Season 1 Episode 2 The White Knight Awakens


This episode picks up where it left off last. Lelouch ponders why C2 would make a contract and then give him this power before she died. Seconds later he is faced with Villetta in her knightmare. This happens now in episode 2, but its repercussions extend all the way to season 2. Now realizing he has to have direct eye contact, he makes up a story about how he is from nobility and will request her protection so she’d come out. It never fails to amuse me every time he tricks people so effortlessly. Then he uses his power, takes the knightmare then bam ! Suzaku was alive the whole time and a pocket watch he had had saved him. Lelouch finds and takes a chess set on the ground before using the radio that he had taken from the coat Kallen left to give the terrorists their orders. He is able to get them Knightmares from a passing cargo train which convinces them to give him a chance and follow his orders. Lelouch uses the terrorists and ultimately beats the opposing army. Having been pretty beaten, Clovis allows Suzaku to try and defeat the terrorists using the Lancelot. Suzaku, trying to stop the fighting and ironically trying to save Lelouch and C2, fights the terrorists Lelouch is helping and ends up fighting Lelouch too. Lelouch ejects when Suzaku stops to save someone falling from a building and heads to Clovis. Lloyd walks away while Lelouch is walking towards the command center in the background. He then uses his geass to get to and isolate Clovis. That’s where he saves the Japanese people by forcing Clovis to call a ceasefire. This is when you realize that there’s more of a back story between Lelouch and Britannia then what meets the eye.



Doesn’t that look just scream,” I’v been waiting a long time for this. ” ?