Season 1 Episode 7 Attack Cornelia

Lelouch is shown as a child back when he was still a prince of Britannia. As he walks up to the emperor who he has apparently arranged an audience with, the other nobles and others of the ilk speak of how his mother had died in the Britannian Palace. While it was told that terrorists had done it, they realized that terrorists would never have been able to get in there. They said that Lelouch wouldn’t be able to become the emperor now, that the Ashford family was finished, and that his sister became blind and crippled due to the incident making her worthless to the empire. Lelouch tells his father that his mother is dead, which the emperor replies with, ” What of it ? ” Lelouch also then confronts him with the fact that he doesn’t visit Nunnally, which the emperor replies with that he has no time for weaklings. Lelouch in a fit of anger renounces his claim to the throne. His father then stands and yells at him about how he was the one who had given him everything including his very life and that he was dead to him. Using that logic, he said that since he was dead he didn’t have any rights and that he would be sent to Japan with Nunnally to be used as tools.

Even as a child, he was no fool. And his hair has apparently always looked like this.


You later see Lloyd and Cornelia talking about the Lancelot. Cornelia promotes Suzaku to satisfy him, claiming that she can win without any Elevens. The episode then shows Euphemia pondering the philosophy of her sister Cornelia.

Those who risk their lives on the battle field are the ones who deserve to rule.

She claims to understand the logic, but apparently something bothers her about it. Suzaku is then shown doing his homework at his base. When Lloyd said that they were all done for the day, Cecile advises him to go to school and have a social life. In school, you see Shirley confronting Kallen about when she saw her and Lelouch in what looked like kissing. Kallen thinks that Shirley is referring to her being a black knight and pulls out her knife. She puts it away when she realizes that she was talking about what happened with Lelouch, then unfolds a humorous dramatic scene of Shirley jumping to conclusions. Milly is then seen on the phone with her mother while near her father, the principle. Her mother is seen to be trying to get an arranged marriage with Milly to try and move the family up the ranks again as it had been.

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Milly trying to talk herself out of an arranged marriage that her mother has set up.

A scene is shown with planes and knightmares entering Arakawa, then its skips to Nina. She then claims to have divided something. Nina is an important character as she is the one who creates the Fleija warheads. You are then shown Cornelia trying to set up the same conditions as in Shinjuku as well as broadcast the start time of the operation to wipe out the terrorists in it to try and lure out Zero. Cornelia is then asked if she would really risk her own life in which she replies,

War is a struggle between pride and life.

It then moves over to Lelouch who is preparing to leave and take on Cornelia. C2 asks him what’s more important, to find his mothers killers or destroy Britannia. He says they are both the same. Lelouch says how he detests that the royal families are fighting to ascend to the throne. The strongest wins and becomes emperor, which C2 says is what makes Britannia strong. Lelouch then shows his feelings on how the weak are cast away, asking what happens to Nunnally if that’s true. He says he will wipe out that kind of world himself before C2 pulls a gun on him, telling him he can’t go and die before his contracts fulfilled. A cut scene shows Suzaku walking in on Shirley and Kallens argument. Going back to Lelouch, he pulls out a gun and then points it at himself. This was such an unexpected and dramatic moment that they had to get it in 3 different angles ! And that’s where Lelouch says,

Until I met you, I was dead. A powerless corpse living a lie of life. A life where I did nothing except the act of living day to day. It was like dying a slow death.

He said he would rather die than go back to that so C2 lets him go understanding that it was life without meaning. She doesn’t finish her last sentence being cut off by Britannians shooting the Elevens in charge who cover for the terrorists.


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C2 realizes that forcing Lelouch to stay and not go do what he needs to will make his life empty, with no meaning. Lelouch described it as a slow and painful death. Seeing that a life like that isn’t worth living, she lets him go.

Jeremiah, Kewell, and Villetta are shown standing by at the rear. Jeremiah wonders why they aren’t being ordered into battle, which Kewell replies it’s because ‘orange’ is here. He blames Jeremiah for their careers being over. Jeremiah then blames it on Zero which gets Villetta to think that the student she saw before her knightmare was stolen, who is Lelouch, could be working for Zero. Lelouch is then shown on the battle field disguised as a Britannian soldier. Someone in a knightmare questions him and Lelouch gets him to get out of the knightmare by saying he has a disk recovered from the terrorists. He uses his geass and takes the knightmare. While using his geass on the man, there is a slight lip syncing error. Lelouch mouth moves while there are no words being said in both Japanese and English. This occurs later in other parts of the anime too. The terrorists talk about their situation until someone controlled by Lelouchs geass walks in with with a walkie talkie. Lelouch then gives them orders, breaking away at Cornelias troops. Cornelia then makes them all fall back saying that further destruction will serve no purpose. A cut scene shows C2 going to help Lelouch and then it moves on to Suzaku and Shirley. They talk about Lelouch and about how when Lelouch and Shirley were freshmen, Lelouch helped an elderly couple who had their car rear ended. The man tried to pin the blame on the couple even though it was obviously his fault. Suzaku says that she fell in love with him and Milly over hears everything from outside thinking, ” Oh, to be in love. ” Suzaku calls Lelouch to ask him how he feels about Shirley but Shirley hangs it up before he decides whether to answer or not.

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All she really wanted was to do was fall in love. So you can imagine how she feels being subjected to blind dates.

Lelouch, realizing he can’t just stroll in, uses the terrorists to try and create an opening. Cornelia however, doesn’t act as he planned, the terrorists become disobedient, and many of them run away or surrender. The terrorists were sloppy and frightened, giving an edge to Cornelia. After all the terrorists are either killed or gone, Cornelia wonders if Zero is still pretending to be one of her units. She orders all her soldiers to show themselves. Lelouch then realizes he is in a tight situation and tries to think of how to get out of it to no avail. C2, pretending to be Zero, reveals herself and gives Lelouch the chance to escape. He takes an underground route meeting C2 on the way. He then claims that he wouldn’t have lost to Cornelia if the conditions were equal, like in a chess game. She then says that he should be able to set up the conditions. He then replies with, “Then I’ll set them up. I’ll form an army which can’t lose to Britannia ! A people ! A nation !”

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He then forms the goal to raise an army that can oppose Britannia. Where will all of these actions lead ?