Season 1 Episode 4 His Name Is Zero

In this episode, it starts off by giving a little summary of the story so far with a bit of foreshadowing when saying,” All the while knowing at the end of his quest the Britannian emperor, his father, awaits. Or at least that was the hope Lelouch carried in his heart back then. ” Afterwards, you see Suzaku being interrogated and beat to try and get a confession from him that he killed Clovis. Tamaki is then idiotically yelling at Ohgi that they should have made a statement claiming they killed Clovis. Another transition goes to Lelouch getting his zero costume and mask done by the nobleman he used his geass on. The episode goes on to explain that Jeremiah is trying to make only pure blooded Britannians serve in the military, as well as stop granting Elevens Honorary Britannian status. Now, going from the events of the last episode, you find Kallen and her group at Tokyo Tower. There they suspect that the one who called them out there was probably Suzaku, and that they may be in danger there since he was now arrested. You find out that Jeremiah will personally be there to escort Suzaku to his trial and wants the roads lined with Britannians to gain public support. Lelouch, who had given them instructions on a phone he left for Kallen to tell them to board the train, reveals himself within his costume and calls himself Zero.

The best costume design since Batman.


He confronts them and obviously wanting to know his face, they told him to take off his mask in which he replied,” Very well, I’ll show you. But rather than my face, bear witness to my power. If I deliver to you the impossible than I might have earned your trust. ” A scene is then shown with the JLF, or Japanese Liberation Front, debating on helping Suzaku, then Tohdoh says they shouldn’t get involved. After that, he is then able to convince Kallen and Ohgi to help him. He then gives the two of them the labor intensive task of getting a car to look like the one Clovis owned. He then has Ohgi standing by to help them escape once the operation is done, and Kallen the driver. Knowing that Jeremiah would line the road with Britannians and wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make a media event out of him, he heads right for him with the car masked as that which Clovis used. Revealing himself to the world and putting on a show, he tries to gain the support of the people by trying to make the impossible possible with the help of his geass. He shows the canister that Jeremiah believed to hold poison gas and claims to be the real killer of Clovis. This is when Diethard becomes infatuated with Zero. While surrounded by knightmares and seems to have no way of leaving the situation alive, he makes his move saying,” Careful, you don’t wish the public to learn of Orange do you ? If I die, it’ll all go public. ” With that, he signals for Kallen to drive forward and he uses his geass on Jeremiah making him let Suzaku go and help them escape. By revealing that there’s a secret and using his geass to make Jeremiah have a sudden change of heart by releasing Suzaku and helping Zero get away, Jeremiah loses his high ranked position and is suspected of hiding something. Meanwhile, Zero is seen as a hero by the Japanese and working up to be seen as a messiah or miracle worker.

As Diethard had said, this was all a performance. He gained attention, support, and he looked pretty awesome doing it.


Later, the terrorist group are gathered with Ohgi accepting Zero and inspires Kallen to aswell. In another room, Zero is talking to Suzaku trying to convince him to join him. Suzaku questioned Zeros actions and methods claiming that while Britannia may be bad as Zero claims, it can be changed for the better and from within. Lelouch seems to be surprised by this, perhaps because he had always been thinking he had to destroy Britannia before a better place could be created in its place. When Lelouch was still 10 he had said,” I will one day, obliterate Britannia ! ” Still though, Lelouch didn’t feel Britannia could be changed from within. Suzaku then says one of his famous quotes,

And any ends gained through contemptible means aren’t worth anything.

With him walking away claiming to be going to his court martial, Zero tells him how the whole reason they were giving him a court martial was just to find him guilty. Suzaku also says that if he doesn’t go, other Elevens will take heat. When Zero tells him not to be an idiot, Suzaku talks about an old friend who would always say the same thing, who is hinted at to be Lelouch himself. In the ending scene, you find out that Suzaku went to the police and he may very well be found innocent with the whole incident and Zero claiming to be the real killer. Also in the ending scene, C2 appears again alive and well after being shot at Shinjuku.


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C2/C.C., getting shot, reviving, and then appearing out of the dark since episode 4. You gotta love her.