Season 1 Episode 1 The Day A New Demon Is Born

The episode starts out with Lelouch and Suzaku as children playing together. It shows how weak Lelouch’s physical strength is especially when compared to Suzaku’s, which is humorously shown plenty of times through the show. Then you can see that there are transport units flying above, which is Britannia engaged in a war with Japan, and C2 narrates the story with how Britannia defeated Japan. After a 7 year time skip and a few events, Lelouch is then substituting for someone in a chess game. Ichiro claimed before that all the chess games in Code Geass are planned out, so i thought I’d test it to make sure he was telling the truth. The show has the game board shown for a bit and i reenacted it. Lelouch started out with the king when he entered the chess game and turns out, that was the best move. In 8 minutes, Lelouch would have checkmated the nobleman. Later he replies to the question rivalz asked about why he chose to start with the king saying,

If the king doesn’t move, how can can he expect his subordinates to follow ?

A nice quote, and all while reading Hamlet.


White is in a great position to demolish black.. If it wasn’t for the fact black can checkmate him.



Now going to when the driver crashes leading to Lelouch and Suzaku meeting and realizing who each other are, the ‘poison gas’ is released and immediately Suzaku tries to save Lelouch at the expense of his own life. It turns out to actually be C2. Now at this point there’s a question people didn’t seem to ask at the time. Clovis who later states,” I want her captured dead or alive,” obviously doesn’t know that C2 is immortal and he preferred for her to be alive for his experiments. So then why would he put her in an air tight container where she would die from suffocation ? The answer is stumbled across later in the season with Jeremiah in episode 23, At least With Sorrow. Jeremiah, or orange boy, was reported as a casualty after losing to Kallen in Narita. Though as it turns out he was alive and reported as dead so he may be kept to be experimented on. He is kept unconscious in a canister filled with the same liquid C2 was found in inside of the air tight container. This liquid apparently renders people unconscious, but allows people to survive without any nourishment or oxygen as long as they are in it.



The same orange/yellow colored liquid Jeremiah was submerged in with a touch of majestic.


Later the royal guard appears. They shoot Suzaku after he refuses to kill Lelouch and the driver detonates a bomb allowing Lelouch time to run away with C2. After all that, Clovis fears the homeland might find out about his experiments so he goes and tries to kill everyone in the ghetto and say he was carrying out a planned urban renewal. Lelouch finds himself at a stairway that lead to a room where the royal guards were hoping he would be. After being found out when shirley calls him and his phone rings, he is almost shot but saved by C2. Lelouch, confronted with death, has what he thinks may be his last thoughts when suddenly C2 makes a contract with him granting him geass. And then in a complete 180 degree turn of the situation, Lelouch uses geass and makes them all commit suicide. That’s when he has his inner monologue in which he says,

 That was the turning point. Since that day, I’ve lived a lie, the lie of living. My name, too, was a lie. My personal history, a lie. Nothing but lies. I was sick to death of a world that couldn’t be changed. But even in my lies, I refused to give up in despair. But now, this incredible power.. it’s mine. Well then. 

This is him talking about the time when he gave up his claim to the throne and was sent to Japan with Nunnally as a political tool. When that happened, his name and history were changed, they were lies. He was living a false life which he felt he had little control over. And as he stated before,” It doesn’t matter what you do, there’s no way you can change the world.” Now he felt he had gained the power to do so. This was when he finally had the power to change his destiny and start to really live again.



You can’t say that it doesn’t look like it’s his best day living !