Season 1 Episode 3 The False Classmate

This episode reveals a lot about Lelouch and his background. Lelouch reveals his past identity as a prince in the last episode and continues on in this one. Jeremiah can be heard questioning the situation and asking to have contact with the general staff, who aren’t at their posts since Lelouch used his geass on them. Clovis tries to talk his way out of the situation, but Lelouch doesn’t falter. Lelouch reveals that his mother was killed by someone within the realm of the emperor, then tried to make it look as if the work of terrorists. He uses his power on Clovis who ends up only able to point him where to go to get his answers. Lelouch then kills Clovis saying,

 You can’t change the world without getting your hands dirty.

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Now allow me to shove this bullet somewhere uncomfortable.

Afterwards, he is back at school and walks into class with students seeing the news about Shinjuku. He remembers killing Clovis and gags a bit claiming he wasn’t as tough as he thought he was. Someone like Lelouch who at a young age is pretty intelligent and has seen death, as well as spend a lot of time gaining knowledge and understanding of the world, may think he will be able to kill without a big emotional reaction. However, one might think they wont be phased by something, but then it ends up getting to them anyway.

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Laughing at the fact that he thought wrongly of himself.

Later, Lelouch realizes that one of the terrorists he was ordering was actually his classmate. He confronts her and uses his geass and finds out she’s an Eleven/Britannian half breed. After questioning her, he tries to use his geass again to make her not tell anyone about Shinjuku. That’s when it doesn’t work and Kallen gets suspicious that he may have been the voice on the radio back in Shinjiku. Lelouch then tests out his power and finds out he can only use his power on the same person once. Knowing that he has to deal with Kallen, Lelouch tries to settle it at the student counsels club house/ballroom but fails when the rest of the student counsel is found out to be in there. Meanwhile, Bartley is feeling the consequences of Lelouch having used his geass on him to make him leave the control room. Once that fails, Lelouch confronts Kallen in the bathroom. Using his geass to make the preparations, he gets Kallen on the phone with  a recorded message and have it seem like it wasn’t him giving orders to them in Shinjiku. And with that, he gave her an egress from the situation and she took it. Later on, they announce on T.V. that they arrested Suzaku, the alleged killer of Clovis.


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Suzaku saves Lelouch then gets shot. While injured goes and stops the terrorists only to be blamed for Clovis’s murder. Irony at its finest.