Season 1 Episode 6 The Stolen Mask

The emperor is shown at the start of the episode with the sword of akasha. One of the people from the geass order tells him the remains had arrived, which I’m guessing might be the remains of Clovis. The emperor says he was just talking with Clovis, and that the project must continue. This project is the one Clovis was working on using C2. Bartley, after being saved from being chained up beneath temple tower by prince Schneizel, is the one who continues the project using Jeremiah. Later, it goes back to Suzaku who started attending school with Lelouch in the same class. Everyone is suspicious of him since he is an Eleven and was arrested as a suspect in the murder of Clovis. There’s a weird tension between Lelouch and Suzaku before Lelouch gets up, signaling Suzaku to meet him on the roof using a signal from 7 years ago. They talk and Suzaku says how after the whole incident, he was arranged to have a proper investigation. The one who investigated said he should be at school since he was 17. Cornenlia is shown to go destroy a Japanese terrorist base hoping Zero might be in it. After that, Lelouch surprises \y by bringing Suzaku and the three of them catch up. A cut scene is then shown with Jeremiah being released since he is seen not to be a traitor, but is demoted three ranks for letting Zero get away. Suzaku doesn’t want to cause trouble for Lelouch and Nunnally so he tells him that at school, they should pretend not to know each other.

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It’s been a while since they had been together and just talk, and after the war separated them they didn’t expect to meet again.

Ohgi contacts Lelouch and he wonders if he should break contact with them since they were getting too familiar with him. Suzaku isn’t accepted and gets bullied by the students who he had met and saved from the other Elevens. Ohgi contacts Lelouch and he wonders if he should break contact with them since they were getting too familiar with him. C2 walks in on Lelouch customizing a suitcase so he can put his Zero mask and costume inside. Lelouch leaves and Arthur, the cat, has the suit case fall on him and the mask go on his head. When it walks past Lelouch and Nunnally, he runs after it trying to get the mask back. Nunnally calls over Rivalz, Nina, and Milly, telling them about what happened. Milly, determined to get whatever the cat may have run off with that was important to Lelouch, makes an announcement to get the school involved in catching the cat with the prize of a kiss from a student council member to the one who catches it. Shirley and Kallen bump into each other and team up. Here, you see Lloyd and Cecile talking. This university apparently is where they set up his living quarters for Suzaku. Eventually, Kallen and Shirley corner the cat. Shirley, worried that Kallen might want a kiss from Lelouch when they catch the cat, questions Kallen and the cat gets away. Suzaku sees the cat and goes after it realizing Lelouch is after it too. Suzaku beats Lelouch up the stairs the cat went up and all the way to the roof of a building. Lelouch, probably on purpose, starts to slip and fall off the roof in which Suzaku stops going after the cat to save him. The helmet then falls off the cat with the help of a bell on top of the cat. Suzaku comes back down with the cat and Shirley breaks the ice between Suzaku and the other students. Lelouch goes and stays behind to take care of the mask. When he comes back down, he reveals that he and Suzaku are friends and that Suzaku should join the student council.

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Now he has been accepted a bit more by his classmates, doesn’t need to hide that he knows Lelouch, and is part of the student council. Things are going good.

The cat running off with the Zero mask and whole drama surrounding it was designed to help Suzaku fit in at the school. The episode then moves to the Emperor giving a speech dedicated to the death of his son Clovis. His speech goes as this,

All men are not created equal. Some are born swifter afoot. Some with greater beauty. Some are born into poverty. And others are born sick and feeble, both in birth and upbringing. In sheer scope of ability, every human is inherently different. Yes, that is why people discriminate against one another. Which is why there is struggle, competition and the unfaltering march of progress. Inequality is not wrong, equality is! What of the E.U., which made equality a right? Rabble politics by a popularity contest. The Chinese Federation with its equal distribution of wealth? A nation of lazy dullards! But not our beloved Britannia. We fight, we compete! Evolution is continuous! Britannia alone moves forward, advancing steadily into the future. Even the death of my son Clovis demonstrates Britannia’s unswerving commitment to progress. We will fight on! We shall struggle, compete, plunder, and dominate! And in the end, the future shall be ours. All hail Britannia!

Lelouch, Suzaku, Shirley, Kallen, Milly, Nina, Rivalz, Lloyd, and Ohgi have their reactions of the speech shown. In it, the emperor says how people are not equal and says this inequality is the reason why people discriminate and struggle with each other. He also says how it is equality which is wrong. He most likely felt that as long as people are not truly equal, equality shouldn’t be a right. While it’s true that all men aren’t created equal, the United States constitution states, ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal. The constitution isn’t saying that all men are the same, but that they should all be treated equally and have equal rights. The emperor, however, states that all men are not created equal, therefore that shouldn’t be a right. He also states that it is this inequality that causes discrimination, struggle, and progress. Britannia has people move up the ranks by how well they do. And the ones who get to rule Britannia are those born from the royal family. In the E.U., European Union, equality is a right, and the emperor says this holds them back. They also have people voted into offices in what he calls a popularity contest. The emperor makes a point to show that Britannia evolves and progresses because the strong have power and the weak are cast aside.

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All men are indeed not created equal, and perhaps for the best.