Season 1 Episode 5 The Princess And The Witch

Now this episode is full of important events. Cornelia is introduced in the first minute or so if this episode with the intention of going to clean up area 11 and avenge Clovis. After the intro song, you see Lelouch walk into the living room surprised to see C2 and Nunnally sitting together folding cranes. He is a bit startled and just stands there probably thinking about the situation while Nunnally talks to him. After a little comedy relief, Lelouch finds a way to get C2 away from Nunnally so he can question her a bit. His belief that C2 had indeed given him this power was confirmed although she refused to answer any of his other questions. After Zero appeared, the Japanese have stood up and rebelled along with him as well as throw the pure bloods and Jeremiahs loyalties into question. It’s then shown that unlike the other rebels who took Zeros lead, Todoh said it would be best not to. As Lelouch said, ” There is no orange it’s something that i made up. But, the more they claim to be comrades of like mind the easier it is to divide them with the thorns of suspicion. ” The pure bloods felt they were all alike, a superior breed, and then Lelouch comes and makes them all doubt the one who had the highest authority, Jeremiah. This costs Jeremiah his position. Lelouch also says,

 This uproar is simply a means to an end. The world is destined to descend into greater chaos.

Which it will.

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Putting on a school uniform has never been so dramatic.

Later, you find out that Suzaku was set free due to Lelouch confessing to the crime as Zero. Euphemia is introduced in this episode in what may have been one of the most impulsive thing she ever does, jump out a window. Suzaku was down there and caught her where she tells him bad guys are chasing her in an attempt to get a tour of Area 11 with him. Meanwhile, the other pure bloods are planning on killing Jeremiah before Cornelia arrives, and Villetta realizes Jeremiahs memory is muddled like hers before having a tiny flashback of seeing Lelouch before he used his geass. Suzaku and Euphemia, who introduced herself as Euphy, walk around and you can see how rash her decisions are. Arthur, the cat, is introduced aswell and bits suzaku which he then confronts Euphy about the lie she told about bad guys chasing her. She asks if he was wondering because he was concerned for her, which she uses his answer of yes as a way for him to stay with her and give her a tour. They are then shown to have a good time together walking along and eating before she asks him to take her to Shinjuku.

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Just a couple of teens having a nice time together. It’s not like they will ever fall in love with each other right ?

It then goes to Lelouch who Kallen asks if she can get the number of the person who called the phone while they were in the bathroom. Lelouch tells her it was a schools number while looking up and shocked to see C2 carelessly dancing about. Kallen, who is about to look behind her when Lelouch reacted, is stopped by Lelouch when he grabs her face. Apparently which from Shirley’s angle, looked like kissing. This starts drama later on. You then see Bartley taken to the homeland as a prisoner, blaming C2. It shows how C2’s carelessness causes Lelouch trouble and Bartley being involving with her got him arrested. Lelouch is then revealed to be testing out his  geass by making a girl mark a wall everyday, he then threatens to use it on C2 in which she puts it out there that geass might not work on her. Suzaku and Euphemia are then at Shinjuku and two student from Lelouchs school are taking pictures with marks of a knightmares gun on a destroyed statue. Jeremiah is then shown to be drawn into Kewells trap, heading towards where Zero was supposedly seen. Villetta appears and finds out about the whole operation. Tamaki then confronts the students and Suzaku comes to stop the violence. Suzaku is then shown how he seen as a traitor to the Japanese, and reviled by the Britannians.

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Euphemia is one of the few who accepted and stood up for Suzaku as she is doing here.

Lelouch is then with C2 and she says that Britannia might be to big an enemy to fight with just geass. This is when Lelouch and Suzaku both express their views on the world. Lelouch and Suzaku have an amazing dialogue mix going like this. 

Lelouch : Is it good to be strong?
Suzaku : Is it bad to be weak? Back then when I was 10, the world seemed like such a sad place.
Lelouch : Starvation.
Suzaku : Disease.
Lelouch : Filth.. Corruption.
Suzaku : Discrimination.
Lelouch : War and terrorism.
Suzaku : Living in a never ending cycle of hate.
Lelouch : Repeating the same stupidity again and again.
Suzaku : The cycle must be broken. Of course, I doubt the one who does it will make all the bad things go away.
Lelouch : I’m not that arrogant. And so..
Suzaku : No one should lose anymore of the people they love. Atleast a world without war.
Lelouch : When somebody wins, the fighting will end.

Unlike Lelouch, Suzaku says he wouldn’t know how to do it, but he couldn’t stop trying or his fathers death would of been in vein. His father was the prime minister of Japan who died during the war with Britannia.

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There are many problems in the world and you can’t fix them all. But, they have seen that there should at least be a world without war.

Afterwards, Kewell and 3 others team up on Jeremiah to kill him. Suzaku, unable to do nothing, convinces Lloyd that it’s a good opportunity to gather battle data for the Lancelot to stop the battle. He fights them off and Villetta soon joins. In a last ditch effort to get rid of Jeremiah, Kewell releases a chaos mine while Euphemia comes running into the battle field. Suzaku uses Lancelots shield to protect everyone from the chaos mine. Euphemia, who Suzaku thought was just Euphy, revealed herself as Euphemia Li Britannia the third princess of Britannia to stop the fighting. Suzaku is surprised that she was a princess and apologizes. Euphemia and Cornelia are then shown talking and revealed to be sisters. Cornelia asks a subordinate for their report and points a gun at him when he says that there was a welcome party arranged for her. She says, ” Sloppy. Senile. Corrupt. Where is Zero ?! I want the enemy of the empire caught ! GET ZERO ! ” And in a final last minute addition to the story line, Suzaku is shown to start attending Ashford Academy, the school Lelouch is in.