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I have found that even with my thorough breakdowns of these anime episodes, I have still missed stuff. It’s been about a year since the last post, and I will at some point start up again. But I will need to rethink the episode breakdowns. They are too long, yet still lacking in detail.


S1 E20 The Battle For Kyushu

This episode starts off with a rainy day and a man declaring the reestablishment of Japan as an independent nation. In the news, his name is revealed to be Atsushi Sawasaki, the leader of the group coming to reoccupy Japan. He also use to be Chief Cabinet Secretary in the Japanese government. He had fled to the Chinese Federation after the war in Japan, and is suspecting of making his move now because of Zero. The news also points out that whether or not the Black Knights are connected with them is still under investigation. With Zero and the other members of the Black Knights, Tamaki yells out that they aren’t a part of it. Lloyd seemed to be watching even more news on the topic. On it, it said that the Chinese Federation was helping Atsushi Sawasaki, and that it was purely humanitarian and isn’t violating any treaties. When Lloyd asks, Cecile says that Suzaku said he would do whatever the mission required. Lloyd mentions that they need to counter the Gefjun Disturber. A quick scene shows Suzaku remembering how he resigned to Euphemia from being a Knight. He tells her that he’s unqualified, and that he can’t forgive himself. Euphemia asks if being a Knight is a burden for him. Saying that it isn’t, he confesses to her that he killed his own father. Suzaku tells her how he was never punished for it, he just lived on like nothing happened. He mentions how while soldiers die and Elevens suffer, he is being protected and given special treatment while not deserving it.

My Father.jpg

Having been forced to face the truth of his past with Moe, he now shares to Euphemia what happened in his past.

Out of the flashback, we see Euphemia thinking that she also doesn’t deserve it. During a battle at sea, Sawasaki against Cornelia, Cornelia’s forces are losing thanks to a storm preventing them from using their air power. Meanwhile, Schneizel and Dalton are working on the current situation. Euphemia walks in on them offering to help. He tells her that just her offer to help is enough. Dalton tells her that Cornelia ordered her not to be involved. Euphemia automatically assumes it was because she choose her Knight without Cornelia’s consent. At the student counsel room, it looks like a festival they had been planning for may become canceled. Rivalz points out that that’s hardly the problem considering they are at war. Rivalz correctly reveals to them that the Chinese Federation helping out the exiled Japanese government is a smoke screen, covering the fact that it’s really just a war with the Chinese Federation. Milly asks Nina about the booths going to be borrowed from the art museum. Nina says she’s going to go today, and wants to stop by to take Lloyd up on an offer that she could ask him for something she wanted. Rivalz shows his feelings towards Lloyd but Milly tells him to get to work. He points out that he is working for 3 people. Suzaku is in the army, Kallen in the hospital, and Lelouch is no where to be found. At the mention of Lelouch, Shirley remembers the letter she found. She’s wondering how she could have written that letter of how Lelouch is Zero and just forget about it. At the base, Cecile asks suzaku why he gave up Knighthood. He explains how she accepts him, and that he felt if he caused her trouble, she would end up hating herself. Moving to Euphemia in the museum, she thinks of how she knows that she’s only a figurehead but thought she could try and make a difference. While looking at a picture of Clovis, she apologizes that she didn’t avenge his death even after meeting Zero. She thinks of how she ends up a burden on others, and isn’t as powerful as Cornelia or Schneizel. She also thinks about how she acts selfishly when she doesn’t mean to, like when choosing her knight, crying when speaking out loud how he has now resigned. Outside the museum, Nina wants to get the documents signed but is told will have to wait as a royal family member is viewing the art.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 20 'The Battle for Kyushu' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_07.54_[2016.12.30_12.15.33].jpg

She will soon discover it’s Euphemia, the one she wants so badly to meet. How will they affect each others lives ?

With the Black Knights in their submarine, Zero is telling his core members that they aren’t going to work with Sawasaki. He reveals that they are not independent as they claim, but rather a puppet of the Chinese Federation. A couple of Holy Swords ask whether this means they simply wont get involved when Britannia strikes Sawasaki. Diethard asks Zero to clarify things, Ohgi agrees, asking what their goal is aside from even the Sawasaki matter. Zero says that it’s to make Tokyo an independent nation. The members are surprised but Diethard is ecstatic to see that Zero is going all the way. Ohgi and others object to this, saying it’s too big for them to do. Zero answers with,

Who are you waiting for to beat Britannia ? Is someone going to do it for you ? You think if we wait long enough, some day the chance will come ? Don’t be naive ! If we don’t do it, that ” someday ” will never come !

Outside the museum, Euphemia is leaving and Nina attempts to see her. The guards capture her and treat her harshly as they take precautions. Euphemia recognizes her from the hotel and tells them that she’s her friend. Again with the battle with Sawasaki and Cornelia, the weather has cleared up. They want to try the landing operation again and try to use Schneizel’s plan. Guilford assures her that with Suzaku, the special core can break through. She points out that using him could mean trouble. On the Avalon, Lloyd is on board and has missiles coming at him. However, he doesn’t seem worried about it. On Sawasaki’s end, he is told that the direct hit of the missiles have destroyed the Avalon, but out of the smoke, the Avalon is seen the be unscathed. Cecile goes over the mission with Suzaku. They are planning to send him in alone to attack the enemy base. She tells him that his attached float unit consumes energy quickly, so he should pay attention to his operation time. Apparently being the first Knightmare to fly without being transported, Sawasaki pieces together that it’s the Lancelot, which means the pilot is Suzaku. Lloyd states that the group is fighting for Sawasaki, so if they lose him, their government will fall. So if Sawasaki falls, the Chinese Federation will have lost their excuse to be there and withdraw. Right as Suzaku nears the enemy headquarters, Sawasaki contacts him through an open channel. With Euphemia and Nina, Nina is finally able to thank Euphemia for what she has done for her. Euphemia tells her that she’s not the wonderful person Nina thinks she is and that she’s no good compared to her siblings. Nina of course objects, then goes to say how she’s the one who isn’t special in anyway. Nina also objects to Euphemia telling her that what she said wasn’t true. Euphemia realizes that she hates herself, and thinks that she also hates herself. Nina brings up how that even though she understands why she shouldn’t, she feels a certain way towards Suzaku. At the mention of Suzaku, Euphemia understands that Suzaku feels bad too. She thanks Nina, telling her that she helped her learn something.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 20 'The Battle for Kyushu' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_13.56_[2016.12.30_19.15.56].jpg

Euphemia is now smiling happily once she pieced everything together and realized that Suzaku must feel the same way she does. And I must say that that’s one radiant smile !

Back on the battlefield, Suzaku is speaking with Sawasaki, telling him that Japan’s freedom has to come the right way. However, Sawasaki is intent on confusing and distracting Suzaku with the conversation. Suzaku’s weapon, the V.A.R.I.S., is destroyed when trying to argue what Sawasaki had said. Euphemia walks into the room Schneizel is in asking for a private communication line. Back to Suzaku, his float unit is destroyed and energy filler is low. Cecile tells Suzaku to reroute power to certain areas to save energy. Sawasaki tells Suzaku to surrender, that as the son of the former prime minister he will be well treated. He of course declines saying he didn’t want to use his fathers name for his own benefit. Sawasaki says he is as stubborn as his father. Just as Gun-Rus surround him, Euphemia contacts Suzaku, and boldly demands that he loves her. Before realizing what she said, he agreed as any other order given to him. The not-so private channel actually has Cecile listening in on it, and tells Lloyd it’s private when he frantically asks. With Suzaku again, Euphemia tells him that she will in return love him as well. She tells him all the things she loves about him, and tells him not to hate himself. He then begins to tell her how everything she has done has been impulsive, and that it’s those spur of the moment actions which have opened door for him. During all this, he is able to defeat the enemy that seemed about to overpower him. He tells her that no matter what happens to him, that she shouldn’t hate herself, and that to make up a lie for his friends so they wont be sad. He reveals that he has run out of energy, as soon as he went right into a herd of enemy Gun-Rus. She yells at him that he can’t die, that he has to live .. Then the his eyes turn red as the Geass power that wills him to live starts to take over. Just as Sawasaki orders his troops to fire, they are all destroyed by a weapon in the air. Lelouch’s Knightmare just appeared on radar after using a stealth system. C2 and Lelouch are in the Knightmare, and Lelouch points out that he was sent in to disrupt the enemy force, even if he failed Cornelia can move right in. As Guilford had said before, Lelouch wonders if it was Schneizel’s idea. The Hadron Cannon on Lelouch’s Knightmare now fires, which Lloyd is in shock to see, wanting himself to be the one who perfected it. To Suzaku and Sawasaki’s surprise, Zero hands him an energy filler, and tells him that he is going to take out the enemy HQ.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 20 'The Battle for Kyushu' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_18.33_[2016.12.30_20.12.53].jpg

A joint operation with the Lancelot and Gawain, Suzaku and Lelouch.

With the greatest of ease, Zero and Suzaku take out Sawasaki’s men. Sawasaki asks why Zero isn’t helping him instead, to which Zero tells him that he used his power unjustly. When he said he wasn’t unjust, that it was for Japan, Suzaku tells him that if he fights for Japan, he shouldn’t have run away to the Chinese Federation. With Kallen and other Black Knights, she says that she could have been his shield in the battle, and that it’s not like she can go back home or to school now. Diethard tells her that victory is not what’s important, but rather just their participation. He says that it obviously wont be officially reported, but the rumors will spread, and it’ll show everyone where they stand. Sawasaki is fleeing the base, wondering what they meant about him running to the Chinese Federation since he thinks it was a good strategy. Zero and Suzaku reach his escape route and stop him. After the battle, the news doesn’t talk about Zero. Instead, it says how the Chinese Federation claims it was an unauthorized action and want all P.O.W.s to be released. Suzaku and Euphemia meet afterwards and talk. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything complicated, she just wants to see the ones she loves smiling. Then, she asks him to help her, and be her Knight. He one again happily accepts the position of Euphemia’s Knight.

Code Geass

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S1 E19 Island Of The Gods

Season 1 Episode 19 Island Of The Gods

Starting with a blue sky filled with seagulls, Suzaku seems to of washes ashore on an island. He first wonders where the Lancelot is before looking out into the sea. He stands up suddenly and yells out ” Zero! “. He then states that he can’t remember anything. On another part of the island, Zero looks over the water wondering where he is. Suzaku confirms it’s another island. Zero says that since the vegetation and climate are the same of that from Shikine Island, they can’t be far from it. Suzaku goes to a waterfall while thinking he needs water and shelter. Once there, we can see Kallen cleaning herself. He calls out to her not sure if it’s really her, and she recognizes him. She grabs the Black Knight uniform and runs towards him with her knife. However, he takes her down and she admits she is Japanese. He then tells her that he places her under arrest for rebellion against Britannia. With Zero, he is thinking that it’ll be hard to contact Ohgi, and that he could pass himself off as a regular person and ask the Britannians for help. But then he notices Euphemia, who is staring at him. Back to Suzaku, Kallen is dressed and has her hands tied up. Suzaku confirms that she doesn’t know what happened either. When the topic comes up, Suzaku asks her for Zero’s true identity. When telling him to find out himself, he blufs by telling her that he figured she wouldn’t know either. Surprised that he found out, she reveals that she really doesn’t know which confirms his suspicion. With Zero, he points his gun at Euphemia. She then calls out to him, saying Lelouch. While he is nervous and surprised that she knew it was him, she assures him she hasn’t told anyone. She asks that before he shoots, to let her see his face. He then puts down the gun and takes off his mask. She smiles and cries happily. Back on Shikine Island, the Britannians are trying to locate Euphemia. The man who told Suzaku to stay and die is there as well. He thinks out load about why she can’t act like the figurehead she is, and how bad it would be if Cornelia heard of this.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 19 'Island of the Gods' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_04.39_[2016.09.05_08.30.50].jpg

Euphemia is now certain that Lelouch is Zero. What will she do now ? Especially since she is part of the royalty family and the sub-viceroy.

On the Avalon, which had shot down on Zero and Suzaku, Lloyd is speaking with Schneizel. Cecile is surprised to see Schneizel and falls from a few steps after Bartley tells her that she is looking down on the prince. She’s helped up by the prince. When asked about his loyalty, Bartley says that it’s because Schneizel saved him from being chained up beneath Temple Tower ( If you remember, Jeremiah captured him when trying to secretly continue the research Clovis was working on. ). They are all walking away except for Cecile, and Lloyd says that he’s going to look for Suzaku with the Avalon. Cecile then asks if the orders to sacrifice Suzaku were made by the prince. Schneizel says he was, and that proprieties shouldn’t be forgotten. He also said that he gambled on being able to rescue him. She apologizes and says is ready for any punishment, but he says tha t it was his fault for not protecting his subordinates then apologizes himself. Back with Lelouch, her clothes are drying and is covering herself with his cape. He asks Euphemia when she found out. She says at the hotel jacking, which he replies that he had said much without thinking first. She then says she wasn’t convinced until now. Asking her why she didn’t tell Cornelia, she says that Cornelia never listens to her and that things are sad enough as is. She asks about Nunnally, and he tells her that she’s living with him but still crippled. He asks if she knows anything, but she says that she only knows Cornelia looked up to Marianne so she had investigated herself. She hesitantly asks him whether he was Zero or Lelouch. He tells her that here and now he is Lelouch. Her stomach rumbles and the next scene shows Lelouch making an animal trap. With Suzaku and Kallen, he is catching fish in the water. Kallen refuses his offer to let her loose if she helps find food. Back with Lelouch, he’s tired from the work and Euphemia goes searching for fruits.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 19 'Island of the Gods' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_09.09_[2016.09.05_12.43.18].jpg

The system he is using is actually very effective, but it requires a deep hole. Using the piece of wood and having not much stamina, we can only hope for him.

The Avalon flies over the water, and below we see the Black Knights in their submarine. An announcement is made that the battleship has passed and everyone, while eating, seem relieved. This is when Ohgi shows that he is suited for the position of second in command. Tohdoh tells him that they should leave since it’s risky to stay. Diethard however, says that they should at least stay and look for Zero. Tohdoh says that they can’t send a search party, and that Zero and Kallen may not even be alive. He goes on to say that a wrong step could threaten the existence of the organization. Diethard immediately counters, saying that the organization is built around Zero. Tohdoh says it’s built around its members, and moreover that Diethard sounds like a typical Britannian. Diethard, obviously insulted, says that they have every ideology gathered here. Yet how is it that they can all work together ? Answering his own question, he says it’s because of the results they get, but who is it that gets those results ? Tohdoh agrees that Zero does get results, but asks if he is worth the lives of everyone. Diethard says that at times one life can be worth more than a hundred million others. C2 comes in saying that he is very much alive. She gets into an argument with Tamaki which Ohgi interrupts saying that the whole conversation has gotten out of hand. He then gives a suggestion of waiting just out of Britannian detection range until the end of the day after tomorrow. Tohdoh and Diethard agree. C2 walks away talking to someone we can’t see .. ? She claims that thanks to her prank, she had to argue with Tamaki. The other person we can’t see apparently told C2 that she sent Kallen to the Island. At the Island with Lelouch, they end up only eating fruits Euphemia picked. Since his trap required a deep hole, he wasn’t able to finish it. Meanwhile with Suzaku, Kallen is stuffed from eating the fish Suzaku caught. They talk for a bit before Suzaku tells her to leave the Black Knights. She reveals that she’s the red Knightmare that has been battling him all along. Suzaku says that Zero’s methods offer no future. But she then asks him about his future, to be the lapdog of his conquerors or the knight of the third princess. She goes on to say that the world is wrong and she’s trying to change it. She reveals that her brother had died for the same cause, and that’s why she fights now. Suzaku also reveals something to her, that his father, the former prime minister, didn’t commit suicide. That instead, he had killed him.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 19 'Island of the Gods' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_13.32_[2016.09.05_12.47.26].jpg

Now Kallen knows. Mao and Zero facing him with this fact seem to of helped him get over the trauma of it a bit.

Since it’s night time, Euphemia looks up at the stars. She mentions that they look the same now as they did back then, in the homeland. A quick flashback picture is shown with her, Nunnally, Lelouch, and Marianne looking up at the stars. Euphemia says that she would be happy if things went back to that. Looking away, as if not truly believing in what he’s saying, he says that it would be great to go back to that. Going to Suzaku, he tells Kallen that Zero is like his father. Believing that the world revolves around him, which is how he allows so many to die. Kallen asks him while yelling if that’s why he can accept things as they are now, whether he can really call that peace. He then says that he doesn’t want her to give up, rather to realize that results gained the wrong way will only leave you with regret and emptiness with no where to go. She then lays down and sadly asks him to tell her what was the point of her brother’s life ? And who gets to decide whether it was right or wrong ? Suzaku is a little shocked at this. Her brother died going down the path he is now telling her to get off. Telling her that the path, even if getting her the results, wont turn out for the best. But if that’s the case, would that mean her brother died for nothing. Especially if she chooses to leave the path she continues on for him ? Back with Lelouch, Euphemia is asleep and Lelouch thinks, ” Euphy! Even for me to survive! “. A quick scene change takes us to Suzaku as he thinks, ” I struggle on in shame, still looking for a reason to go on living. I’m such a disgrace. “. He then notices a search light in the sky. We hear Schneizel saying that if Suzaku is alive, he is on this island. Bartley announces that they will send a search party in the morning. Lloyd, Schneizel, and Bartley are all looking at something. Bartley says they found it during the incident in Shinjuku. When we finally get to see it, its a rocky wall with a small hole in it. As the sun is rising, Kallen and Suzaku are walking. Kallen asks if he is sure he saw a light, and while he answers, she is trying to free her tied up hands. We also see Euphemia and Lelouch walking, and he says that it must be a search party. Inside the cave, Lloyd mentions a Thought Elevator. He also then says he isn’t good in archeology, especially the paranormal stuff. Schneizel says that the Emperor, his father, is involved with these as well. Bartley confirms, saying that many places like these have been uncovered around the world. All were under imperial control except for this one. He then says that he suspects the real reason they invade other countries is to find all of these objects. Lloyd then confirms that to analyze the data, they will use the untuned prototype Gawain’s Druid System. Schneizel says that that was why they brought him.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 19 'Island of the Gods' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_16.19_[2016.09.05_14.35.20].jpg

That symbol looks very much like the Geass sign. And the wall behind it has the same symbol. How are these places connected with Geass and C2 ? Moreover, if these places are under imperial control, what does the emperor know about Geass ?

 They reach a spot just about where Lelouch thinks the light was from. Euphemia asks if their time will be over if it is a search party. He tells her that it would be, then he changes the topic and says that he is an undependable knight since he couldn’t get her any food. He then asks why she choose Suzaku, and honorary Britannian. They hear someone coming before she can answer and immediately hide. He puts on his cape and mask before seeing Kallen and Suzaku coming from the other side in front of them. He wonders why Kallen and Suzaku are together, and Euphemia jumps out and calls out to Suzaku. Zero jumps up after he and points his gun at her, claiming she is his prisoner. He whispers to Euphemia to follow his cue. Zero says that he will exchange prisoners, Euphemia for Kallen. Suzaku walks forward while talking, but Zero cuts him off by telling him to keep back. Zero tells Suzaku what he was about to say, that he finds his actions cowardly. Zero also says, ” Eliminate terrorists, no matter what the sacrifice. ” He asks if he is willing to follow that rule and have his mistress die, even though he has already broken his integrity. During this, Kallen had put her hands under her legs to get them in front of her. She then holds Suzaku with her still tied up hands. When Euphemia shouts out to leave him alone, Kallen tells her to shut up, that she’s a useless royal puppet who can’t do anything on her own. Euphemia tells him that she commands him to fight. Suzaku escapes Kallen and heads towards Euphemia, and Zero goes next to Kallen. Just then, the ground beneath them lights up with a Geass symbol. A glimpse into his mask shows his Geass reacting to something. A quick scene shows an unknown character smiling. The ground falls down beneath them, and they end up inside the cave with Lloyd, Bartley, Schneizel, and soldiers. When the soldiers point their guns, Bartley yells at them not to shoot since Euphemia is there. He orders them to capture them instead. Kallen points out that there’s a Knightmare. Zero says that they will take it as he runs to it. Kallen takes on the guards chasing them while Suzaku seems in a daze, looking up with wide shocked eyes.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 19 'Island of the Gods' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_18.57_[2016.09.05_15.27.45].jpg

This is one of two scenes in which I feel prove something about Suzaku. Suzaku was supposed to play a bigger role involving Geass. However, that was supposed to be revealed in season 2, which apparently didn’t go according to plan. ( I’ll reveal my thoughts on it later )

Zero is glad to see the Knightmare unmanned and activated as well. He wonders what kind of Knightmare it is as the cockpit closes. He sees Schneizel from the Knightmare’s camera. Kallen gets on the Knightmare with a gun stolen from a soldier. Kallen announces that Knightmares are blocking the exit, and he says he’s going through them. He fires weapons from the sides of the Knightmare’s shoulder, it shoots erratically but still hits the Knightmares. He thinks that the weapons are still unperfected as he takes off his mask. A little ways afterwards, Kallen announces that there are reinforcements. He tells her to relax, and that another system is operational. Pulling a lever back, the Knightmare begins to fly using energy wings. Bartley is upset at the loss, but Schneizel says that it was only a test model after all. Euphemia goes up to her brother Schneizel, and a few soldiers ask him if they should keep to the schedule. They go up to Suzaku and place him under arrest. Euphemia obviously objects, but Schneizel says that they can handle it later. Zero tells Kallen that he contacted Ohgi and will rendezvous with them out in sea. Kallen asks about the Guren, and he tells her that it was recovered. In the cockpit, Lelouch recalls what happened and apologizes, saying he didn’t want to use the power on him. The weapon shooting from the Avalon we can now see was actually the Knightmare he just stole. And when the slide opens and he unleashes his Geass, he orders Suzaku to live. This is understandable as Suzaku is too willing to let his life go. As Mao had said, he was a little brat begging to be punished. Zero then turns off the Gefjun Disturber and Suzaku escapes. From the flashback, we go to a recording being shown to Suzaku, Euphemia, and Cecile by a general asking him if he will protest this evidence. Suzaku then mumbles to himself, ” Was that… Really me? ” We then go to Cornelia who is just being informed. Guilford urgently goes up to her telling her that The Great Kamon bridge in Kyushu has been destroyed. He also says that a large number of assault landing crafts are moving into the Genkai Sea. She asks if the Chinese Federation have made a declaration of war. He tells her no, that the crafts are bearing the flag of Japan.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 19 'Island of the Gods' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_22.14_[2016.09.05_15.32.03].jpg

The Chinese Federation is attacking while bearing the flag of Japan ? We will see why later, and also how Zero will react to this.

S1 E18 I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi

Season 1 Episode 18 I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi

This episode starts off with a woman, who’s part of the Black Knights, looking out over the water with binoculars inside a submarine. She thinks of how the military district of India doesn’t want Rakshata to be discovered by the Britannians, and wonders how she was able to arrange for a submarine. Inside, Zero is talking to the main members of the Black Knights. He gives people new position in lieu of the reorganization of the Black Knights. He makes Tohdoh the chief of military affairs, which seems to make most people happy. And the one in charge of general intelligence, public relations, spying, and liaison is Diethard. However, everyone seemed against it. Chiba, from The Four Holy Swords, says she’s not racist, but wants to know the reasoning for placing a Britannian in such a high position. He addresses this by asking ” Then, what about me ? ” Since they all also know that he isn’t Japanese. Then goes on to say that the only thing that matters is the ability to produce results. One’s race, past, and methods aren’t important. He also appoints Ohgi as his second in command. For research and development, he assigns it to Rakshata. Kallen also gets a position as the commander of the Zero Squad, which he announces to force that is under his direct control. He tells her to think of it as a Royal Guard. He gives some people, including two of the Holy Swords, a guard to command. And I guess to be nice, he gives Tamaki the position of commander of the second special forces. Once done, Kallen thinks its odd that there’s no position for C2. Diethard announces that there’s an issue which needs to be addressed. While he gets cuts off from what he had to say, the issue he talked about is shown in the next scene we are shown. The scene change takes us to Suzaku during the ceremony to make him Euphemia’s Knight. The guests are obviously against this since he is an Eleven, Honorary Britannian or not. At school, the ones who’d been bullying Suzaku are watching and are completely against it. We also see Nina who seems confused. She looks up to Euphemia, but also has a biased view towards the Japanese. We go to Cecile who is with others in her department. One man says that being a Knight and working with them is going to make things complicated. Cecile tells him that Lloyd is working on that. In the dub, the man refers to this person as a he, and in the sub, a she. The man says ” With her ? ” Cecile says that she’s never met her before though. Once done, Lloyd and Dalton clap while the rest of the audience doesn’t because of their rejection for what’s happening. However, they realize that they should clap and end up following Lloyd and Dalton’s lead.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 18 'I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_05.50_[2016.08.11_16.12.27].jpg

Suzaku is now a Knight for a member of the royal family. It seems less likely now more than ever that he can stay with Nunnally, or join with Lelouch.

This having been the issue Diethard had been talking about, he says that Suzaku can’t be allowed to be held up as a symbol for Elevens who support Britannia. He also recommends that they assassinate him. Rakshata says how Zero is the symbol of the movement and that the supporters had lacked one, till now. Tohdoh, who may be speaking with personal feelings involved, says that the Japanese wouldn’t support such a cowardly tactic. Ohgi agrees, saying that the Black Knights won’t kill an unarmed opponent. He then confirms with him that he means to kill him in private when he is defenseless when saying assassinate. Diethard tells him that he is simply suggesting a way to minimize the risk, and that it’s Zero’s call. Afterwards, Lelouch is with C2, who is telling him that he could simply just use his geass on Suzaku. She asks him if he won’t because of stubbornness, their friendship, or out of pride. He tells her that it’s all of it, and she points out that if Suzaku doesn’t join them, or at least not be in the way, he might have to kill him. With Euphemia, she talks to Cornelia about her appointing Suzaku to be her knight. Knowing that Cornelia does not approve, Euphemia tries to convince her that Suzaku is more than worthy. Cornelia points out that discrimination against Elevens is their national policy, so Euphemia tells her that perhaps it’s time she tried to change that. A scene change takes us to Charles in a mysterious place. He talks out into the distance and says that the construction of the thought elevator is going according to plan. A man goes up to the emperor and apparently tells him something about schneizel. Charles says that to let him do as he pleases, to let Schneizel challenge him if he is that sure of himself. At school, Rivals talks at a celebration party for Suzaku. The party is filled with pizza from Pizza Hut and orange juice. Milly tells suzaku that he has Nunnally to thank for it all. Suzaku tells Nunnally that he’s touched by it. In the student counsel room, Nina is looking at a magazine with Euphemia in it. She seems to be once again self conflicted. She doesn’t like the Elevens, and Euphemia just made one a knight. She wants to believe in her, but has conflicting views with her. Through an open window, Lloyd walks in asking for Suzaku. However, on her screen he sees what she’s working on. Asking if he understands it, he says that it’s Uranium 235. She becomes excited and explains her theory. She says that by getting the uranium to absorb active neutrons, it’ll split into two atomic nuclei and high speed neutrons. She also tells him the problem, which is that you need to fuel the reaction with uranium 235 which only makes up .7 percent of natural uranium. While saying this, Lloyd takes off his glasses and has a pleasant look in his eyes. She continues on to say that even if a device is made to induce fission, there isn’t enough uranium. ” That’s why… ” And before she could state her theory of how to get around that problem, we jump to another scene. This theory will come up later in this season, and will affect season 2 greatly.

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I can’t stress it enough how really important this is. And while hearing all of this, Lloyd just has that look of one who’s the one they love or place they belong. While that’s not what I’d say he feels, I’m not going to go into full details on this.

At the party, Kallen walks in and finds Suzaku. Shirley calls to her for help, but Kallen ignores her and keeps going for Suzaku. In her hand, is a knife disguised as a small purse. Lelouch grabs her hand, which she had raised while holding the knife, seeming to know what she was attempting to do, to assassinate Suzaku. She gasps and Lelouch tells her that Shirley needs some help. She tells him she’s in the middle of something, and he asks what, apparently trying to stop her from doing what she was going to do. Suzaku sees Lelouch and goes up to him, then Kallen walks away. Suzaku brings up that Lelouch said there was something important he wanted to talk him about, but Lelouch tells him to forget it. Since it was to take care of Nunnally, and he is a soldier piloting the Lancelot. Lloyd walks into the party, having been shown there by Nina who is next to him. Suzaku tells Lelouch that that man’s his boss. Milly goes up to Lloyd and Nina is told by Lloyd, who said it awfully loud, that he and Milly are going to be married. Rivalz shows up and asks again about their relationship. When confirmed they’re going to marry, he walks back while yelling ” No!!! “. When Suzaku asks if he has military duties, Lloyd tells him that they’re going to meet someone who is coming by boat. That he will go with the Lancelot and Euphemia. Again, the whole room can hear, which includes Lelouch. On a ship to meet the guest who’s arriving, Suzaku asks why at Shikine Island since the Tokyo Settlement would have been safer. However, Lloyd and Cecile didn’t know either. Cecile tells him that he was careless and their plans were leaked onto the net. Lloyd said it was a favor for a girl he met. Which would be Nina. In the Black Knight’s submarine, Zero announces how Euphemia will be at the Island meeting with a nobleman coming from the homeland. He also says that the Lancelot will be there and since it’s not a strategic point, enemy strength will be limited. The objective is to capture Suzaku Kururugi and the Lancelot. Since it’s to capture and not kill, it relieves both Kallen and Tohdoh. Rakshata is with a man from her team somewhere on the ship. She tells him that the stealth effect seems to be working since the Britannians haven’t found them yet. Looking down at them is Diethard, and Zero comes up behind him. Zero asks him what it is he talked Kallen into doing. Diethard says that he told her to investigate him, but admits that he did imply more than that. He tells Zero that while needing to be seen as a hammer of justice, they can use the media to cover things up. He also says that you can’t change the world without getting your hands dirty. Zero asks what he is really after. Since he is a Britannian, he doesn’t need to join the Black Knights to change the world. Diethard then says,

I first saw you when you snatched Suzaku Kururugi. I trembled… It was as though a new era had taken human form right there. I want to document you! How a lone man built an organization, defeat a nation, and eventually control the world!

In the end, he says that all he wants to do is to be right there documenting history as it unfolds. Zero tells him that if he is in the events he documents, then he is fabricating history. Diethard also says,

There’s no such thing as objective information! Zero, in the end, journalism is a product of the human mind.

Zero confirms with him not to interfere with military affairs, and Diethard says he understands.

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The fact that Diethard acts on his own will be brought up again later in season 2. And with every episode, peoples views are shown.

Back on Shikine Island, Suzaku and the others have just arrived. Then, Tohdoh leads an attack with Squad 1 and the Zero Squad. Zero and a few other long range fighters are on the side lines. Lelouch thinks that Tohdoh’s impressive as always, and he just has to wait for Euphemia to get news of the attack. Following that, Euphemia, who is with Suzaku, Lloyd, and Cecile, is told that the headquarters are under attack. They say that because of a jamming field, it’s too risky to leave. Suzaku tells her that he will protect her, but she instead tells him to join the battle. However, the one who informed her of the attack says that Suzaku might betray them. Lloyd points out that he is criticizing a member of royalty. The man apologizes and Euphemia tells him to show his strength and put an end to the rumors. Back to the battle, Kallen defeats another Knightmare and Tamaki comes up from behind claiming that he’ll finish the job. But, before he could do anything, is taken out by the Lancelot from behind. He never did finish the job. He uses his shields to protect against shots fired at him by the Knightmares near Zero at the side. When he zooms in to take a closer look with his Lancelot, we see Zero looking out at the battle field atop his Knightmare. Lelouch, having showed himself, had planned on having Suzaku come after him. Tohdoh orders everyone to fall back and not fire on the Lancelot. At the Britannian HQ, the one in charge is speaking with someone, who seems to be of higher power, over the phone. Suzaku goes after Zero as planned, and Zero jumps into a sandy area. Suzaku notes that Zero wasn’t equipped for the sand he jumped into, so Suzaku thinks that Zero might be using himself as bait. So he decides to stop Zero right there by jumping up in front of him, disarming Zero and then goes to draw his sword. Then, Suzaku, Lelouch, and Rakshata complete eachothers sentences. Suzaku : ” I’v got you.. :” Lelouch : ” right where.. ” Rakshata : ” I want you! ” And you see Rakshata pressing a switch on a screen reading, “Gefjun Disturber”. With that, wire connected objects, which are encircling Suzaku and Zero, activate. This apparently disables their Knightmares, and we can see the core luminous in the Lancelot begin to stop. Zero tells Suzaku that they need to talk, and to come out. He tells Suzaku that he will be treated as prisoner under international law. And of course says that if he doesn’t care to talk, he can just be gunned down. Euphemia asks Cecile why the Lancelot wont move, and she replies that the Sakuradite used to power it is being interfered with. Lloyd confirms that it’s a Gefjun Disturber. He says that it was careless of him to think it was only theoretical. He also mentions that it must have been Rakshata. Then going to Rakshata, she says the range and duration need some work. Suzaku exits the Knightmare and walk up to Zero who is holding a gun to him. Zero once again tells Suzaku to join him.

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Can he convince Suzaku ? And if not, will he be forced to use his Geass on him ?

Suzaku of course refuses, and tells him how he already said that results gained the wrong way are meaningless. Zero then asks him if he would call the peace they have now worthless as well. He asks him what he thinks would of happened if Japan had chosen do or die resistance 7 years ago. Answering his own question, he tells him that the E.U. and Chinese Federation would have stepped in, splitting Japan into 3 parts. He continues to say that they would probably still be fighting and that the peace now is because of Japan’s surrender. Suzaku, obviously a bit shaken up, says that he’s been fighting to preserve that peace his father made. Zero, of course being Lelouch and knowing the truth, tells him that he is wrong. Zero says that Prime Minister Kururugi, who had been elected by the people, didn’t choose surrender. Instead, the decision was made by the one who killed him. Suzaku’s eyes widen as Zero speaks. ” With the governments command line thrown to chaos, ” Zero finishes,” surrender become the only choice to make. “

Do you understand ? The will of the people was stolen from them. By a lone criminal who broke the rules for his own selfish reasons !

With Cecile and Euphemia, Cecile says that there’s too much static on the mic to hear anything. Back with Suzaku, he asks Zero how he knows that. Zero tells him that there’s only one way atone, to give the Japanese people the option which was taken from them back then. Fighting Britannia. He tells him it’s worth considering if he doesn’t to keep driving the masses towards a world dictated by his own egotism. These are powerful words, and Suzaku even seems willing to consider it. However, we hear the man in charge from the HQ on the Island radioing him. Zero tells him he can answer it. The commander tells him that they are launching missiles at the terrorists and his orders are to keep Zero there. Zero thinks out loud about how they just ordered him to die. Suzaku moves quickly, taking the gun, twisting Zero’s arm behind him, and pointing the gun at him. Kallen seems wanting to move in, but Tohdoh tells her that the field will affect her, too. A Portman to escort the princess. But, Euphemia, Cecile, and Lloyd all run up to them with obvious objections. Lloyd stating his first of how they are going to destroy the Lancelot. The man says that Suzaku is holding Zero there, so this is their chance. Euphemia as well objects saying that he is her personal Knight. He tells her it was a para-level one command, and can only be countermanded by 3 generals or the viceroy herself. While Euphemia demands to talk to the one who issued the order, Lloyd makes a few faces. He seems to realize something, then makes a face of one who thinks there’s little hope. Cecile seems to notice his expression and looks at him worriedly. When denied her request, Euphemia mounts into the Knightmare brought to escort her. She then yells at the man to contact the base saying that she will be caught in the attack if they issue it. Cecile asks if they will stop for her, but Lloyd says that he doubts it. With Tohdoh, the missiles show up on radar and Kallen jumps into the sand pit. Her Knightmare is affected as well and is rendered useless. Suzaku takes Zero up to the cockpit of the Lancelot while pointing the gun at him. Zero yells out to Suzaku that he also will die. Suzaku doesn’t seem alright with it, but the commander contacts him again saying that his death wont be in vain. That they can finally bury Zero, and that his bravery will be spoken of for generations to come. Zero hits the Knightmare, yelling at him to shut up. Tohdoh orders them to shoot the missiles. Kallen exists her Knightmare yelling out to Suzaku. She yells out towards Suzaku who can’t hear her. We also see a quick glimpse of Euphemia heading towards them. Suzaku says that a soldier has to follow his orders. Zero tells him that it’s certainly easier than following his own heart. Suzaku says that he is doing this because of rules which he has made and needs to live by. However, they are interrupted by a giant aircraft overhead with shields like that of the Lancelot. Rakshata says that she’s been outdone, and Euphemia recognizes it as her brother’s Avalon. The one in command motions his hand and a hatch on the bottom of the ship opens. Inside is what appears to be a weapon about to fire. Zero yells out to Suzaku that if he doesn’t do something, he’ll die. Suzaku says that that would be better than breaking more rules. ” You stubborn fool ! ” Is what Zero yells out before the slide on his mask opens to unleash his Geass. The weapon being fired from the Avalon is seen vaguely for a moment to be from a Knightmare. And the commander inside the Avalon is seen. Prince Scheizel. The weapon fires downward at Zero and the others.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 18 'I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_21.59_[2016.08.17_13.18.07].jpg

What will the command be ?! Is it already too late ? And where will this lead ? There’s certainly no shortage of tension in this episode.

S1 E17 Knight

Season 1 Episode 17 Knight

Every introduction will be quoted as they are filled with meaningful insight and views.

The young Britannian Lelouch has two paths. One is a path leading to the past as he searches for his mother’s enemies. The other, a path to the future as he creates a place… where his younger sister Nunnally can be happy. As Lelouch gazes at the past and the future, will the current path to follow that he alone can choose… be to destroy the world, or to build a new one ?

Back at school, Lelouch thinks about what had happened with Mao. With a quick FLASHBACK ! We see Lelouch asking Suzaku if it was true, whether he had really killed his own father. Suzaku’s shocked expression was the answer. Lelouch comforts him a bit by telling him that the story, saying Genbu Kururugi had committed suicide, was a necessary one for both Japan and Britannia. He also recalls how it was hard to kill his half-brother, yet Suzaku had killed his father when 10 years old. That’s when we see Lelouch looking at Suzaku. Lelouch seems elevated compared to him, and you see Suzaku marking away on a notepad. Then, you hear Rivalz telling Lelouch to stop moving his face so much. Thats when you realize he is posing, and everyone is sketching a picture of him. After repositioning himself, Rivalz tells him that his sight line was a bit lower. Rivalz says he went too far and eventually goes up to Lelouch and begins to adjust things. Once done, we see a smiling Lelouch ! Everyone in the room seems to be against the new look Rivalz had given him, apparently liking his deep in thought frowny face more. Nina asks Shirley about how they are supposed to have math for first period, and she tells her that Prince Clovis had made an Art Week.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 17 'Knight' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_03.27_[2016.08.04_10.05.36].jpg

Taking over the hearts of women one smile at a time.

Speaking of Art Week, we see Euphemia at a museum being told that she will have to pick a first place winner among submitted works of art. She looks at one of the paintings on the wall, pointing out that she particularly likes it. One of the men with her however, tells her that the artist turned out to be one quarter Eleven. Another scene jump takes us to Ohgi opening up a lunch with little octopus hotdogs. He thinks about Villetta for a moment before being startled by being called at from behind. Immediately, he closes the lid and says that they aren’t what they think. She ignores this and tells him that they have visitors with introductions from Kyoto. Ohgi quickly recognizes them as The Four Holy Swords. One of them tells him that they need help, that Tohdoh had gotten himself captured to let them escape. Lelouch, while on the phone with Ohgi, tells him that they will help. He gives them a few orders, telling them to disassemble the Knightmares for transporting, and other specifics. C2 shows up and tells Lelouch that she didn’t meet with the Chinese Federation. As we saw last episode, instead of on a flight, she had been at the school and killed Mao. He tells her that everything has been rescheduled and not to worry about it. He also tells her that two pawns he has been wanting will be his today, and while looking at Suzaku from the window, he says that he might also possibly get a third as well. With Cornelia, Guilford tells her that Tohdoh’s execution is today. She says that she wont attend since the JLF no longer exists. Then, she tells him to have “him” handle the execution. Euphemia shows up, apparently being summoned by Cornelia. They speak and it’s revealed that Cornelia is going out to battle, leaving Dalton behind to assist Euphemia. Cornelia also hands her a book, filled with people she may choose to become her personal knight. Back home, Lelouch is with Nunnally and Suzaku as they talk. While they talk, Lelouch thinks that if things keep going according to plan, he can’t stay with Nunnally for much longer. But, recalling what happened with Mao, he knows he needs someone to protect her. Apparently wanting Suzaku to be the one who protects Nunnally he begins to tell him. However, he is cut off when Cecile shows up running and calling for Suzaku. Lelouch assures Suzaku that Mao isn’t going to show up again and Suzaku begins to leave. Once gone, Lelouch asks Nunnally how she feels about Suzaku. She says that she loves him, but of course loves him, Lelouch, most of all. Going to Shirley’s dorm, she drops a hair pin between her desk and dresser. While going to get it, she notices a crumbled up paper a little further down the pin. That was what she had wrote when she found out Lelouch was Zero.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 17 'Knight' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_08.12_[2016.08.04_11.04.45].jpg

Lelouch thought he had taken care of the evidence, even burned her diary. However, here remains a piece of paper that has something conflicting with her own memory.

At the museum, Euphemia is sitting in front of microphones and overlooking a crowd of reporters. When asked about politics and her knight, Dalton and the curator step in and reply for her. Euphemia realizes that she is being helped and is like a figurehead. Taken to the Guren being reassembled, they seem to be having a bit of trouble since it’s different then a Burai type Knightmare. This is them getting ready for the operation to help break out Tohdoh, who has an execution planned for today. The Four Holy Swords speak about the Black Knights. Asahina doesn’t seem too excited to join them, but the others point out that it’s the best way. Tamaki yells out to just ” stuff ’em in and close the lid “, since it’s almost time to move out. However, we hear a woman from behind telling them to treat it with more care. When Tamaki asks who she is, she says that she’s the Guren’s mother. Zero shows up addressing her as Rakshata, then talks with her. He tells her that he read up on the net about her articles relating to medical cybernetics. She tells him that she doesn’t like to talk about the past, and proceeds to open a case that has suits. Kallen soon comes out wearing one and asking if it’s going to really help with the interfacing system. Rakshata tells her that it wont, that it’s instead going to improve her life expectancy. At Tohdoh’s cell, a guard tells him that he had a change of executioner. That it’s going to be Suzaku Kururugi. At the prison, Lloyd is with Cecile and Suzaku signing paper. When seeing Suzaku, we can see the shock on his face. With a flashback, we find out that Tohdoh had trained Suzaku at the Kururugi Shrine when he was younger. An explosion suddenly pulls Suzaku from the flashback. We see a huge fire from a window and Lloyd seems relieved that he wont have to sign all that paperwork. The Holy Swords go in first, destroying waves of Knightmares. At the Black Knights headquarters, which is the vehicle obtained from the nobleman, Rakshata and her team talk about the Knightmares, eventually saying that Kyoto needs to supply them with better parts.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 17 'Knight' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_10.46_[2016.08.04_12.01.32].jpg

Suzaku doesn’t want to kill, especially not his old martial arts teacher. So it seems for the best that Tohdoh is being freed. And also can’t forget that Lloyd will now be free from paperwork !

At Tohdoh’s cell, the guard from before opens his cell and announces that he has been ordered to execute him before he can be busted out. When asked for any last words, Tohdoh says that it’s a life he gave up once before, and now is worthless. From the other side of wall behind the guard pointing a gun at Tohdoh, we hear Zero. ” In that case, I’ll claim your life for myself ! ” Is what Zero says while having the Guren destroy the wall with the radiant wave surger. The wall collapses on the guard and we see Zero standing from the cockpit of the Knightmare, looking at Tohdoh from below. Zero announces Tohdoh’s victory over Britannia 7 years ago. Tohdoh acknowledges this as The Miracle Of Itsukushima, asking if he too wanted another miracle from him. However, Zero tells him that it was no miracle. That it ended in his tactical victory because of excellent use of intelligence, and that’s why he wants him. However, Tohdoh says that since General Katase, who Zero killed, is dead, he also wants to die. Zero yells at him not to be a fool, telling him that he must take responsibility for the miracle that he made. He goes on to explain that the Area 11 resistance movement is stronger than that of any other Area because Japan surrendered before exhausting all of it’s military strength. Zero says that he failed to continue the hope of Itsukushima. After saying how people grasp at illusion which they call miracles, he say he can turn their dreams into reality. A scene jump is made after showing Tohdoh smiling. At the museum, it’s time for Euphemia to choose the grand prize winning picture. The picture in front of her, is one painted by the son of Marquess Nicolai. It’s of the Emperor raising his fist high. It’s implied that that’s the picture they prefer her to choose. Meanwhile, everything’s going according to plan at the prison. Once given the signal by two Knightmares shooting in the air, a vehicle with Tohdoh’s Knightmare drives into the prison. Tohdoh comes out of Lelouch’s Knightmare and into his own, ordering his men to cooperate with Zero in eliminating the remaining forces. Lelouch then thinks that all the tasks at hand are cleared, and Nunnally’s Knight has been chosen. This only leaves.. The Lancelot, who has just appeared. Lelouch thinks that it’s convenient that the last problem to deal with came of his own accord.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 17 'Knight' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_15.40_[2016.08.04_22.33.05].jpg

The one problem left. Can Lelouch defeat Suzaku.. ? And should he defeat Suzaku ?

Once again at the museum, Euphemia is being told that she has to pick a winner, that they can’t wait anymore. Suddenly, the phones of the reporters begin to ring, and Dalton is told news about Tohdoh. During the battle, Lloyd talks with Cecile. He tells her that in hindsight, it’s fortunate that the Lancelot’s trailer is their means of transportation. Cecile also tells him that in hindsight, that’s because he spent all of the budget on the Lancelot himself. Because of that, they couldn’t get anything to use for transportation or than the Lancelot’s trailer. Once again with Euphemia, the reports seem to be encouraging the Lancelot for taking on 7 other Knightmares by himself. Dalton orders in reinforcements to help Kururugi. Back in the battle, Tohdoh asks if Zero has any data on the Lancelot. Lelouch says that there’s a chance, but wants them to do as he says. Tohdoh agrees, and Lelouch orders everyone to give the Lancelot distance. Lelouch thinks that yes, its speed and maneuver is impressive, then says that it does however follow a predictable pattern. Lelouch gives them orders, and the Lancelot moves just as predicted. When saying that he will fall back, Tohdoh goes to coordinates given. However, Suzaku ends up dodging the worse part of Tohdoh’s triple thrust attack. After slicing open the top of the cockpits roof, Lelouch, Tohdoh, and the rest see that it’s Suzaku piloting. Lelouch is shocked at the fact that this whole time, he had been fighting Suzaku. The reporters at the museum seemed to have a new outlook on the battle once they realized it was Suzaku piloting. When Dalton orders to close to monitor, Euphemia tells him not to, as she would like to watch till the end. Tohdoh opens his cockpit to reveal himself to Suzaku. Suzaku at first looks at him as if he was still his teacher, but then realizes that Tohdoh seems to be going against his own principles in order to live. Suzaku and Tohdoh speak, and have the following conversation.

Tohdoh : It pains me to see you’ve become their tame little boy who’s satisfied with the status quo!

Suzaku : Denying society as it is now is meaningless! You have to gain societies approval to get the power to change it!

Tohdoh : You’re serious?!

Suzaku : Of course.

Tohdoh : Then follow that road! Win or lose, you won’t gain anything unless you give everything for it! That applies equally to both countries and to individuals.

They again continue the battle, and Suzaku fights Tohdoh while still seeing him as his teacher. The Four Holy Swords go to destroy the Lancelot with a Spinning Life Or Death Formation. Lloyd tells Suzaku to use the harken booster. This released 4 slash harkens at once, pushing the weapons out of the other Knightmares hands. When Chiba says to try again but to have Asahina circle around from the left, Lelouch yells out to stop. He tells them that they’ve done enough fighting and to withdraw using escape route 3. Tohdoh seems to question what Lelouch had said, but notices a fleet of Knightmares being sent by air transport. He tells Lelouch that an unwinnable battle isn’t the same as a lost one, and that he seems to understand this. They release smoke and when Suzaku goes after them, they shoot one of his back wheels. Once again at the museum, the reporters begin to talk down on Suzaku. Euphemia then makes an announcement, saying that she will answer the question asked before about whom she would choose to be her knight. She then says that her knight will be Suzaku Kururugi. With Suzaku again, he thinks out loud, saying that Tohdoh is his enemy. His enemy not out of hatred or anything of the sort, but simply because they have paths which they want to follow, and those paths conflict. With Lelouch and the Black Knights, Ohgi asks Kallen if Zero is coming out of his Knightmare. Kallen says she called but he didn’t answer. Then, Kallen hears Lelouch over the intercom. She can hear him as he laughs. And even standing on a platform higher than Lelouch’s Knightmare, is C2. Looking down at him.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 17 'Knight' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_22.15_[2016.08.05_14.57.08].jpg

What will Lelouch do now ? Will he able to fight his friend ? And here we see C2, as elusive and mysterious as ever.

S1 E16 Nunnally Held Hostage

Season 1 Episode 16 Nunnally Held Hostage

 To start off the episode, Diethard is giving Lelouch a report on what’s going on. The Guren is having a post refit training. Kyoto also talked to India’s military district and are waiting for Rakshata and her team to arrive. We will meet her and this team soon. The Black Knights change to a cell based structure is 92% complete. Members were divided between 14 classes. They entered agents into all the Britannian warehouses. They also put combat forces and personnel in 256 places in the Kanto block. Of those, 32 were found, and 11 of those were fakes. 47 were arrested, but since information is only for class 8 or higher, they can’t give out any information. And with Kyoto’s support, the people will usually not tip off authorities. After being shown a picture of Tohdoh, he adds that they are still looking for information about Tohdoh and the four holy swords. Tohdoh and the others were found and targeted when visiting the grave of the former prime minister last episode. Taken to Lelouch on the other end of the call, he hangs up and we see C2 disguising her look and with a suitcase. She walks a little bit past him and they begin talking without looking at each other. Here, I like that Lelouch mentions that in the Chinese Federation, you will be looked down upon if modest. China has always been one to look down on the world. When she talks back to him, he tells her to act just like that. Asking about her passport, she tells him it’s a good forgery and that she’s ready to go. As they walk away from each other, we see Mao on level above them. He is wrapped in bandages, but alive. Random flashback ! Lelouch is carrying Nunnally on his back with Suzaku following behind. This was during the war back when they were young. As they walk, there are plenty of destroyed homes and dead bodies. Nunnally asks if they are going to another house again. Lelouch says that they are going to another of Kururugi’s homes. Suzaku stops and looks around in dismay at the dead bodies around him. Lelouch tells him to keep walking but he wont and Nunnally asks what the smell is. He tells her they are passing a garbage dump, and when looking for conformation from Suzaku, he’s crying. Nunnally puts a hand on his face and tells him that her mother taught her that a warm touch is good for tears. End of flashback ! Now back to Lelouch, he is sitting on his bed with no shirt on, thinking that he has to overcome his challenges. And then we see a quick scene with Suzaku and the Lancelot behind him. In his hand, a folder with the results of the medical check up most likely.


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That flashback showed what Lelouch went through as an exiled prince, and how Suzaku was driven to tears by the death around him. Even more so since at that point during the flashback, Suzaku had already * BEEP *. Well, you will see for yourself.

At the school, the bell rings and Suzaku runs up to Lelouch. He tells Lelouch that he might get held back not going to class so often. Lelouch says that the same could be said of him and Suzaku says it’s because the Black Knights have been on the move lately. Lelouch says that he thought he was in engineering, but Suzaku makes an excuse that they are shorthanded so he gets moved around. Lelouch says the Nunnally misses him and that he should come to dinner tonight. While saying that he was free but didn’t want to cause trouble from the, Rivalz drives up to them stopping last second. He asks if Lelouch knew that Milly was meeting someone for a blind date. When Lelouch confirms that he knew and that it was today, Rivalz asks why he didn’t tell him. Lelouch says that it would have made him cry. After a bit more talk about Suzaku being clueless ( Or emo in the dub ), Lelouch goes home to tell Nunnally about dinner. When he leaves, Rivalz bends down and the fact that Lelouch left him while he was sad. Back at the house with Nunnally, a door opens and she assumes that it’s sayoko. But instead, it’s Mao, clapping as usual and with a big smile. Speaking of big smiles, we go on to Lloyd where he presents his asking Milly if she’s surprised. Milly’s blind date today was with Lloyd. He asked her if she was surprised since marriage meetings usually happen somewhere nice or fancy. You can see how much Milly stands out with her fancy clothing while at the base with Lloyd. She says that she had heard he was a unique person. She asks why he’s interested in her after her family had lost their title, and he replies that he didn’t care about that. Cecile comes in with tea and tells Milly to take her time. Lloyd says not to waste time and to just get married. Milly is surprised and Lloyd asks her if she wants to put it off. At home, Lelouch walks in already telling the news, but finds a picture of Nunnally tied up surrounded by papers folded into cranes. Undoubtedly done for a nice presentation by Mao. He gets a call and hears Nunnally calling to him. Asking where she was, she tells him she doesn’t know, but she can’t move. Then Mao is on the line and tells him that he dropped his guard. Lelouch tells him that C2 isn’t here, then Mao says that’s why he came. That she would be a problem being immune to his Geass. Lelouch confirms that he is within 500 meters and is told he has a time limit of 5 hours. Mao tells him that the game is just between them, so no using the police. He also tells him that Britannian medical science is amazing, since it saved his life. Showing Lelouch his mistake, he tells him that he should of used his Geass to make them kill him, not just shoot him. During this conversing, Lelouch is running around the school searching, only knowing that he has to be within 500 meters.

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Where are they ? The place has to be within 500 meters, will Lelouch find it ? Mao said before that Britannian medical science is what saved him, this will be something I’ll point out later very much toward the end of the anime.

 Outside the school, it’s lunch time and Milly is giving an announcement. In the student counsel room, Rivalz is telling the others how Shirley is pretending not to know Lelouch after a fight, and that they should play along. That reminds him of her blind date again which makes him worry. Kallen says to leave them alone since it was a lovers spat, but Suzaku then asks if she was involved. She denies having anything to do with it. That’s when Rivalz comes in asking if he took the plunge, and that while he has the knowledge, he can’t put it to use since he lacks experience. With every sentence, Nina blushes and repeats the words that most refer to.. well you know * Insert Winking Face *. Arthur, the cat, bites Suzaku and Lelouch walks into the room sweaty and with a hands free phone to his ear which he put on earlier. Rivalz asks about him and Shirley, but Lelouch barley pays attention to him. Suzaku then tells him that he should also go to his classes, but realizes something is up with Lelouch when looking at him. Kallen talks with the cat, asking if he thinks Lelouch is going gambling again while Suzaku stand up and Lelouch leaves the room. Lelouch stops in between 2 flights of stairs to think, but Suzaku comes up and startles Lelouch. He drops the picture he was holding of Nunnally tied up and Suzaku’s suspicions are confirmed, that something happened to Nunnally. Now, we find ourselves in Ohgi’s place, where he’s unlocking 4 locks on his door. While looking suspiciously to his side, Villetta greets him which surprises him. She tells him she made food using what he had around and that she’s almost done. After asking, she tells him that she doesn’t remember anything. He looks at his laptop before being told that the food was done. With Lelouch and Suzaku again, Lelouch explains that it has nothing to do with his bloodlines or gambling. He also uses the excuse of how an investigation could reveal him and Nunnally to explain why they can’t call the police for help. When asked if he has any clues, Lelouch realizes that in the phone call with Mao, he also heard running water. Going by that, they reach the conclusion that he has to be in the schools lower leveled water circulation system. While at an elevator, Suzaku points out how Lelouch would normally have already realized this. Lelouch was too frantic and worried about Nunnally to pick up on it. Lelouch puts in his student ID ( I think that’s what it is ) in to a slot next to the elevator. However, it doesn’t accept it since it seems that Mao changed the system data. Lelouch goes past the lock system, and Suzaku mentions how he was a bit too good at that. Lelouch then admits that he did sometimes use this as a way to get off campus. When the elevator open, Lelouch and Suzaku are hiding at the corners as to not be seen from the open elevator door. Suzaku says that Lelouch was right, that there was a machine gun linked to the security camera. The system apparently only had a time lag of 0.05 seconds. While Lelouch says how they will have to go up and disable it from there, Suzaku accessed the cheat console and ran faster than the gun could fire in zig-zags. After that, he ran up the wall and kicked it off the ceiling. During the run, you could see how the target lock on the machine gun was very slightly behind Suzaku. We get a quick glimpse of Mao in a school building on ground level.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 16 'Nunnally Held Hostage' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_11.57_[2016.07.15_15.53.58].jpg

Machine Gun Vs Suzaku . He outruns the machine gun, sprints up a wall, jumps off it, then kicks the machine gun off the ceiling. Was there ever any doubt ?

As they run up to Nunnally who is tied in her wheelchair, Suzaku stops Lelouch who is only concerned with freeing his sister. He points out to Lelouch that there’s something over Nunnally’s head, a bomb. Suzaku tells Nunnally that they will defuse the bomb, reminding her that there’s nothing Lelouch and he can’t do together. Lelouch points out that it’s motion sensitive with solenoid that keeps it constantly moving. If someone interferes with the movement or if they move Nunnally, it will explode. Suzaku says that it would wipe out everything within 500 meters, meaning they aren’t within reach of Mao’s geass. Lelouch says that by cutting the power line from the detonator, it should be disarmed. However, even though saying that he could probably figure out which wire it is, it’s too risky since you would have to cut the wire without disrupting the motion. Suzaku then convinces him to let him do it, and then we jump to another character. With Sayoko now, we see her at a store shopping before receiving a phone call. Back at school, we can hear the students thoughts as Mao is sitting in a school building, apparently waiting for Lelouch. His face lights up as we see Lelouch approaching, and we can hear Lelouch’s thoughts. He left Nunnally with Suzaku and went to where the camera was linked to, where Mao should be. As Lelouch walks in the building where Mao is, Mao starts taunting him. Lelouch asks him if he has the final game ready, and Mao says that he does, revealing a chess board. Then, we are taken to a scene with Cornelia and Euphemia who are on the roof of the government bureau. Cornelia says that so much has happened and so it’s been a while since they’ve spent time together. Euphemia points out that the garden they are in looks like the one at Lady Marianne’s villa. This will be pointed out again later in this season. Euphemia then also says that Clovis was the one who asked it to be built like this. Cornelia says that she’s surprised he liked the villa so much, since he was always fighting with Lelouch there. We then are told that Clovis had paintings with Lelouch in them, which were found after his death. Cornelia says that they need to stabilize the area and capture Zero, to avenge Clovis and as an apology for Lelouch and Nunnally. This is further proof to how everyone thinks Lelouch and his sister were exiled and died. Back with Mao, he shows Lelouch a scale. He tells him that it can set off or disarm the bomb. The chess pieces captured go on the scale. If the needle over the scale swings towards Mao, the bomb goes off, if it swings toward Lelouch, it’s disarmed. So the winner of the chess game gets their way. We see a quick glimpse of Suzaku on a platform looking down on the bomb before going back to the chess game.

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Another chess game, will Lelouch be able to win this time ?

While I briefly thought why Lelouch doesn’t just tip the scale, obviously Mao would know what he was planning to do and be able to tip it to his side before Lelouch even moves. Mao tells him that he isn’t the kind of person who can keep his mind empty. He says,

There’s the part of you that’s the critic, constantly watching your own moves… And the other part of you who coolly observers the critic. That’s the sort of person you are.

As Lelouch continues losing the game, Mao claps and tells him bravo. Mao tells how Lelouch’s plan is to think of seven things at once to confuse him. However, he says that by focusing his Geass solely on him, then he can tell which is his true thought. Mao begins to say Lelouch’s thoughts, on how he is trapped with no options. He also drops a coin, knowing that the sudden sound would arouse shock from Lelouch. Lelouch tells him that he got everything he wanted so to just let Nunnally go. Lelouch looks away, clearly going against his pride as he says that he lost. Mao laughs and claps before telling him that he finally is speaking his thoughts from the bottom of his heart. However, Mao rejects this and takes Lelouch’s king, throwing it onto the scale. Lelouch yells out no as the needle swings to detonate the bomb. Mao looks at the footage coming in from his camera, and is surprised to see Nunnally still alive. The surprise is apparent to Lelouch who seems to lightly come out of his sorrow filled daze. Just then, you find Suzaku breaking into the room through a window as Mao pulls out his gun. Suzaku, cause cheat codes are real, dodges the shots fired at him by Mao and then punching him hard enough to knock Mao to the ground. He kicks away Mao’s gun and tells him that he is under arrest. Mao is surprised that Suzaku was able to disarm the bomb by matching his speed to the bomb’s. Suzaku said that that’s right, that he did that after Lelouch showed him which line to cut. Of course, the line that needed to be cut was the red one. This was either because it happened to be the red one, or Mao’s attraction to make everything as if a stage play drove him to make it the red wire. When Lelouch seems to not know what Suzaku is talking about, Suzaku tells him what he is talking about since it was his plan. Suzaku even mentions how Lelouch even told him to bust in here when he heard him scream. Lelouch then takes out something from his pocket that can reflect, realizing what happened. Lelouch then declares his victory over Mao. Mao questions Lelouch and Lelouch thinks his response for Mao to read. Lelouch says in his head that he did give Suzaku his instructions, but then used Geass to make himself forget. He reveals how since Mao believed that by reading his mind he knew everything, he was able to trick him to narrow his range and keep his Geass on him. Suzaku then contacts Sayoko, telling her she can free Nunnally now. Mao then tries to get out of Suzaku’s grip and then calls him a father killer. Suzaku’s face becomes one of shock and Mao continues. He says that Suzaku killed his father who called for total resistance seven years ago. Thinking that by killing him, he would end the war against Britannia. ( Remember that Suzaku’s father was the former prime minister of Japan. ) Mao tells him that it was a childish way of thinking and that he is just a murderer. Mao also point out how all the adults had lied in order to protect him. After Lelouch mentions how it was said that the prime minister committed suicide as a protest to the military actions, Mao reveals that it was all just a lie. When Suzaku begins to make an excuse, Mao tells him that’s only his way of trying to rationalize it. Mao also tells him that it explains his death wish. He points out how even though he tries to save peoples lives, it’s really his own soul he tries to save. Which is why he is always placing himself in danger, he wants to sacrifice himself. This mind crushes Suzaku and he falls to his knees screaming while still clinging onto Mao. Finishing up, he says that Suzaku is only doing good for his own selfishness, a boy wanting to be punished. With Mao’s shades that were covering his eyes fallen due to Suzaku’s punch, Lelouch uses his Geass on him, telling him never to speak again. After failing to be able to speak, Lelouch tries to hit him, but Mao dodges and goes for the exit. When exiting, we see C2 waiting at the entrance. She tells him that she did love him, then tells him to wait for him in C’s world. She shoots him in the neck with a gun that has a silencer attached. The Geass symbol in his eyes disappears and we see him dying as the door to the building closes. The episode ends with us seeing Suzaku on his hands and knees, with his face filled with shock.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 16 'Nunnally Held Hostage' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_22.16_[2016.07.19_14.36.36].jpg

Suzaku had killed his father as a child. While Mao was the enemy, his words carried truth. This will definitely be brought up again later and affect the story line.

S1 E15 Cheering Mao

Season 1 Episode 15 Cheering Mao

Before the opening credits is another great C2 narration,

In this world, evil can arise from the best of intentions. And there is good which can come from evil intentions. In which manner should Lelouch’s actions be taken ? Is judgement inevitable in this world ? Geass. Those who use this superhuman power… will find their hearts isolated, whether they want it or not, falling into the gap between good and evil. But if there is someone who can manage to climb out of it, then that person has the potential to be a king.

To start off, we are with Lelouch and C2 as they head back from Narita and Lelouch asks C2 to confirm whether she’s his enemy or ally. When she asks him where that was coming from, he seems to take it as an answer and goes on to talk about Mao. He asks about Mao’s Geass and C2 tells him that the way Geass manifests is different for each person. She tells him that Mao’s Geass has a range of 500 meters and that he can read down to one’s subconscious. Lelouch says that he predicted that others may have Geass as well, and asks if she had made a contract with him. She replies with 11 years ago. She tells him that while Mao is his enemy, his real target is her. Seeming a bit upset, he says that he can see that since instead of reporting him to the police as being Zero, he only told Shirley. He then asks C2 if his power has any limits. She tells him that unlike his geass, Mao’s has no restrictions as to how many times he can use it or needing direct eye contact. When he asks again, she tells him, while looking away, that it may be that he can’t turn his power off and is forced to hear the thoughts of those around him. We then see Mao in a library, where he hears the thoughts of everyone inside and seems to be suffering. He then turns the volume up on the headset with C2’s exotic wide display range of voices… Who said that ?! Turning it up seemed to make him feel a little better. He then talks to himself as if to her saying that he’s going to her. After that we find Lelouch with Nunnally. He thinks that since he read his mind, he will try to attack his weak points. Nunnally comments that it’s been a while since it was just the two of them and Lelouch says the even Sayoko needs some time off. Apparently he gave her the day off since he didn’t want her involved if Mao struck. Then we see that the laptop in front of him is being fed live footage from installed security cameras. Nunnally asks him, since he was out of the house so much, if he found some kind of game to play. He replies with sort of, and that his current opponent is hard to beat. Nunnally tell him that she hasn’t heard him say something like that about anyone other than Schneizel.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 15 'Cheering Mao' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_04.15_[2016.06.28_19.03.52].jpg

That look of pain and hopefulness. You know someone isn’t crazy when they can make a face like that !

We move on to seeing Mao in a store with various weapons, being told he can’t be sold something without a permit. Mao then blackmails him by revealing that he knows that he sells to the Black Knights. Even telling him the specifics of the contact which he had sold to. Then we see Lelouch and C2. Lelouch is holding and clicking a pen as they talk about Mao. She tells him that he shouldn’t just wait for Mao, that he should instead use her as bait since she is his target. He then asks if he would become like Mao if he keeps using his Geass, then clicks the pen 2 times. The pen clicking is the most important part of this scene and will have dire implications later I’ll have you know. Lelouch goes on to ask whether instead Mao became that way because he couldn’t fulfill his contract with her. C2 then reveals that the more one uses Geass, the stronger it becomes. Those who can’t control the power are consumed by it. ( Which is why Mao can’t turn his Geass ‘off’ ). He tells her she’s a cruel woman and doesn’t know why anyone would chase after her. When she doesn’t answer his question of what the terms of her contract with Mao was, he says that she disgusts him. To this, she seems to have a bit of shock. Lelouch is furious and yells that she should have taken the power back or killed him when she cut him lose. He then goes to say that because she left things half finished, Shirley was .. ! And then he strikes the chess pieces on the board behind them knocking them down. C2 tells him that they should split up while dealing with Mao, and says she will be staying in the next hall. Lelouch says that she can’t since that’s where the student council and the cultural club meet. She only shrugs him off and tells him to deal with it. Leaving Lelouch, we meet up with Suzaku who is being told by Cecile that he needs to take a medical check up after school the next day. He asks Cecile if there was a way he could meet princess Euphemia. Lloyd tells him he at least has to be a Knight Of Honor. Cecile looks at Lloyd and says that an Earl could arrange it. Lloyd is then revealed to be an Earl and Suzaku is pretty surprised. Afterwards, Lelouch is asking Milly to keep the clubhouse off limits, this is because C2 is going to be staying there, and Milly asks him whether someone found out he’s a prince. He tells her that the secret is still only known by the Ashford family. She reacts to him saying the name and tells him that they set her up for another blind date, asking what he thinks she should do. He doesn’t seem to know how to reply and is interrupted by Shirley. She goes up to Milly while cheerful and seems to be over her fathers death. Lelouch just looks down as the two of them talk. Shirley talks to Lelouch as if a stranger after recognizing him from when he talked to her at Narita. Milly is confused and after Shirley leaves, Lelouch says that they had a fight. Lelouch, after Milly thinks that Shirley was just pretending not to know him, asks her to play along.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 15 'Cheering Mao' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_07.54_[2016.07.01_16.51.15].jpg

Using his Geass made Shirley’s life bright and happy again. But, just as C2 said, he now has become just a little bit more isolated.

C2 is amazing already, so why the hell not should we not find her super kicking some guy to a wall as there’s a sunset in the background with her legs making 180 degrees ? She then yells at the guys that she didn’t say she wanted a refrain dealer. You then may notice a refrain dealer knocked out on the ground. C2 then says that she’s looking for a Chinese guy named Mao. However, he and everyone else she questioned didn’t seem to have any information. Back at the schools dorms, Shirley seems to have lost her Diary, and we see Lelouch outside burning it. Then, you hear someone from the Black Knights telling Lelouch that they haven’t found Mao. We switch back to Lelouch as he ends the call and while going up the steps says, ” I could put him in check if just had one.. ” C2 finishes his thought by saying, ” Missing piece ? ” The subs however have Lelouch saying, ” It’s like having one piece to move to check him! ” And then C2 with, ” Out of ideas ? ” I like the chess references so I’ll get into this one. Having just one piece to check is frustrating. You can’t really checkmate someone with one piece. But, in the dub, it has Lelouch saying that he could put him in check if he had a missing piece. Which, like the sub suggests, he needs another edge, another piece in the game. They agree to work together and Lelouch gets a call from Mao. He tells him to give C2 the phone. Then off we go to Ohgi’s house. Villetta is waking up and Ohgi has a gun ready in hand. He asks her some questions and then even her name. However, she can’t answer any of them. Ohgi then wonders why he is doing any of this, that he may as well of betrayed Zero and now he sees that she doesn’t even have her memory. VIlletta fan service time ! She sits up in bed saying that she doesn’t know anything and then covers herself up with the blanket when she realizes she’s naked. Ohgi apologizes saying that he could undress her without looking, but couldn’t dress her again, so he put her in a warm room so she would be alright. She seems happy and says that, at the very least, she was found by someone nice. Whats developing here ? Back with Lelouch, C2 walks down the stairs and tells Lelouch that she made up with Mao. Lelouch tells her to wait, and C2 says he sounds like Mao. Lelouch says that she knows too much and that she can’t just leave. To this, C2 has a look with a bit of sadness as Lelouch uses his Geass, telling her to stay. She points out that she already mentioned how Geass doesn’t work on her. She walks away saying that he could keep his Geass, and that Mao wont bother him again.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 15 'Cheering Mao' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_12.08_[2016.07.01_18.07.56].jpg

Is C2 the next to go from his life ? Another one gone, thus serving to validate the claim that he will walk a path of solitude ?  We will wait and see.

With Suzaku again, we see him being talked to about his test results. He’s told that the test came out fine, but the results for discipline and life were too high. She asks him if he thinks that he may be subconsciously comparing himself to his father. She also says that that might be the cause of his insecurities, and that his father, the former prime minister of Japan, was a great man. Speaking of his father, Tohdoh and two of the other holy swords are at his grave. The two there are Asahina and Chiba. Chiba says that Urabe and the others are late. The two talk about how the prime minister told them to fight to the end and then committed suicide. Tohdoh tells them to stop, that Katase also committed suicide. Suddenly, you see Tohdoh through what seems to be night vision, and someone says that fugitive Tohdoh is identified and prepare to move in. This will be dealt with in a later episode. Now we are with Lelouch who is on the phone with Diethard. Diethard had apparently made a proposal for how to organize the Black Knights. He says he has some things to change, but that he gets the idea and will run it by Ohgi. He tells him to make a chart showing how the cells function as a group. Organizing the Black Knights with a cell based structure. It will come up again at a later time as well. Diethard thinks that that was the final test. Lelouch then thinks that Diethard, even though a Britannian, he is very useful. But, he doesn’t think he can rule him out as a spy yet. Looking at his phone, he sees a new voice message and realizes that the call with Mao was recorded ( I use to have phone calls and find that I accidentally had my phone record them ! ). C2 is at some theme park  ( Which is Clovis land ) at night. The place is dark but then the place lights up and a merry go round starts moving. Mao is on it and says that she’s so quite since her mind is the only one he can’t read. She confronts him with the truth and he says that she was just lying to him, that she really does love him. He then takes out his headphones so she can hear the recordings he has of her. Flashback ! We see Mao as a young boy having his Geass be out of control. C2 comforts him by telling him to just listen to the sound of her voice. We hear her also saying how since her mind is the only one he can’t read, and because he can only be calm when alone, she will always stay with him. Back to reality, Mao tells her that he only wants to be with her and then she pushes his hand away while pointing a gun at him. You can’t see them now, but you hear the sound of the gun being shot. With Lelouch again, he listens to the recorded call and then you see him walking with a bag over his shoulder. With the threat of revealing Lelouch, Mao tells C2 to go to Clovis Land. Lelouch is now somewhere that has access to Clovis Land. While hacking into the system, he is thinking about C2. He thinks that he can’t understand her since now he knows what she said and done was all to help him. Mao was probably within mind reading distance and so C2 thought it best to trick Lelouch. Then Lelouch says, ” Idiot! ” Lelouch and C2 all the way.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 15 'Cheering Mao' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_16.02_[2016.07.01_19.13.50].jpg

Lelouch sees now that she did it for him. I thought it was cute having Lelouch saying that! Well in any case, how does Lelouch plan to stop Mao ?

When we see C2 and Mao again, C2 is shot in the arm. Mao is holding the gun saying he knew she couldn’t pull the trigger because she loves him, too. She yells that she was only using him from the start ( You’ll see later ). He tells her that she shouldn’t lie like that and shoots her again. Tells her that lies are naughty, then shoots her a series of times. In her arms and legs. He tells that he built a house in Australia, but to get there they need to take a plane. And apparently in this magical plane there isn’t enough space. ” You’re a little too big to bring on a plane. ” C2 has a bit of confusion on her face mixed in with the pain. Mao then goes behind some thing and gets out a chainsaw, which he got from blackmailing the shopkeeper about selling to the Black Knights. He then says that he will make her compact  ! Because that’s what sane people do damn it ! She asks if this is his vengeance and on the contrary, he replies that he is showing her his gratitude. And now is when Lelouch makes his appearance. Lelouch shows up on a giant screen next to them saying that since he needed a quite place, that narrowed down the list of places he could be. He also points out that he can’t read his mind since he is all the way at Tokyo Tower. Mao then asks him what his plan is now that he hacked into the system. When Lelouch doesn’t answer, Mao says that if he wants C2, then.. But he is cut off by Lelouch telling him that he doesn’t really believe that C2 is her real name, right ? Then, he says that he knows her name. Mao is a bit upset at the fact that she didn’t tell him, but told it to Lelouch. Lelouch then says, ” I have gained every single thing from her. Including all of the parts that you have never seen. ” ( What if Lelouch was telling the truth ?! ) Just hilarious ! Including the face Mao makes after he says that. While angry, he attacks the screen with the chainsaw. Mao yells at him to come so he can read his mind and see how he was a liar. And while the screens are falling apart and being destroyed, Lelouch tells Mao that he has lost. Then, Mao can hear people’s thoughts. The police show up in front of him with a Knightmare and armed policemen. Mao is shocked and then you see Lelouch pick up a gun and then C2 off the ground. Mao then questions him about how he is there since he was just at Tokyo Tower. And with a prideful look of victory, Lelouch says that it was all a recording. Since he can read others mind, he never had to really think. So his thoughts were simple and Lelouch could predict them. Mao yells that if he goes to jail he will be out again in a heartbeat. He also reveals that since his Geass range depends on his concentration, he used the monitor to distract him. Mao says that he can still beat him, then Lelouch walks away telling him that when he tries, he will die. The cop in charge, being under Lelouch’s Geass, shoots Mao when he was about to reveal that Lelouch is Zero. There’s a quick scene showing Lelouch turning to keep C2 from seeing what was happening to Mao.

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Ah Lelouch ! Surprising everyone is what he does. He saves C2 from becoming ‘compact’ and picks her up off the floor. Anyone else think this is romantic ? No ?

On a police plane, C2 tells Lelouch about Mao. She says that he was a 6 year old orphan when she made the contract. He didn’t know how to read/write, the love of a parent, or good and evil. The pilot, influenced by Geass, reports that he released the hostage into the Ghetto. Of course the guy on the other end is confused and says that his orders were to take her to the hospital. The Geass she gave Mao isolated him. So in Mao’s head, even though pretty much a stranger, C2 was the only one he considered a person, and his only friend and lover. Lelouch tells C2 that he wont lose to his Geass, that he will instead control it. He says then that he’s going to try to change the world as well as try to fulfill both their desires. She asks if this is him comforting her, pitying her, or if it was part of his obsession. He tells her that it’s a contract, from him to her. She reaches out her hand while smiling and says that she accepts his contract. He drops the police hat and reaches out to her hand, at first only lightly touching her fingers, then going in for the hand shake.

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And with that, a new contract is formed. They have a quite a bond between them. While I hope for them to be together, is there love in their relationship ?




S1 E14 Geass Vs Geass

Season 1 Episode 14 Geass Vs Geass

 Starting from where the last episode left, you find the Black Knights still in battle with the Britannians. You hear a bunch of radio messages and see Suzaku battling Kallen in their Knightmares. When Kallen retreats, Suzaku is told by Dalton not to follow since protecting the viceroy has top priority. We then find ourselves with Ohgi trying to contact Zero. C2 answers instead and tells him that Zero’s alright, but can’t move. She also tells him to order a retreat. We see that C2 is with Lelouch and he tells her that his gun is missing. Lelouch says that it must of happened with he was unconscious. C2 points out that it means they say his face. He then says that there were at least two people. One who fired and one who got shot. After he says that we see Shirley writing a letter. Zero’s gun is on her desk as well. The letter is written in cursive English, so you can pause to read it. She then hides the gun up her uniform when he roommate wakes up asking why she was up so early. She asks Shirley if she’s writing a letter, maybe something special for Lelouch. Shirley replies that it was, in a way. Later at school, the student counsel members, excluding Lelouch and Shirley, are gathered. Nina wants to meet Princess Euphemia to thank her since she saved her. Rivalz says he wants to meet her too, since he could marry into royalty ! Nunnally also says she would like to meet her. Unknown to some that Euphemia is actually her sister. Just then they receive a phone call. Suzaku answers but hears no reply for a bit. Then Lelouch’s voice comes out and asks if there’s something unusual going on. Suzaku tells him that there is, since he isn’t there with them. He then mentions that Shirley hadn’t shown up either. Once finished talking, Lelouch and C2 agree that since it seemed Suzaku didn’t know about him, no one from the military could have been the one to see him. While discussing the situation, he mentions that he thinks he saw Shirley. C2 then asks,”Oh, the girl who kissed you?” She then tells him that if that’s true, then there’s something they need to find out, fast.

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While not going too deep into this as to not spoil anything, Euphemia’s influence will eventually reach all them.

We move on to Dalton and Guilford speaking to Cornelia with her sister Euphemia. Dalton tells her that during the last operation and the one at Narita, Zero was targeting her. Guilford points out that Clovis was also targeted and eliminated. Dalton then gets to the point that Zero may not just be fighting against Britannia, but may also have hatred for the royal family. Euphemia thinks about what Dalton just said and has a flashback of when she was talking to Zero back at the hotel jacking. It shows Zero talking to Euphemia, telling her how she hadn’t changed for willing to sacrifice herself for the commoners. Guilford brings up the suggestion that Euphemia should have Knight. That way, Zero will have a harder time achieving his goals. Afterwards, we are with Cecile who is talking to Lloyd about Suzaku. She tells him how at first, she just thought he was gentle hearted. However, now she feels like he is obsessed with saving peoples lives. Lloyd tells her that there’s no problem in his performance data, and that he wants to put ‘that thing’ to the test with him. She tells him that they’re still fine-tuning, but more importantly, they need to stop treating him like part of the machine. Lloyd then says in the English version,” Pardon me, but really aren’t you taking care of him in place of someone else ? ” And the subtitles say, ” Pardon, but aren’t you treating him like more than a colleague ? ” This is something that made me think for a bit. Maybe he means that she’s treating him as if a lover ? Does she love Suzaku ? After watching the picture dramas, you find out she had someone she loved before, but he seemingly left. However, she now seems to have those same feelings of love for Suzaku. Then she humorously tells him that he’s quick to catch onto something silly. Afterwards, we see Shirley’s roommate standing outside her door while apparently under the influence of geass. When asked what she’s doing, she says that she has to wait until they are finished disinfecting her room. Meanwhile, inside the room, C2 isn’t too happy about digging through Shirley’s underwear. They talk as they search and C2 reports that Shirley’s diary only goes up to the 14th, the day her dad died. Lelouch accidentally drops a box which reveals to be filled with pictures of him. He also finds a timetable, which has a certain page that has been bookmarked and Narita boxed in red. At Narita, we see that the place is under construction from the landslide Zero created. We see Shirley at some kind of pillar ( I’m guessing it’s some kind of place to morn the dead ) and a bag on her shoulder. Inside it, we see Zero’s gun and a picture of her father as she closes it and wonders how Lelouch could have done something like that. From behind, the very same man who has only shown up for a few seconds at the water fountain and atop the school building, he says,” Yes, how could he ? ”  Seeming to have known what she was thinking. We then see his face, he is wearing headphones and something to cover his eyes, and he starts clapping while telling her that it’s a fine memorial. He also calls her by her name. Next, we see the Black Knights hideout being ridden on an underground road. Inside, the regular members of the Black Knights are talking about their previous battle. Ohgi, looking as if thinking deeply, asks why the JLF warship exploded, since they did tell them they would help. Kallen asks if he is doubting Zero. He replies, ” Well, it’s just that.. ” He gets cut off my Diethard who finishes his sentence by agreeing with him and says that the timing was too convenient. After some conversing, we are with Lelouch and C2 who are headed to Narita. She asks him whether he loves or hates her, to which he replies that he doesn’t know. She then asks what if she does know who he is, whether he would kill her. After he gives a shocked expression, she tells him,

If you have someone you don’t want to lose you should keep them at a distance.

Replying to him asking if what she was saying was from experience, she replies that it’s not, but rather, a way of life.

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With a change of hair style and new outfit on, she drops to us another great quote.

Now we are back with Shirley and the man who seems to know everything about her. He tells her of how Lelouch is cruel, never told her he was Zero. At this, Shirley drops her back in shock and asks what he wants. Ignoring the question he continues and says of how he kissed her with the same mouth that ordered her father be killed. He tells her that both she and Lelouch must be punished. He then claims to know about everything that happened on the day Shirley found out Lelouch was Zero. Flashback ! We see Shirley pointing a gun at Lelouch while in shock, then Villetta comes up from behind. Villetta then says, ” Well well, what a shocker. The student is Zero himself ! ” She says this while tugging at his hair to see his face. After a spiel,  Villetta looks back to see how Shirley started pointing the gun at her instead. Villetta immediately thinks that she was being careless, and that Lelouch was probably her boyfriend. Villetta moves in quickly toward Shirley, but she then closes her eyes and shoots the gun at Villetta. End flashback . This leads to the mans point of her having to be punished, since she was a killer, too. Then accuses her of using her fathers death for her own gain by kissing Lelouch. After more mind crush ( It’s what I shall call it ), he tells her to atone. He starts clapping and we can see now through the shades over his eyes, where we can see that he has geass. Lelouch and C2 arrive at where Shirley just was, but are too late. They split up to go look for her. While walking, Lelouch thinks of how the chance of her being her is slim. He then remembers C2 asking if he would kill her if she knew. Then he also remembers the fact that there was another person at the scene where his gun was stolen. He starts to wonder where that other person is, and what they were doing with Shirley. His phone rings and sees that it’s Shirley’s number. When answering, it’s instead the voice of the man who mind crushed her. He ends up being behind Lelouch and challenges him to a chess game.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 14 'Geass vs Geass' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_13.46_[2016.06.16_20.56.33].jpg

This man vs. Lelouch. Who is this man ? What does he want ? How come he has geass ? And why does he have a random Knight in his pocket ?! Questions will be the death of me.

Now we are with C2, who is offering to draw a picture of Shirley to some guy on a motorcycle in batuan style to see if he has seen her. While talking to this man, a cable car is going up in the background. When the man recommends her to go up somewhere high to look around, she looks at the cable car. Inside, she sees Lelouch and the other man who challenged him to chess. She seemed to know him and identified him as Mao. In the cable car, they play chess. Lelouch wonders if this guy is the other person who was with Shirley that night. While thinking, you get too see the chess game and how it is so far. As said before, Ichiro claimed to have already determined how every chess game played goes. Lelouch thinks that the chess game is a distraction, and that Mao really just wants to lure him somewhere that’s isolated. Mao then claims to have never played the game before. Lelouch wonders if he was just being theatrical by calling him on his phone. Then he thinks that he called him because he didn’t know what he looked like and couldn’t have been there that night. And since he didn’t have time to find a photo of him, he is probably just winging this whole thing. Which means.. And Mao finishes for him as if reading his mind ! ” That there’s an opening you can use ? ” Mao also tells him that he should think about the game a bit more, since he could lose. And then Mao moves his bishop to check Lelouch’s king. Then Lelouch claims that Mao had lied, that he had indeed played the game before. And because C2 wasn’t amazing enough, we find her on the motorcycle on the way to Lelouch. The motorcycle most likely being a kind donation from the man she was talking to of course ! She thinks that even though it’s Lelouch, or rather because it’s Lelouch, he can never beat Mao. On the cable car, Lelouch has an expression of shock as we see that Mao has his king trapped in the chess game. Lelouch then wonders how it was that it seemed he knew every move he was going to make. He also then thinks, ” Who is this guy ?! ” Mao then asks him, ” Didn’t C2 tell you about me ? ” Lelouch immediately absorbs this information and seems to have a new perspective of the situation. Mao starts clapping and says that he did well by coming up with 14 different identities for him. I’m sure Ichiro thought of how many ways Mao could fit into all of this when he mentions C2, and came up 14 different identities for him. He also tells him that one of those he came up with are correct while removing the shades from his eyes. Lelouch then sees that Mao has geass, too. Lelouch then proclaims that Mao has the power to read minds. He then again yells out and asks where Shirley is, and if he killed her. Mao tells him he didn’t, and then we see Shirley outside of the window behind Mao. She’s holding a gun and starts to point it to inside the cable car.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 14 'Geass vs Geass' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_16.08_[2016.06.16_22.11.53].jpg

Mao puts his hand up to clap, but it looks like he is presenting Shirley ! Well now, how does someone who uses his head to tackle every problem defeat someone who can read everyone of those thoughts ?

There’s a scene change in which we see Ohgi looking over at the water. He is where Zero was supposedly trying to save the JLF and capture Cornelia. He thinks that Zero wasn’t being himself. When looking down, he noticed an unconscious woman in the midst of… Whatever those things were. I’m sure that they might be commonly used near bodies of water, but I’d have little knowledge of it since I’v never really been near rivers or oceans other than for random vacations. But in the midst of that, lies Villetta. There’s blood and she looks barely alive. While unconscious she says, ” So… It’s you… Zero ! ” Then we are taken back to Lelouch and his tight situation. They are on a flight of stairs with Shirley the highest. She looks down on Lelouch pointing a gun at him. Mao is behind him watching it all. When he asks about the gun, Shirley tells him that it’s Zero’s gun, his gun. Mao asks why not use your geass. Then telling him that if he does, he will kill him instead. Lelouch starts thinking about Mao’s geass. Then he wonders what his goal is. Since if it was to kill him, he could have done so already. Mao tells him to keep thinking about it. He also tells him that its a fitting death for a thief like him. Shirley then tells Lelouch to die, that they need to atone for their sins, that she will die with him. Mao then explains by telling him that she had also killed, killed the other who saw his face that night. Though we know her, Villetta, to be alive. She tells him that it’s time to end it, and when Mao agrees with her, Lelouch yells out that he put her up to all of this. That’s when it hits him, that since he can read minds, it’s easy for him to get into peoples’ heads and manipulate them. Mao tells him that he is correct. Then, with this new information, Lelouch tries to talk down Shirley. Lelouch also asks her whether she really did kill, or if Mao is just making her believe that. After a bit of this she yells at him to just shut up and pulls the trigger. Before she shoots, you can see Mao moving out of the way. Apparently having read her mind, knew she would shoot. The bullet only hits Lelouch’s hair, but manages to break his balance. When falling, the pictures of him he found in the box he dropped back in her room come flying out of his jacket pocket. When she sees the pictures, she points the gun down and starts to have even more mixed feelings arise. Mao then says that her thoughts are just a jumble now. Thinking that now she wont kill him, he starts to point his gun at him. Shirley then shoots the gun and yells stop it. Mao then puts a hand up, starts walking to go inside the cable car and says,” Fine, consider it stopped. You two just do whatever it is you want. ” When he is out of sight, Shirley briefly faints and Lelouch catches her. We then see Mao in the car preparing a shot gun to kill them both, but is surprised when the cable car starts to move. He’s surprised since he would have normally have heard the thought of anyone who would of tried to use the controls to make the car move. Excited that it might be C2, he rushes to the back window of the car to see who it was, and sees C2. She holds a gun pointed at him as the cable car starts going down the line. Mao takes off his headphones and shades in his excited state. The headphones turn out to have been playing C2’s voice when she use to comfort him. Mao had told him earlier that this was a fitting death for a thief like him, that was because he felt Lelouch had stolen C2 from him. And you can now see how strongly he feels for C2. C2 says that she didn’t expect to find Mao. Lelouch then comforts Shirley while both on the stairs. She tells him that she really did shoot someone, and he tells her that it’s not her fault. Then she says that she also shot him with his own gun. Lelouch tells her that he’s still alive. He says that any sin she commits is his to bear. And when she says that she wanted him to be kind to him, he tells her that there’s nothing wrong with that. He tells her that he will make her forget about all of this. He says, ” I’m sorry about what happened to your father. If I could be reborn, then you and I would be… ” Then he starts to use his geass. She yells no but it’s no use, and he rewrites her memories.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 14 'Geass vs Geass' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_20.40_[2016.06.16_23.37.05].jpg

Would be what ?! .. Anyway, once again her face is seen in this very eye. And with that, he takes away from her that unbearable pain.

Now, we are at the same place where Shirley met Mao. She is standing, looking at the same pillar from before. She turns and starts walking back when she sees Lelouch standing there facing her a little distance off. She asks him if he lost someone in his family too. He tells her it wasn’t family, but a friend, someone who may have been important to him. Going on, he says that he realizes how important she was to him now because he lost her. She asks if he had loved her. He says that right now, he doesn’t know anymore. That’s when Shirley says ( Subbed version ),

Morning will come. I’v forgotten exactly why I came out her in the first place. Maybe because I wanted to put something behind me. Well, there are some things that I just can’t forget. And a lot of sad things, too. But morning still comes, right ? That’s why you shouldn’t try to hold thoughts like that back.

Lelouch tells her that he now feels the same way now, and he thanks her for everything. Then he walks off.

S1 E13 Shirley At Gunpoint

Season 1 Episode 13 Shirley At Gunpoint

C2, in the prologue, says ( Mixed English and Japanese versions ) ,

The actions one takes are answered by consequences waiting at their conclusion. There are no exceptions. And even Lelouch’s power cannot change this. Despite his absolute power to make anyone obey him, there is no escaping the inevitable. Lelouch has acted to avenge his mother’s death. And to create a world where his younger sister, Nunnally, can find happiness. However, the world… People have forced him to face consequences of his actions he never expected, and they ask for more. If you say such escalation will weave out a new world, then who will be charged for the crimes committed… and will there be punishment for them to accept  ?

After the opening we find ourselves at the funeral of Shirley’s father. A priest is there giving a few words of blessing and farewell. When done, they begin to bury him. Shirley’s mother then yells out for them to stop, not to bury him again. Shirley comforts her mother while the picture shows the student council standing behind them. Lelouch has his face hidden behind his hair. Then flashback, we see Shirley as a young girl telling her dad she would become his wife one day. He then tells her that she’ll find the man she truly loves one day, and that would make him happy. Kallen apologizes and Shirley tells her there’s no need for her to. Kallen of course knows that it was her who used to Guren that caused her father’s death. Then Rivalz speaks out apologizing aswell for had been claiming the Black Knights to be heroes. Shirley has on a sad smile while telling him not to worry about it since even she thought it was cool. Milly stops her before she finishes telling her not to hold it in, asking if she cried yet. Shirley tells her not to worry, that she had her cry. Then Suzaku comes in saying, ” Cowards ! Zero and his people, their methods are just cowardly ! He doesn’t even get his hands dirty ! He stirs people into a frenzy, tips the world into chaos, and then sits back and congratulates himself ! It’s not going to change a thing ! Anything gained through his kind of tactics are just meaningless ! ” Milly then breaks the tension and comforts Shirley by telling her that they will be waiting for her in the student council room, same as ever. As they head back, Rivalz stops to talk to Lelouch where Milly grabs him and drags him back with them to leave Lelouch and Shirley alone. We then see C2 getting an order of pizza from Pizza Hut. It starts to rain again before Shirley tells Lelouch to forgive her, saying that it wasn’t fair to kiss him like that. She tells him that she did it the wrong way, forcing him to kiss her while in that situation. She says, ” You finally kissed me, and I can’t even be happy! ” Then she runs off.

[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 13 'Shirley At Gunpoint' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_05.29_[2016.06.03_11.05.09].jpg

Consequences of his actions which he hadn’t foreseen.

We then find ourselves with Lelouch and C2 back at their home in the school. This is when she gets Cheese-kun. It seems she was given it after racking up all the reward points. Lelouch’s phone vibrates but he doesn’t answer. C2 then asks him if he regrets that her father was caught up in all this. She then tells him, ” You were just accusing Kirihara of being too soft. You said you were ready to walk the path of blood. But you’re the soft one. Did you think this was all some sort of game ? You’ve killed many people up till now. With your own hands. Or with your words. They all had families, too. Lovers. Friends. Surely you’re not telling me you didn’t understand that. Is that how prepared you were for this ? Are you shaken by your feelings ? From a kiss she pleaded for ? So, despite the airs you put on, in the end you’re just a gullible little boy with a swelled head and a big mouth. At this point, you have no right to be shaken or to stop. You need to keep going in order to live, right ? Don’t disappoint me. ” These are powerful words that show the truth. He has killed many, but now that it has affected his own friends and life, he is shaken up by his own feelings. Should he continue, or stop the battle he has begun ? She tells him that he has no right to be shaken or stop. After all, he killed many others without hesitation or remorse. There’s also the fact that if he stops, then he is giving up on his reasons for living. He leaves her and goes to the bathroom where lies on his hands and knees looking down in the shower.


[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 13 'Shirley At Gunpoint' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_07.33_[2016.06.03_13.13.07].jpg

Can’t find a way to say this humorlessly, but that is a bona fide face made when two conflicting emotions rise! Which path will he choose now ?

While in there, we see some flashbacks. The first is the emperor during one of his speeches saying, ” Yes ! That is why people discriminate against one another. ” After is Euphemia, ” So is that the reason why you killed my brother ? ” Then Suzaku, ” And any ends gained through contemptible means aren’t worth anything. ” Ohgi, ” Are you really going through with this ? ” Kallen, ” That’s all easy enough to say isn’t it !? ” Clovis, ” You can’t ! We may have different mothers but you and I are still blood ! ” Suzaku again, ” It’s nothing but self-satisfying gratification. ” C2, ” And to have this Utopia you’d .. ? ”  ( I’d of liked to put a video of it as well as one for the things Lelouch saw in episode 11, but free membership and all ). These flashbacks are low quality and seem to be filtered. Lelouch then pounds on the wall and has another series of flashbacks. However, these ones are very pronounced, high quality, and clear. The quality differs depending on whether the flashback was showing him something that made him want to stop and not go on, or whether it was something that was important to him/made him want to push forward toward his goals. The first of the latter case is Nunnally telling him, ” I wish the world was a gentler place. ” C2,” You appear to have a reason for living.” Lelouch,” And I’v come back to change everything. ” Kirihara, ” Are you embarking on the path of blood ? ” Then he shuts off the water, seeming again determined to push forward, then calls Ohgi. Then we see C2 in her bed and Kallen on her laptop looking at pictures with her mother, brother, and Ohgi. We also see someone drive away  from Shirley while someone else comes out of a car, probably to go to her. In that very same car, we see a picture of Lelouch on a clipboard. And judging by the sound of the footsteps, the one leaving the car is a women with highheels.


[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 13 'Shirley At Gunpoint' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_08.27_[2016.06.03_12.53.09].jpg

Now he has choosen to keep moving forward. The path of blood. And even now, who can tell where that path will lead ?

Then we see Suzaku being told that he will be in Cornelia’s next operation by Lloyd. Lloyd also then asks whether they are acknowledging his skill or need another decoy. Cecile then comes out with rice balls and asks Lloyd, in a very friendly voice, whether he wants another lesson in proper social educate. Who would pass on some free education ?! Next, we are with Zero and the rest of the Black Knights. Diethard is there as well, with two guns pointed at him for courtesy. Diethard told Zero that Cornelia was planning to move in and attack Katase using the royal marines. He knows since the network is already ready to air a special report on it. Tohdoh can’t make it in time to rescue Katase, meaning that the JLF has no military strength with it at the moment. It was apparently a request from Kyoto that Zero and his people go to help the general. Ohgi then says that that’s why they should help Katase escape rather than attack Cornelia’s troops. Zero asks Ohgi, ” Who are we ? ” He obviously says they are the Black Knights. Zero says because of that, they have one task, to defeat Cornelia and in doing so, rescue the JLF. He also says that tonight, they would regain what they lost at Narita. Ohgi and Diethard agree. Kallen speaks out but Zero tells her that he needs to do something, and that she should leave it for later. Taken back to Suzaku, he is being given orders by Dalton. Apparently it was Daltons decision to include him in the operation. He was to provide supporting fire from the shore and killing anyone captured later. Suzaku, who became a soldier to stop people from dying, has his morals conflicting.


[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 13 'Shirley At Gunpoint' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_11.42_[2016.06.03_16.46.52].jpg

Well Suzaku ? What will happen in this battle ?

After that, we see a scubadiver swimming underwater with some device. Then we see Shirley who had been following Lelouch. We find ourselves with a flashback to Shirley being in the car where a picture of Lelouch was on the clipboard. Shirley’s with Villetta, being told that Lelouch is linked to the Black Knights. Being curious, she had followed him. While Jeremiah is presumed dead and can no longer help Villetta to solve the mystery, she still went after it herself. Everything is connected. You find Villetta is there too, thinking that if Shirley had called her sooner she could have gotten him. She then thinks that she needs proof, and that if he talks to Shirley, she could learn his connection to the Black Knights. That would be even more important if he could somehow manipulate memories. She thinks that she might move up in the ranks again, and not have to die without her position and honor like Jeremiah. Then we are back with Lelouch with his costume only halfway on from the bottom and a towel on his head. With the towel and equipment shown next to him, it seems that…. HE WAS THE SCUBADIVER ! * Big Gasp *. Kallen walks in on him and gets startled when Lelouch yells out who’s there. While about to leave, Lelouch stops her by asking her if she was having second thoughts. She tells him that the only reason she fought up til then was because she thought she was fighting for justice. That way, she could live with the killing. Then she asks, crying out, whether what they are doing will really change the world for the better. Lelouch tells her that it will, or rather must. He tells her that yes there will be sacrifices, and that it wont just be soldiers, but the innocent as well. But, it’s because of that fact that they have to keep going. They have to keep going, even if others see them as cowards. Even if they have to shed more blood then so be it, they can’t let the blood that’s already been spilled be in vain. He then tells her that he wont force her, that if she wants to turn back now’s the time. She tells him that she has made her choice, to stay and follow him. He thanks her and she seems to be surprised then happy. Then we see C2 walking out in front of the school. She remembers Lelouch telling her, ” Yes. You saved me today. Thank you. ” And, ” C2, i need you.. I do. ” She then thinks that she can’t afford to make the same mistake here again. Then we see the same man who was ontop of a building in the previous episode. This man walks past a water fountain and then smiles.


[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 13 'Shirley At Gunpoint' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_14.32_[2016.06.03_22.03.38].jpg

Lelouch chose to continue down his path. How lonely would he have been if Kallen had instead chosen another path and deserted him ? He must have truly appreciated her decision to stay.


Dalton says that it’s time and Cornelia yells out to commence with the operation. The Marine version of Knightmares then dive into the water. A torpedo is launched by one of the Marines to signal the operation’s start. Shirley sees the water shoot through the air after the explosion, and assumes that it was terrorists. Ohgi reports to Zero that it’s starting and asks if they are moving out yet. Zero tells him that they have to hold, that Cornelia moved faster than he had expected. Suzaku sees the one sided display of force and thinks that what they’re doing isn’t battle. Cecile contacts him telling him that even though it may be hard, he is a soldier. In the JLF ship, Katase asks how they could have found them and were Tohdoh is. Someone tells him that they can’t find him or the holy swords. He then asks where Kyoto was since they said they would send help. The same person tells him that they said they would, but there’s no way to contact them now. Katase then says, ” So they’re just going to sit back and watch us die here ?! ” Even though it was Zero Kyoto sent to save the general, he just hasn’t moved out. Ohgi is nervous and says that it’ll be to late soon. Diethard then says the he just hopes that Zero isn’t doing all this for some notion of justice ( or in the sub he says he hopes Zero isn’t just an idealist ). Ohgi tells Zero that the Knightmares are boarding the ship. Zero then says that that leaves only one escape route while holding a remote with a single button on the top. You see the JLF ship moving in the water and a little ahead of it underwater, is the device which Lelouch had planted earlier when scubadiving. Ohgi then frantically shouts out that they need to hurry, and Zero then tells them to move out. Once saying that he presses the button and the device he had planted explodes, setting off the liquid Sakuradite. This blows up the JLF’s ship and all the Britannian forces that had boarded it. Zero tells the Black Knights that the JLF seemed to of committed suicide. He then orders the Black Knights to attack Cornelia and avenge the JLF. Diethard gets excited and leaves Ohgi, who had been keeping an eye on him. Diethard realizes the Zero used the JLF as bait so he could go for Cornelia. Zero, by using the JLF as bait, showed Diethard that he wasn’t doing everything as an idealist/for the sake of justice. Suzaku is then shown having also realized that the tanker may have been used a decoy. Zero then orders his troops to knock the enemies Knightmares into the sea before the pilots can get in. With Kallen, Zero attacks Cornelia while she’s powering on. Even so, she is able to take off an arm from Zero’s Knightmare. Kallen then steps in helping Zero with Cornelia. Zero, with his weapon pointed at Cornelia, sees Shirley. Then the Lancelot shows up and attacks him. Suzaku tells Zero that his methods wont change anything, that he is too focused on goals and doesn’t see the pain of others. Suzaku accuses him of playing with peoples lives and being a murder. When doing so, he punches Zero’s Knightmare which leaves a giant dent on his remaining arm. Throughout the battle, his Knightmare is falling apart while fighting Suzaku. This shows you the difference in the power of their Knightmares. All through the anime, Knightmares evolve and that’s shown splendidly throughout the show. Lelouch and Suzaku then have a small back and forth going like,

Lelouch: ” Why?! Why do you keep getting in my way ?! ”

Suzaku: ” Why do you keep spilling people’s blood without meaning ?! ”

Lelouch: ” If it wasn’t for you !”

Suzaku: ” Because of you ! “

Zero then gets ejected from his Knightmare and falls unconscious thanks to the crash. Kallen goes after Suzaku to protect Zero, and then we see Shirley standing right next to where he had crashed. She finds and picks up Zero’s gun, aiming it at him. She was about to shoot to get revenge for her father when Zero falls a bit out of unconsciousness long enough to move a bit and have his mask fall off his face, revealing that he is really Lelouch. And while Shirley still has the gun aimed at him, she has the most confused look on her face. What will she do ?


[OZC]Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 13 'Shirley At Gunpoint' [FINAL].mkv_snapshot_22.15_[2016.06.04_00.15.29].jpg

A gun pointed at the head of the universe. * Sigh * Halo references. What will happen now ? This anime leaves us with no shortage of questions to ask and things to wonder.