the.. ” And then a time skip goes to Kallen who shouts out, ” The Black Knights ! ” Later, Rivalz tells her she could learn from Lelouch, who is shown to be sleeping. Rivalz also goes on to say that he doesn’t know what Lelouch does every night, but that he sleeps through half of his classes. To Kallen however, it doesn’t occur to her that he might be Zero after all.

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Kallen fails to see all the clues, including the fact that she had already suspected him before. And of course, Lelouch looks just as serious when sleeping as he does awake. Sleeping in class made simple with Lelouch’s finger technique !

It goes to Cornelia who is talking to Euphemia about Area 11. She wants to stabilize domestic affairs, then make Area 11 a satellite nation. She says that in order to do that, she has to get rid of terrorism, but also Refrain. It’s made its way to the Japanese people and productivity has fallen because of it. When she leaves, Euphemia thinks about her encounter with Zero which leaves her to wonder what Suzaku would make of Zero, and herself. Kallen is shown to be tired from being out so late every night, then goes to join the rest in the student counsel room. She walks in on Lelouch being forced down and moles… I mean being forced to look like a cat.. ! They get to the topic of how Shirley and the others have been hounded by questions and the media, so they haven’t been able to leave school. Rivalz says that he doesn’t see why that means he and the rest can’t leave school either. So then Milly tells him a quote from The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms ,

We ask not the same day of birth, but we seek to die together.

They all have a fun time as friends with Kallen feeling happy knowing that she helped save their lives. She then has an inner monologue about Zero and the Black Knights. They did very well become a friend to the weak, and beam of justice to many. They racked up supporters and got hold of knightmares as well. She then voices her suspicion, that if Zero was pushed too far by them for his identity, that he might vanish. She thinks that without him they would become powerless. Lelouch is confronted with Rivalz telling him that he hasn’t been around lately. Nina has a flash back to when Euphemia stood up for her at the hotel, blushing. Then Tohdoh and the rest are sitting and discussing the situation with Zero.

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Zero. His actions have already had many consequences. He saved Kallen with the rest of the terrorist group, influenced public opinion, was part of the reason Kusakabe hijacked the hotel, and has become a bit more distant at school.

Milly goes over to visit Kallen, where you see family tensions and complications. They both go to Kallens room, where Milly hands Kallen her transcripts since middle school. Kallen then sees that it has been found out that she’s a half breed between Eleven and Britannian. She then reveals that the women on the stair case was only her step mother, her real mother was the maid. You find that Kallens mother has a room filled with hateful words on the wall as she opens up a drawer revealing that she has Refrain. It then goes to Lelouch and Suzaku. Lelouch talks about the Black Knights and how it was lucky that they were there to save Milly and the others. He says this to test Suzaku, see his view of things. He possibly wanted Suzaku to join him. However, Suzaku only calls Zero and his followers as being self-righteous and self-satisfying. As in the previous episode, Suzaku said that he preferred the logic of systems vs individual emotions. He sees that a system has a bases where everything is as fair as it can be, and that the Black Knights only declare things unjust based on their own feelings. Suzaku leaves when Shirley walks in, winking at her, hinting that he is giving her some alone time with Lelouch. Shirley goes and makes her move, but Lelouch is ignorant of her. Lelouch only interrupts her by speaking his thoughts on what Suzaku had said before leaving. ” Back to base, now that was an interesting choice of words. Go back… Implying that’s where he thinks he belongs. ”


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Lelouch doesn’t like the idea of Suzaku being on the side of the empire which he is fighting. With Suzaku saying that he had to go back to base, Lelouch realizes that Suzaku feels that he belongs there. This eats at him.

Ohgi talks to Kallen about Refrain, which makes one think they’ve gone back to the past. It was specifically targeted at the Japanese so he wants to move out as soon as they can. Later, Lelouch and Kallen are standing and talking while watching an Eleven be beaten by some Britannians. Lelouch tells her how they shouldn’t get involved since it was his choice to work in the settlement, and that was the price for doing so. The Britannians turn to confront them, asking whether they had a problem with what they were doing. Lelouch opposes them, which makes Kallen turn her head to look at Lelouch with a face that screamed, ” You said not to get involved, yet here you are facing them. And you’re also dragging me along with you. What are you thinking ? ” They seem about ready to fight Lelouch when he uses his geass on them. Kallen, who thought they were about to get into a fight, looks surprised at what happened. Lelouch blandly says how they lost interest quickly. Kallen simply accepts it and goes to help the beaten Eleven, who ends up kissing up to them. This proves Lelouchs point that he had chosen to become a slave. Lelouch talks with Kallen about Area 11 and Elevens. After answering Kallens question, she slaps him when she remembers her mother. Kallen yells at him about how he must feel cool to judge the world from the sidelines. Once she walks away, Lelouch puts a hand on his face where he was slapped and chuckles. He probably laughs at the fact that he was really Zero, the one whom she follows ! You then see that Kallens mother ran out of Refrain. Another leap shows Villetta talking with Jeremiah about his memory gap. She tells him of how she also had one, and that after she came to her knightmare was gone. Villetta reveals that she remembers seeing a student before the memory gap, and they both team up to try and figure out what happened.

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So Villetta and Jeremiah team up to solve the mystery ! Perhaps Lelouch will be found out by them ? Well in any case, this is important and has its affects through the anime.

Lelouch has them busting another Refrain warehouse where Tamaki voices his objections and Kallen her doubts. After they break in, Kallen find that the place has Japanese people on Refrain in the back. One of them turns out to be the man who was beaten by the Britannans, and another turned out to be her mother. Out of hiding, one of the night police in a knightmare attacks Kallen. Tamaki claimed that there weren’t any cops involved in this deal when he checked it. Kallen tries to flee with her mother in her hands. After her knightmare was shot and fell, her mom gets thrown forward. She yells at her mother to run in which she replies that she was her for her as she had always been. Kallen starts fighting back the other knightmare after realizing that she was the reason her mother stayed in that mans house. Lelouch looks at Kallens mom. The camera view tilts up revealing C2 with her quote,

False tears bring pain to others. A false smile brings pain to oneself.

Afterwards in a hospital, Kallen is sitting with her mom. The after effect of Refrain kept her from being able to talk. Kallen tells her that she got 20 years in jail for her sentence. Kallen then tells her that shes working to make a world where they can live normally again. Her mother manages to tell Kallen to hang in there which brings Kallen to tears and replies that she will.

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And with that, Kallen feels a stronger attachment to what she’s doing. Those who did Refrain wanted so badly to go back to the past, but Kallen fought because she sought for the future.